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Writing a letter after husband has left for UK?

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As salam o alaykum

I want to know if it is possible to write a letter to British council if one's husband leaves her in home country and go to UK.

If wife writes a letter to British council telling them that husband has escaped to UK leaving family behind and wife is suspecting him getting married there, will it work?



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  1. Salaam, why would you want to do that?, is your visa done so you could come woth him?,

  2. Salaam sister,

    If your husband is the kind of man who abandons you, his family, sneaks off to another country, violates the laws of that country (since bigamy is illegal in the UK) and marries another woman behind your back, my advise dear sister is not to try to get him back but to divorce him asap. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but such a man has no good character and does not deserve you.

  3. I agree too, but divorce him after getting him punished for breaking UK law on polygamy.

  4. Asalamoalaikum dear sister,
    I'm not sure what you real situation is . I mean has he declared himself as married man as per UK visa records?

    Let me tell you real example from my family and you decide if it relates some how to your situation.

    My cousin is UK born national. He got married few years ago with UK national girl. Got couple of kids in UK but they didnot get along well and started a divorce process. My cousin in mean time went to his parents homeland and remarried . He applied for 2nd wife,s visa but UK consulate refused her visa because my cousins divorce had not been finalized yet so poor second wife suffered due to date mix up.
    The penalty for my cousin for remarrying while still married in UK was NONE except that second wife was never granted a visa and it also end up in divorce recently.

    UK consulate did nothing against him as far as I know. He is my cousin not brother so it is possible there might be some details that extended family is unaware of but we see him traveling,doing job and living at norm and fine.

    • Gracias: I mean has he declared himself as married man as per UK visa records?

      If he did not declare himself as married, he lied to get a Visa.

  5. If polygamy is legal in your homeland then UK donot recognize it illegal if other wife is outside UK.

  6. In US, if the person is not legally (NOT religiously ) divorce and remarry, he has committed bigamy, which is a class 4 felony. I will think it is similar in UK..

    He needs document to prove that he has divorced before he remarries. If you have solid evidences, e.g. address, marry plan, names, etc. I guess you may try to forward your marriage certificate (a legal one, not the religious one) to some authorities, e.g. Police, Immigration, etc. If you know where he is going to settle, you may forward to the town council. Will they take it or not, noone knows.

    For my advice, forget him and let him punish by Allah which is a more severe punishment afterlife. Focus you energy on yourself and your family. Move on. Hate drains your deen and life.

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