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Can A Muslim Man Marry a Christian Woman?

I have a Muslim lover. Do we have a chance to get married?

I am a Christian girl and he is a Pakistani man.

- khenchie

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  1. Hi.. I am a filipina and a muslim convert for about 2-3 months now. I had a saudi boyfriend before who asked me to marry him temporarily to which i agreed since i am in love with him. He keeps promising me that I am his only wife and that he wants our marriage to be a permanent one. Now im not sure if this man really loves me or not because my gut feelings are telling me there is something odd with our marriage. Yes he does spend time with me but only when he feels like being with me. But up until now, we have not met each others families and that he seems to be afraid to let his families know about me. i really need to gain back the peace of mind and i have been praying for clarity and guidance. May you please tell me more about how saudi men get married and how serious they can be about marriage with non-saudi women. Thanks..

    • Lyn, this man is using you for temporary companionship or sexual pleasure. He clearly has no intention of marrying you properly. In fact, he might already be married. Furthermore, Sunni Islam does not recognize the validity of temporary marriage. So in reality your relationship with this man is entirely invalid and inappropriate. I suggest you cut off your relationship and contact with him immediately and totally, as difficult as that may be.

      If you need further advice, please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

      • To add up, lately he is wearing a silver ring on his right hand. He is not wearing that before but now, he never stop wearing them. Most men wear rings but with a stone on it, but for him its just a plain silver ring.

    • plz dont marry with us they are very strict laws plz you search another good person if you not known good saudi men

      • I concious why?because i have boyfriend pakistani men online fb he tell me that he loves me deeply he want to marry me and im only his wife he told me also that when we get married we lived his parents im afraid and nervous because ive try to believe also a muslim man before i love him somuch there are tyms that i give up my family friends and my country to come with him i believe his all sayings and promises because he is too sweet it comes to telling me something but when i not give him what he wants he easily left me and said to me he is not love me im too hurts that day.,but now i move on and there is another man showing me his love and he is muslim also from pakistan did i trust him?pls advice me.,

        • I think you are setting yourself up for yet another disappointment. There's the religious difference between you, the cultural difference, the geographical distance, and the fact that your entire relationship is (it seems) virtual, existing only online and by phone. You should end this now, rather than prolong it.


  2. HI I am angel and presently working here in Saudi Arabia and like any other Filipina i learn to love a Muslim man.. but the problem is he wants to marry me but i am married in the Philippines.. but we are separated already though no papers.. My new partner told me so he can marry me is to be converted to islam and no problem for me since i am attach to Muslims and love reading the translated koran. Now is it really possible for us to be married if i will be converted to islam after marriage we will visit my fmily in Philippines then we will be in Australia could you please give us the best advice for us to be married Thank u very much

  3. Dear sir i want a advice please...

  4. To whom it may concern,
    I would like to ask.
    As a catholic, working in a part of middle east. I fell inlove with a muslim man. We are together for almost 4 yrs now. And plan to get married. But he dont want me to convert on a islamic religion. Because he is looking on other hand that full of my family is catholic.
    is there any possibility or opportunity for us to get married without me converting to muslim?

    • Assalaamualaikam

      The short answer is that, yes, a Muslim man can marry a practising Christian. However, there are many other issues to consider. I'd advise you to search our archives for other questions about Muslim - Christian marriage, and read some of the discussions there.

      You may want to find out more about Islam - even if you don't want to become Muslim yourself, if you are going to be living in a Muslim marriage and family, Islam will inshaAllah (Allah willing) be a major part of your life.

      Midnightmoon editor

  5. >salamalaikum,I just wanna share my story abt my past relationship for almost 8months,I am widowed a catholic woman wth two kids,I fell in love wth a muslim smart guy here in uae.he was single when I met him and introduce me wth our common friend to him,since im already single for 6 years so im looking for smeone..who will be wth me for the rest of my life,,,Ii thought he is the one..he doesn't care if I dont want to convert in ISlam as long tht we respect wth our own religion..he was just strict in some ways like the way I wear clothes..and he doesnt want tht smeone will look at me.I feel loved wth him and I did the same,although its haram coz in islam there is no such thing as dating, we even talked abt marriage when we are together,bt on my side of course I hve some doubts coz im diffenitely sure tht his family will not accept still I dont want to lose him..we hve so many precious moments., until the time comes that I hve to accept the fact....that his family want him to marry his was December 25,2014,I hve my instincts and I know it will going to happen very soon.....we hve a very serious conversation tht time and he told me that he is going for vacation last jan.28 and he even invited me to go wth him and he gave me time to think for two weeks to decide, at tht time im not really ready to go wth him...coz im also thinkin g abt my kids and my family as to make the story short...he went alone and got married last feb.8,he still keeping in touch wth most of the time I ignored him ...I was totally broken that time when I knew tht he got married wth his cousin..until now im still in pain...he still sent me msg.and telling me that he is.sick.and he dont know hw to express his situation..I still care abt him bt he can never be mine anymore..his friend keep on cheering me up.and he married his cousin for the sake of his family and he sacrificed his love to me.and now I realized tht I need to move on now and think abt my future....I stand strong and I know GOd will lead the way...

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