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What does hiding of plants indicate in istikhara?


Aslam u alaikum

My sister did istkhara for me and my colleague who purposed me to know that the boy's intentions were right for me or not

She saw that he took her to his home and asked her family in front of him that he wants to marry me but right after he said that she saw the fish in aquarium of that room said that we smell fear and the planktons in that aquarium hid immediately.

We interpreted that its basically my fear but with the passage of time im feeling that i did not interpreted it correctly coz his parents said that we have done istakhara n everyone who did istkhara for u two asks to wait. but i dnt believe him i think his parents are not willing coz i dnt think istkhara tells u to wait. it either tells yes or no or go with the flow n Allah will make path for u.. plz help ne im highly confused


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  1. How many fish were there? Also how many siblings does the guy have

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