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Can A Muslim Man Marry a Christian Woman?

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I have a Muslim lover. Do we have a chance to get married?

I am a Christian girl and he is a Pakistani man.

- khenchie

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  1. Peace be with you, khenchie,

    Yes, this is a halal marriage, it is alloud. But I would encourage you to know for sure if he wants to marry you, dating is not alloud in Islam, and you mentioned he is your lover, to have a relationship as is understood in Western countries is not alloud for muslims. Ask him about it .

    Try to know if he wants to marry you for real? Has he met your family already? Do you know his family? Do they accept you?, just a few questions to think about it.

    All my Unconditional Respect,

    María Editor

    • Sorry, just one more thought, have you studied his culture, his religion?, you should know about it if you are thinking to marry, don´t go blind, please.


      • Salam

        I am an Iranian and Muslim, i would like to get married to Christian girl from Philippine, we don't want to convert our religion. i want follow mine, and she follows Christian, i would like to ask you how we can get married, is that ok if i get married in Philippine by their rules or what?


        • Hamed, a Muslim can only be married according to the rules of the Islamic religion. Otherwise the marriage will not be considered Islamically valid. Also, I do not recommend marrying a Christian woman, because of the problems in raising the children as Muslim. If you need any further advice, please log in and write your question as a separate post.


          • Hi, I'm an 18 year old Christian girl. My boyfriend is a 19 year old Muslim boy,
            We have been together ( officially) for nearly 2 years. We are now confronted
            With a lot of issues in terms of our future. I need advice on how it can work, in terms of the wedding, the children and me in general being a non Muslim?
            I need help please !!

          • JJ, please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we'll answer it in turn, Insha'Allah (God willing).


        • you will have a problem if you get a child and you have to grow up with a religion that does? whether Christian or Muslim. that all thank you.

          • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

            "Adultery is among the top 3 sins in islam"


            "God says that he wont forgive the sins of any person who is involved in adultery"

            Where did he say that?

        • i have one phillipni girlfriend nd i want to get marry with her can islam give me.nd without marry can i sex with her what is rason thanx

          • Shabir, marry her. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in Islam and is considered a major sin.


          • you are saying that you are muslim but you don't know even the basics of islam. It is ridiculous question. Ist a muslim is not allowed to have a girlfriend, it is unlawful in the eyes of islam. islam calls it as illicit relation ship. 2. Adultery is among the top 3 sins in islam. God says that he wont forgive the sins of any person who is involved in adultery. Under islam law you will be stoned to death if you have sex before marriage. God show you the right way. If the girl is luring you into having sex before marriage, she is an image of Satan and you should stay away from her. You should read Quran and follow its laws otherwise if you don't follow the Quran you can do what ever you want to and then be burnt in hell fire for ever. Take refuge in Gods name. God show you the right way....

          • irfan, let's say you are right that: 1. He does not know the basics of Islam. 2. He is seeking to learn.

            Is that a reason to ridicule him? Is it his fault if, for example, his parents did not teach him Islam properly, or he did not attend an Islamic school, and does not know the deen. You might say, "He should learn," but isn't that what he is here to do, by asking his question?

            So what's the basis for mocking him? To show that you are superior? To lord your knowledge over him? And then to tell him, "do whatever you want and be burnt in hell forever". Do you feel that is a sincere and helpful way to share knowledge?

            You will be on permanent moderated status on this website, or at least until you demonstrate some character development of your own.


    • I totally agree with you. Be sure he is not fooling you around. I have an muslim boy friend for more than three years. and turned out he is not ready for any non-muslim girls. A lot of muslim guys from middle eastern countries. they might be under a lot of regulations that forbidden them from dating girls. They would like to experience something different in other countries. But experiencing relationship doesn't mean he will marry you. A lot of cases around me turned out to be unsuccessful as muslim's family won't agree with the marriage if they are very religious. So, take a second look at him before you think about going further.

    • Actually i'm an 12 years boy i read in class 6 and i love a christian girl and she reads in class 4 i love her and i don't know that is she in love with me and if what can i do about it please tell me i will be very thankfull to you..

      • Ahhh bless you, real love always finds a way. if she is from western world you will have to wait until she is 18 to marry you. I hope all goes well for you dear God bless you..

    • Hi. Im a christian woman from philippines. And i am dating a german- arabian who was raised in saudi arabia and worked and stayed in bahrain. He already met my family and i could say he has really high respects to my parents. That's what i loved him most. He once told me that he will give me a ring and hope that i won't put him down. he once told my friend also to be the witness in frony of the judge. Does it mean he's really true to his feelings for me? I hope so. I love him really.
      Thank you very much!

    • Hi,

      I am a christian but my husband have another wife whom he married before me. We are in our 2nd year of marriage but we didn't sign any papers but just did a nikha. Is that a valid marriage?... The 1st wife knows of me and so on but she haven't fully said to he and I that she accepts me. At the moment I am studying his religion but I don't plan on converting and he is comfortable with that but the thing is sometimes I don't feel as equal the the 1st wife. What is happening here and what can I do to bring all things on the same level?

      • Malia, it sounds like your marriage is valid. As far as feeling equal to the first wife, make sure you are getting equal treatment - i.e. equal time and equal financial support. When it comes to emotions and love, that's not something one can regulate or control.

        Wael Editor

        • Salaam Wael,

          Thank you for your response. The thing is the affection is there, I can't complain at all about that and the love we share with each other; he and I that is. My issue is I don't have kids as yet for him and he has 3 big kids with the 1st wife already and is planning to have 3 with me but when it comes to equal benefits I am not sure if they will give me when or if he passes on because I'm his 2nd wife too and they seem to not trying to realize that. How can I approach the 1st wife to address us being one?.

    • Hi Maria,

      I'm in deep pain right now. I just want to clear my mind and open up myself to reality, I'm catholic same like christian and I had a boyfriend for almost 3 years, we lived together before for almost 2 years together in one house we lived like husband and wifes, then he got engaged with a pakistani lady, i tried my very best to ignore him and just forget him, but he cames back and promise the whole world for me world i mean his self because he bacame my everything. we again back together as i loved him so much, even though I know in myself we can never get married even if we love each other, I dont want him to have a fight with his family just because he wants me I want his family to accept me, for 3 years i have experienced everything worst in our relationship, ive been beaten hit and accept all the words from him. all he said is his family cant accept me as I have a children already, but i loved him so much to the point that I'm willing to give all my life and forget about my kids. last 3 days we broke up he broke up with me with so many reasons about their culture and religion and nationality. i just cant take all the pain now. why does pakistani or muslim cant just accept a woman like me even if i gave everything to him, i sacrifice my whole family just to be with him even my whole life as I want him to see how much I do. can you give me some advice on what to do. i have tried killing myself this past 3 days now. i wanna enter islam to understand everything

    • Salamalaimkum,
      Have a pleasant day, i just want to ask some advice please. I am a filipina and already converted in Islam. I love this Pakistani guy and we're planning to get married. How can we? And what are the procedures to fi it?

      May Amighty ALLAH bless us always. Hoping for your response.

    • i love a boy. who is muslim..and we want to marry and i will change my caste and i have accept islam for him.he also want to marry me..but his family isnt accepting me...why??
      beacause i was christian?????
      is that gunah in islam???
      please ans that mine fault that i was christain...

      • Dear Sahegal,

        Most Muslim families wouldn't want their children to marry a Christian. However, if you accepted Islam with sincerity and accepted Allah as One and Only God and Muhammad Peace be upon him as His Final Messenger, then there is no reason for them to deny you. Some Muslims do have this reluctance to accept reverted Muslims, they probably are unsure of their sincerity, Allah Knows Best.

        It wasn't your fault; and if you have accepted Islam, then you will find better in sha Allah (God Willing). Just have patience and hope for the best. For more help, you are supposed to register on our website and create a new post that will be published in turn.

        Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  2. Salam Krenchie,

    Thanks for your question. Yes according to Islam you can marry a muslim man. I am married to a muslim convert girl myself.

    As sister Maria has mentioned first thing is that Islam has no concept of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. A couple is in a halal realtionship provided they are married in the islamic way (Nikah ceremony).

    The most important thing to consider here if his family accepts you because I come from India which is a similar culture and i can tell you that my wife is a muslim convert but still we had to face quiet a few challenges, but again it depends on each family. But you need to take this inot consideration.

    Secondly be open to him about your aspirations from the marriage and ask him to do the same. Talk a bit in detail about his future plans. Make sure he is planning to marry you!

    And Inshallah try to learn more about his religion and see how you feel about it. Take your time and dont jump into it. May Allah help you in your decision. If you have any questions dont hesistate to contact me.


    • hi i am in a bit of a situation, my husband is muslim and i am christian...

      (I deleted the rest of your comment. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

    • hey i want to marry a christian . . . can i ??!! i m a muslim . . n we both don't want to chnge the relegion . . plzZzZzzzzzzz tell me

      • A Muslim man can marry a Christian or Jewish woman, although it is recommended to marry a Muslim woman. A Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man. If you have any further questions, please log in and submit as a separate post.

        SisterZ Editor

        • i love a chirstain boy.he will be become muslim just for nikkah not sure he will follow islam teaching.what should i do

          • Salaams,

            It' better to leave this boy alone. Don't marry him, because a conversion for the sake of marriage is probably not genuine.


        • Good evening and sorry for my late answer to your comment. I appreciate the acceptance of inter-religious marriage, but I cannot understand the issue.
          Inter-religious marriages form a part of normal life. I've seen so many long-lasting (ever-lasting) marriages between people of different religions. As people love and respect each other, they could never ask the other one to convert-it is a change in identity, and when you love someone, you love him/her as he/she is. At the same time, anyone shouldn't ask the other to stay in a relationship without being married: it is not fair to the other person to keep him/her prisoner in a relationship which doesn't lead anywhere. The biggest sin in this situation, in my opinion, is not being honest to another human being, to his/her family and, why not?, not being honest to ourselves, even to God.
          I hope one day people could realize, accept and respect inter-religious marriage as a part of human life on Earth.

    • Hi I need advice I meet man which he is older then me he is a turkey Muslim, and I'm a Christian he promise to Mary me I don't know what to do.

  3. I am separated w/ 5 kids. . In heart and mind, we treat each other as husband/wife for we vow as one already. He is separated too w/ 4 kids. I am truly decide to be with him and vice versa . . Can we marry then? I am a Filipino and legally married. I understand he is allowed up to four wives. I am thinking even to convert to Islam though i am a devoted Catholic . . Please advice . . Thank you.

    • Aleina, if you log in and write your question as a separate post you will get a more detailed answer Insha'Allah. My quick response is that you must secure a divorce before you can marry him. A married woman cannot marry another man. As far as converting to Islam, if you do it because you believe in it, then I support you 100%. I think Islam is a beautiful religion and I believe it to be the truth.

      Wael Editor

      • What if the married woman is willing to convert to Islam? It is allowed to marry her even not divorced yet with her ex-husband?

        • morced, as I said, a married woman cannot marry a second husband. She must be divorced first.


          • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

            If a women enters Islam and her husband remains kaffir, isn't it that she has to leave him?

          • Mahmud, yes, there is a grace period during which the husband is afforded the opportunity to convert to Islam as well. If he does not, the marriage is dissolved.


  4. Hi there,

    I am just confused right now with my relationship to an iranian guy, he is half pakistani. Right now our relationship its getting deeper. He told me that he is really serious with me. But i know i cannot compromise my religion, i am devoted catholic, he is telling me that there would be no problem with that. He always console me, everytime we tackle that topic. I haven't spoken with the members of his family. I am not sure if they will like me or not. He is very loving, thoughtful and caring bf to me. The only thing that he keeps on telling me that i cannot wear any revealing clothes that i used to wear, he is very conservative when it comes to my dress. Right now as bf and gf's relationship we don't have much problem, but i anticipate in the future that problem will arise, esp when it comes to his family. Sometimes im thinking to end up the relationship as early as possible, i know i can handle it.
    Just please advise me either to continue the relationship or not.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    • Peace be with you, kimmy,

      Please, log in and write your question separately. Nobody can take that decision for you. If he is being serious, he should act consequentely with his values, ask him about dating, and all the other issues related to marriage, you should learn about him and his values before going deeper.

      María Editor

  5. Hi dear,
    i am falakshair i am from Pakistan and i am in love with polish girl.

    (Remainder of question deleted by Editor)

    • Salam O Alaikum brother falakshair,
      Please login and write your question as a separate post. I would like to say that Muslim men are allowed to marry among people of book like Christians and Jews but it is not encouraged due to some certain reasons. You need to re-consider your choice of marrying this girl because marriage is a big commitment and we are supposed to marry someone who will help us improve and help our children to grow in Islam by following it and what a better way could be to teach them other then practically showing them how to offer prayer, reciting Holy Quran in front of them or sending them to mosques etc etc. Remember brother, how did you learn and mothers are first institutes for the children; you don't want your child to grow up either not knowing about the basic of religion or being confused. There are plenty of Muslim practising sisters, why don't you choose from them.



      • Salam Muhhammed

        It sounds easy to say why can we just choose from people of our own religions. but the truth is that we dont choose who we love, because love is a feeling that u cant control it just happens and i believe if GOD put people in your way is for a reason, as you said is not forbidden by the Quran so is not a sin, so it shouldnt be bad to marry a christian woman if u are muslim man. I also believe that is there is repect between each religion and the mother embrace the islam as her own and teach the kids why can this work out? I love deeply a muslim man and i didnt choose to love him as the matter of fact many times i asked GOD why he put this man on my way but the thruth is I only know GOD cant never be against real and pure love specially if the Quran is not against it i dont see why is wrong to get marry. I respect your point of view but i despite ay negative thoughts on people that love each other and have to be separated for social reasons because thats what comes down to what the family will say if there is a marriage with a non muslim woman is not about if the son is happy. I only believe GOD wanst the best for us and i will fight for the love of this muslim man. and i will embrace islam as mine and i will teach my kids to be like their father a respectful and wonderful man. Yarab Insha Allah people change this idea of refuting marriage between muslim and non muslim. Salam :)

    • Falakshair, Asalaamualaykum,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. In the meantime, look through the database for similar queries.

      SisterZ Editor

  6. Hi,

    im ana, i am seperated for 7 years with 3 kids... right now im having relationship with muslim guy but may paper with my ex husband is still valid... i want to convert as muslim becuase i like their beliefs> but i want to know if i will convert to muslim do i still need to make divorce with my ex or there is rule in philippine islam stated that i can marry a muslim without divorce...

    • dear sister ana.

      If you want to convert coz you want to marry and have secure life, it doesn't work that way in Islam. If your first priority is conversion to Islam with your true heart, then the marriage with your non Muslim husband is dissolved by Allah, he wont be your husband in the eyes of Allah, how ever for worldly reason and prevent any social troubles especially in a non Muslim country, it is advisable to divorce according to the rules and regulations of that land. Hope this answers your question.

  7. im muslim in in love with a christian woman what can i do and she want 2 stick 2 her religion

  8. I am Muslim and in love with a Christian Baptist girl. Her belief is different than mine. So, according to my religion, is it possible to marry her?

    -Many thanks. :)

  9. i have a query if a muslim man wants to marry a christian women both agreed but the muslim guy is already married so is there any possibility to still get marry with christian women and that women will still be christian

  10. why can't a muslim and a christian marry each other????!!!! isn't love enough to conquer all those do's and dont's???? i'm just sick of it!!!!! we love each other very much...but i really don't know if til when will it last

  11. I'm dating a pakistani guy and I'm a hispanic girl...

    (Please log in and write your question as separate post, thank you. - Editor).

    • Hi Beebbaa, I am hispanic too, i was really afraid to love a man with a different religion and its been hard for us to deal with the stress of his family accepting our relationship, at the end thats what really comes down to if his family will accept u. i am in the process of waiting for approval and it doesnt feel good at all. but i love this man soooo much and i have decided to wait until they accept me, they seem like a good family i meet them and they were sooo nice. I hope they accept but the wait is horrible. I wish u luck and i hope u can be happy w ur pakistan boyfriend. i believe love have no barriers and GOD at the end cant be against love. Good luck and follow ur heart.


  12. Hello, Im a catholic woman that have been in a "relationship'with a muslim man for 4 years. we are deeply in love and we know about the challenges of get marry having different religions. I know this relationships are difficult and we have tried many times to be apart from each other but at the end we always come back to each other. we dont have any physicalo contact, meaning been in a relationship meas we care for each other, i know relationship is not allowed by islam until u get marry. This man i love came to meet my family, we live in different counrties but he came twice this past year to see me and meet all my family members and i went to meet his family a couple of month ago. they seem to like me and they were really nice to me, however they dont know their son and i have intentions to get marry. my boyfrined will tell them abioiut our feelings but he is very afraid to do so as well as me. he said he will never leave me and will fight for our love. I feel really stress because we come to the point where his family basicly have our future in thier hands. I study Quran and i like the religion and i was in love with his country when i visit. i hear many stories of couple that succeed but also there are bad stories. I wish mine can be a happy one. And i pray to GOD that he allow us to get marry. Any advise or words would be greatly appreciated. i love this man sooo much and i dont want to let him go. he completes me and we love each other very much. Please pray for us and yarab ISA we can be a happy ending story.

  13. situation is a bit different.i am a muslim in a relatnship wt a christain girl for 3 family are nt in support except for my dad who dont want any thing dat wil hurt my feelings.And now she is two mnth pregnant for me.I love her and she loves me.And she is willing to convert to muslim.she is a togolis while i am a nigerian.we both tried to end the relationship bcos of d situation and somehow we cant live without each other.PLS what wil u advice me to do?HELP ME OUT.

    • Walaykum salaam,

      Get married, get married and get married. Yesterday, today or tomorrow, please get married. You say you two have the love, the intention and etc., so ask forgiveness of Allah (swt), repent for your sins and get married. She has your baby inside of her, she'll need you to be a father and a husband and it should not matter when she converts as you are allowed to marry a Christian, but Subhan'allah, she is willing to be Muslim.

      Make your living arrangement plans, have her dowry ready, have faith in Allah (swt) and understand the rules of being a husband and her of being a wife. Take her to a mosque, have her say her shahada if she wants and get married.

      By the way, did I say, get married? Yeah, do that.

  14. i have a question,im a pilipina but not devorce my husband in philippines with my kids,im here working in Lebanon,i dont want to go back my husband in philippine,becouse since he hit me my love and respect for him gone.hes not working my 3 kids with him im sending everymonth money for the needs og my question is:my boyfriend is muslim cam we get married without a devorce paper from my ex husband?thanks i need advice cynthia:.

    • cynthia, you must divorce your husband first. A married woman cannot marry a second man. (If you need a more detailed analysis, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you).

      Wael Editor

    • Yes I agreed
      Tell me cell number
      I am Muslim and in love with a Christian Baptist girl. Her belief is different than mine. So, according to my religion, is it possible to marry her?

      • shahzad, you agree with what? In any case, the answer is yes, a Muslim man can marry a Baptist Christian woman.

        Wael Editor

  15. i am filipina working in \UAE and i had a boyfriend pakistan and i converted to a muslim and finally he ask me to get marry with him but i am married in philippines the thing is that we all know that divorce is not allowed in philippines s- i dont know what is the best thing to do?

  16. Iam a high school student and I have a suitor, he is a Muslim. It's been a month since he had decided to court me. He has many crushes but all of the girls he admired before was gone when he met me. Now the problem is I'm totally falling in love with him. I like to ask him about his religion, Islam but I am shy type girl and so he does. I cannot open to him about religions. What should I do?
    I love him and I plan to answer him. But my mind still confuses me about the polygamy of Islam.

    What should I do????


    • Mirajane, normally I would tell you to log in and write your question as a separate post. But I'll just answer you quickly and say that in Islam we don't have boyfriends and girlfriends. If this boy were sincere he would approach your parents to discuss marriage. It sounds to me like he's a player, not someone sincere, and I advise you to stay away.

      Wael Editor

  17. I am a Pakistani citizen and want to marry a Filippino
    How is it possible?
    Whether she can send me the invitation visa or any sponsorship?
    Also give me the detailed information if possible!

    • Tanveer, it sounds like you need advice on how to immigrate to the Philippines. We cannot provide such advice. You should do some research on Filipino immigration laws.

      Wael Editor

  18. Hi! There is a divorced in the Philippines if you are a muslim epecially if you are married in the Shariah Court. But if you are a christian then you have to apply for the annulment of your marriage which is normally around PhP150k. If you have the funds then you can apply then look for a lawyer and he will provide you legal advice. If this is already approved then that will be the time that you can make the possible action.

    Now with regards to the concern of maria, i do agree with all the comments you both need to assess yourselves. In your case there are several things to consider: both of your culture, family, beliefs, etc, etc.

    I would suggest study, understand and feel first if you could embrace the religion (Islam) before you marry the guy. Don't convert because you only love the guy and you felt that this is the only way because it may create different issues for both of you and your families in the future

  19. i just want to ask, i also have a muslim boyfriend were almost a year, we know that its also haram in the rule of islam having a relationship and not being married, but we really do love each other so much and we are planning to get married, he's been telling me that its not bad that we want to get married and build our own family, i really want to get married to him and i am willing also to convert in ISLAM.., But the only things that makes me confuse is that, i wasnt sure if her family would allow us or accept us.. Our situation is very complicated they are planning him to get married already to girl they want for him but he doesnt like and he keeps on talking and talking with his family, we even tried to end-up our relationship but it looks like we cant do it, really hard for us, its like we cant live without each other.. I really really him so much and he loves me so much also.. i just hope that we can do what we are planning..

  20. hi i am christian and this man muslim and he is married but not living it a sin to get married and whats this permissable thing he is talking about plz?

  21. Jean,
    Do you know why they are not leaving together? Are they still married or divorced? You can get married to him as it is allowed for men to marry upto four wives in islam and be equal to them, in terms of spending, maintainance, time. Are you ready to be in polgamy???
    Just be clear and sure of the situation before you get married lest you find yourself in problems.

  22. I am a non denominational Christian and I am dating Muslim man from Turkey with deist beliefs. Is he going against his religion by dating me? Will his religion allow him to marry me?

    • Daveenkissa, please log in and write your question as a separate post, and give us more information about your boyfriend's background and your own.

      Wael Editor

    • Yes, You can marry him and its not against Islam to marry a Christian woman/girl.
      And NO! You are not allowed to date without marrying, according to Islam.

      Best wishes

  23. Hi can you please provide some Ayat or proof from Quran that
    (Question deleted. Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. Editor)

  24. Hello
    i wanna know i m a muslim boy and i wanna marry and christan girl she aslo wanna be muslim and wanna her life with me but i wanna know how we marry and how i tell my parents ?? plz help me

    • Asim, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. And when you do, give us more details about the situation. - Editor

    • Brother Asim,

      You will need courage to ask your parents about her. Not that much courage actually all you need to do is make up their minds.
      As far as your question "how will you marriage?" is concerned. You will marry her according to Shariah, you will both do Nikah and get it registered from Qazi.

      Best wishes.

      Mr. Gem

  25. I am a Filipino christian woman & i want to ask if how can i convert to islam? Sooner or later i will marry an arabic muslim man. We are planning to get marry here in the philippines on november. Is there any procedure u can tell how to convert to be muslim?? where can i go?

  26. Hi,i have friend christian converted to muslim, then she divorce her husband christian because the husband hurting her phisicaly and emotionaly always then no work too.,now she found again christian man who want to marry her and giving a good life,the man doesnt like to convert muslim but he respect my friend religious and belief. Is that legal under muslim law? thanks!

    • ann, the answer is no, a Muslim woman cannot marry a Christian man under any circumstances. The marriage will not be allowable or recognized Islamically.

      Wael Editor

      • hi wael.

        my boyfriend is a Muslim and he is saying that Islam like never accept or honour if a Muslim is married to a non-muslim girl,he said that its written at Sinnah or Sunnah that it's like coming sin already especially when lets say after marriage is ofcourse husband and wife sleep together. I don't know what to do already. Hope for your reply. Thank you

        • A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or Jewish woman, though I personally recommend against it as I think it leads to problems in the family.


  27. Helllo,

    I have a few question and I'm a bit confuse about my relationship.
    (Question deleted. Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. Thank you. Editor)

  28. salam,

    I am muslim and i love a Christian girl and she wants to be muslim but she dosent know what to do
    she is in processe of reading quran,,,, I told my family about her and my mom and dad not allwing me merry her
    please i need your advice,,,


    • walid, please log in and write your question as a separate post and we'll try to advise you Insha'Allah. And give us more details.

      Wael Editor

  29. I'm an american-muslim man. i want to marry a american-christian woman. Is it allowed for her and i to get married in the USA?

  30. hi! i am a catholic filipina and now having this "i don't know how to call it" but both of us makes us feel that we're in love with each other,
    (question deleted by the editor)

  31. He said he is willing to marry me in catholic church,but does the marriage done in catholic or christian is also valid or considered as legal marriage in islam? thank you!!!

    • No. According to Islam/Shariah you need to do proper Nikah (oath/marriage) before a Muslim scholar (Qazi).
      Though the marriage is considered registered in your country/law but has no legs to stand in Islam.

      Best wishes,


  32. Sheryl,
    As a person raised in Catholicism I ask if this man understands the undertaking required to marry in the church? You both must do your pre-marriage classes and counseling sessions with a priest before you can ever receive approval to marry in the church, as you are probably aware.

    I suggest to you that you marry him Islamically, as he is muslim and your children will be as well. Then, if you so desire, you could have your marriage blessed by a priest giving it validity in the eyes of the church, without actually having to be married in the church.

  33. Hi, im in a relationship of 8 months to a Muslim boy.... he is half french and half algerian (question deleted by the editor - Please login and submit your question separately - Editor)

  34. I am from the Caribbean.......I met this muslim man.......he was a christian before he turned a muslim........but just in the way he spoke to me I know he is into his muslim religion...........he is married at the moment but his wife is not a muslim............marriage is not going to well................I had been getting close to him for over eight months now........I love him and I wanted your advice if I could continue with this or not.............he asked me to become a muslim............which I dont mind............I had been reading about the muslims for a while........please advise me

    • Hello Celi,

      You said he has a wife who isn't a Muslim. If she is Christian or Jewish, he can continue his relation with her; but it is preferred that she becomes a Muslim, too. Regarding you; yes, he can marry you. A Muslim is allowed to have two wives at a time (the limit is four), if he can treat both of you justly. And his request for you to change your Religion is valid, but you should do it, ONLY if you believe in the Truth of Islam - in Allah as The ONLY God Worthy of Worship, who has no son, nor daughter; and that Muhammad Peace be upon him is His Messenger.

      If you want any more clarification, I request you to login and post your question separately, so that we can dedicate a page like this one for your question.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  35. Hi my name is Anna I am Christian girl

    (Comment has been deleted. Anna, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

  36. im married in phil and have 3 kids but we are already seperated for long time and i have pakistan bf and we want to get marry and i want to convert in muslim its not just becoz i love him but deep in my heart i want to embrace islam
    and same time be married if i am already a muslim do i have to get a divorced to my exhusband

    • Lina, it is great that you intend to embrace Islam - The Only True Religion acceptable with Allah, The Only True God. regarding your problem, if you provide us some more details by submitting a new post, it will be better. So, please login and submit your post separately.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  37. hello,

    I am in a relationship with a muslim guy. I am christian by faith. We just met this year and he proposed to marry me next year, but i dont know how to decide for it. I love him so much and he do love me also. His family accepted our situation. I just want to know how to convert to islam and how to get marry in the phils? Thank you so much.

    • Mashala,

      If you want to become a Muslim because you want to marry this man, then you're not yet ready.

      You need to learn Islam and its beliefs first. You should accept Islam, only after you are satisfied that Allah Is The Only God Worthy of Worship, and that Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is His Final Messenger. When you have believed in this, then you can ask us how to proceed further, by submitting a separate post.

      If Allah Wills, we will do our best to help you in any way we can.


      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  38. hi im a muslim guy but i want to marry a christian girl she also going to muslim but my family not accept that i marry her can i marry??

    • yes you can marry her without your family consent. But finally the question is more social. what would happen if you marry her without your family approval. will your family cut ties with you or it is possible they may accept her. If your family wont ever accept her and there is a chance they may severe relation with you, then you have to evaluate the cost benefit ratio. Do you really want to lose your family or u dont care. and so on. like for my case, i want to marry a muslim convert, but my parents are totally against it, but i have numerous hints and observations, if i find a good muslim convert, the chances my parents giving up being stubborn is 99%. just have to do a little motivation. so you have to evaluate things then decide. say if you married her and your family cut relations with you, and god forbid you get years later, where will you go, will ur family accept you back, if you are free spirit and dont care about family then you can go ahead. in nut shell you can marry without your family consent in islam. So think rationally and you may be able to persuade your family. I advise dont rush and dont lose your family, it always pays in the end.

  39. I am a christian loving a muslim girl from philiphines How can i marry her??is that allowed or i need to convert please give me a solution

    • aush, it is not allowed. A Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man. She could legally marry you if you convert, but your conversion must be sincere.

      Wael Editor

  40. I' m a Christina girl I have a boyfriend he is Muslim and he want to marry but I can't not follow to be a Muslim my family don't Allow me . What I can do do I allow to marry him, I'm a Vietnamese girl and my bf is Afghanistan

  41. Hi, I am a Christian girl and though I know it is allowed for a Muslim man to marry a Christain girl I am not sure what my role would be if I do marry him. I know that dating isn't allowed in his religion and we have been good friends for 4yeart now and I do love him and he says he loves me. I would be willing to live by the Islam rules but I want to be myself. He isn't controlling and he loves that I have my own vision of what I wanna be in life. Will they accept me? And what els can I do? I have been reading things online mostly scary but I know Issie and I see a future with him I just want to know if I can be myself if I married him?

    • "in Love", don't believe 90% of what you read online. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, and give us more details, and we'll try to advise you. Who is the "they" that you are worried about accepting you? What exactly are you afraid of? What is this vision that you have of your life, and in what way do you feel you cannot accomplish it with him?

      Wael Editor

      • I tried logging in but have no idea how. Haha I found this website while trying to learn more about the culture. Is there maybe a facebook page I can go or a bbm group or something. I registered and the site said it will send my pin to me and I just never got the pin.

    • Hi! Im a Christian girl and i have muslim boyfriend! I dont want to give up my religion. And i know that he cant be a Christian! We love each other so much. He said we should get married first and we'll about it later. I dont know what to do, my mom likes him, my sister likes him, but they're just concerned about m boyfriend being a muslim. I read some forum that muslims man cant leave islam, they will condemed. And i got scared. O dont know how to say it to my bf. i love him, but we're living in differrent faith!

      • Sche, Muslims believe in their faith strongly, and will not leave it. Furthermore, every Muslim is adamant that his children should be raised as Muslims as well. So that's the real question in your situation: what about the children? Personally, I feel you and your boyfriend are not ultimately compatible.

        Wael Editor

  42. I am a muslim guy, i live in europe, i am from Africa, i want to merry christian girl, please i ask how i can merry her, she is not ready to be muslim, but she support me in my believe.

  43. hi, i am a catholic girl, separated not legally (still on process) with 2 kids, and now i have a boyfriend for almost 2 yrs now and he is muslim, he is younger than me for almost 8yrs. and he said he loves me a lot as i love him, too so much even we're not yet meet in real, and he is willing to come to me ..,. but we have problem in our faiths as I'm not ready to become muslim coz i don't know anything about their beliefs and also i have two kids to be consider as they are christians and won't leave as like that, and also my bf doesn't want to it possible to get married without changing our own faiths? thanks and looking for helpful advice...

    • graze, if you want detailed advice then please log in and submit your question as a separate post. My quick take is that this relationship is not going to work out. There are too many differences between you, and the difference in faith is a problem. Furthermore, I don't know what countries you two are in, but if you are in a Western country and he is not, then it's possible he is using you to emigrate from his country.

      Wael Editor

      • Hi, im sorry i dont know how to log in as separate question, well im from philippines but im working now in Australia, and the guy is from Egypt, but he said he loves me and willing to be with me but cant leave his faith as he said if he will change he cant come back to his country anymore, well i dont really know about this thing, and if its really true that he is just using to leave his country what would be the best thing to do? I tried to break him up many times but he dont want and always keep telling to not be worry because everything will be alright.. I am so confused and feel difficult as i love him so much.

        • Go to submit your question then write and submit its on the top.

          Little advice i want to give, Sister in one word I don't think if you marry this person will work out. Firstly your status is not clear! You are not separate legally and now it's 2years? And secondly Did you ever asked him why he want to be with you? I also live in aus and I saw many people got betray after they come.

  44. danielle im a christian girl...i fell n love wid a muslim man..he proposed me marriege..he says that we can get married..i just wanna this possible? family is strict on religion..his family dont know about us..then could he marry me? if we have child she or he will convert to muslim?

    • danielle, any Muslim will insist that his children must be Muslim as well. But it doesn't sound like this man is sincere anyway, since he is keeping the relationship secret.

      Wael Editor

  45. a filipina and at the moment having relationship with a pakistani guy. he's family wants him to do the engagement.. just few question can he disagree with the engagement and as a person who love him much if he requires i can convert my religion to islam and be devoted one... i really love this guy....

    • Hello dear sister. If the Pakistani man is willing to stand against the pressure of his family and marry you, then let him do so. In Islam we have the right to choose our marriage partners. However, it may be that he doesn't have the will to do so, or doesn't want to upset his family.

      Wael Editor

  46. I am a Christian woman who dated a Muslim man. We recently decided to end our relationship because of our different religious views. It's hard for both of us. I really love him and wanted the relationship to work. I am interested in learning more about Islam but I also want to stay true to what I believe.I also don't want him to jeopardize what he believe in. I just want to know if we should sit down and counsel with someone like a priest or Imam?

    • Kish, that's really up to you. I think counseling can be very helpful in general, but if you are refusing to budge on the issue of religion then it could be an insurmountable obstacle.

      Wael Editor

  47. i am a muslim boy of 18 . i am in deep love with a christian girl. is it okay to marry her. my parents are also willing.

    • Mohammed,

      Although the sharee'ah allows a Muslim man to marry a lady from the people of the book who is pure, I advise you against it. It will bring complications in your deen and dunya. It will take you away from Allah's Worship and His Deen. It will bring complications as to what religion the children will follow. Even if it is agreed that they will be Muslim, then they will be deprived of a school at home, which is a righteous Muslim mother.

      Having said this, most Christians today practice polytheism, which makes them "najas (impure)" according to Allah, when He Said:

      يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنَّمَا الْمُشْرِكُونَ نَجَس...
      O you who have believed, indeed the polytheists are unclean...

      This is no fatwa but my understanding.

      Find a good Muslimah instead and lead your life with deen. There are many Muslim women who are unmarried. Go and fill their lives with happiness, instead of marrying a Christian woman.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  48. I am muslim boy loving christian girl from pakistan How can i marry her??is that allowed or i need to convert please give me a solution

    • kaiser, it is allowed for a Muslim to marry a Christian but I do not recommend it, especially in your case. The fact that you would be willing to convert to Christianity demonstrates that your faith in Islam is very weak. You need to strengthen your knowledge and practice of Islam, and marry a good Muslim woman who can walk the Islamic path with you.

      Wael Editor

  49. Hi im lucy from philippines, Me and my boyfriend decide to get married because we love each other, But the problem his married in other country,, I just want to know because i know muslim allowed to marry atleast 4, Here in philippines is it possible we get married and if ever how can we do process??

    Please help me i need your advice please please,please,please

    Thanks and GOD BLESS

  50. Hi im charisse from philippines,i have a egyptian boyfriend he is working in saudi and we are planning to marry but i need to convert into islam but i dont know how is the process..can u please help me what to do? hoping for ur advice..THANK U SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS

  51. I am a christian man and i am daiting a korean muslim woman We really love eachother and we don't want to break off... i know that i can not marry her because of her religion but i don't want to convert my religion so can we just keep daiting FOREVER ?

    • Goo, dating is considered "haram" or forbidden in Islam. In particular, premarital sex is not allowed. Furthermore, you are doing this woman an injustice by stringing her along. I am sure she is hoping you will convert so she can marry you. You should do the honorable thing and break off your relationship with her.

      Wael Editor

      • Actually she is the one who came up with this idea .... She told me that if i don't want to convert i should never break off with her . Also we are not making any sex or any physical stuffs (since it is forbidden in my realgion as well) all we are doing is going out together and hanging out .And i am totally ok with this .

        • Then she is obviously not practicing her faith. Look, your proposal is unrealistic. No one will spend their life "dating" someone platonically without physical contact. It's not going to happen. Sooner or later you will either fall into sin, or one of you will meet someone else.

          If you need further advice, please log in and write your question as a separate post.


  52. You are both kidding yourselves, I'm sure she does love you but the thing is she knows that she won't ever be able to marry you and her family won't ever allow it. Dude as a christian girl in love with a muslim man I advise you to walk away cuz its not going to end well. She is able to live without touching and stuff cuz she was raised like that but you, well we both know christian men can't keep themselves in control. Walk away and spare yourself and her a lot of pain. Its the right thing to do, tell her Ano ahobik but Ma'a as-salumah

  53. That is soooo true... I found a muslim guy who is sooo nice.. Bt i have to keep him as a fwrnd becoz of his culture:) i'm trying my best to not fall for him because i'm a cHristian girl an his culture is soooo strict...we are both different in culture an in beliefs... just respect him and the family.... If it does come to that point wea we fall in love... I cld nvr tke him away frm his god nor mine.. If only dea was equailty in this world:(

    • yeah u right...every people have different personality, its like dont judge the person if u not know who really are, what if that person is the right he/she ur beloved.u cannot know what happen next, only God know everything...

  54. The thing is its extremely hard to to stop loving that guy once u fall 4 him. Even though we are friends we both still love each other and getting urself 2 love another person is hard. So you either have 2 give up your culture or walk away from the person you love. So rather stay away if its possible.

  55. I know
    Is hard I don't mean to sound harsh but I think a Muslim
    Man/ women should only marry each other us better for there children again don't take this the wrong way.

  56. hi My name is sameer i belongs to pakistan and i fall in love with a christian girl she is from mexico Spenish .. we love each others alot from so long we r in relationship .. we never do sin sex or anything wrong we truly lovee each others and we already plan our kids and everything of future .. I am working in malaysia ..i want to ask u Can i marry with her in malaysia according to islam she can follow her way i follow mine ,.,. we can do court marriage or not .. or she need to convert in islam ,,
    please help me and show me the right way Thanks

    • Sameer, according to Islam a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman. But I don't know the laws in Malaysia.

      Wael Editor

      • Thank you so much
        you solved my big Confusion .. well If she dont want to convert for the time being At least i can marry her ... she is not aware by Islam ... Mexico is a Christian Country she belongs to there ,, But we fall in love and we decided to Get married .Letter i will teach her my Islamic Values INSHALLAH i am sure her Heart will change and she will Convert to islam when she aware Thank u Hope for the best

        • Don't be so sure that she will convert, Sameer. Only Allah is the Changer of hearts.


          • yes you are right i am not sure on her
            i am sure on my Beloved Religion ISLAM .. if anyone Knows ISLAM Closely Read it See practically Then they can aware with it .. If we Teach them Islamic Values and Tell them What is right and wrong in Islam .No Doubt ALLAH is a changer and i have faith after she marry me Her heart will Change INSHALLAH
            Ameen Thanks friend

  57. assalamualikkum
    am a muslim boy.i have one christian lover..she ready to convert to islam..
    can i marry her after converting islam? it possible or not?..please give a clear answer

    • Salaams,

      You can marry her if she converts to Islam or not, it's your choice. Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian women without them converting to Islam.

      However Islam does not permit "lovers", so you need to do the right thing as soon as possible.

      -Amy Editor

      • Assalamualaikium, I want to know the sahee masala according to The Quran and Sunnah regarding marrying a Christian woman without converting her a Muslim. I'm a man from Bangladesh and want to marry a Christian girl of forty. Pls guide me in this issue. May Allah bless us all.

        Thank you.

        • Hameed, you are repeating the same question that was just answered. Yes, you can marry her. Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian women.


  58. I want to marry a Christian girl and she wants me to marry in a church as her family wants but she also ready to marry me by Islamic way I would like to ask e is that possible or not?

    • adeel, a Muslim should not be married in the Christian tradition, especially if the priest or pastor is going to marry you "In Jesus' name", etc. You should be married Isamically and civilly only. I should also say that personally I don't recommend marrying a Christian woman, especially if you live in a majority non-Muslim country, because it will be very difficult to raise your children as Muslims. And what happens in case of divorce? If the mother gets custody of the children, how will you raise them as Muslims?

      Wael Editor

  59. Hi im muslim women and pregnant to non muslim man what do i do abortion is haram

    • Sister Maida,
      You cannot kill a life that's growing inside you. You shouldn't have not involved in haram relationship with anyone except your husband. Ask this man if he is willing to convert to Islam (only if he believes in the truth) and then marry you. When we make mistakes they have consequences and we have to live with them. If you need detailed answer than log in and write your question as a separate post with more detail and we will publish it on it's turn iA.

      May Allah (swt) help you through this trial and guide you in Islam. Amin.


  60. I am a christian,am in love with a muslim girl,pls how can I marry her coz am not ready to loose her....

  61. Hi im a christian girl and I have a muslim boyfriend and he wants to marry me and I want to marry him also we both in love each other I want to ask if marrying him do I need to convert my self into a muslim? Thank you

    • Salaams,

      No you don't need to convert. There should be enough responses to the post you listed this under to answer any questions you might have, so make sure you read them as well.

      -Amy Editor

  62. hello im joy i want to ask u i have a friend bt shes married and now she has a muslim bf can she get married with her bf muslim even shes married already,,?

  63. Hi, I understand that Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian women under the Islamic Law. May I know which countries will this special condition apply to? I mean which countries will the Islamic Council recognize this special interfaith marriage?

  64. Hello may I know which countiRies can a Muslim man and a Christian woman be legally married under Islamic law?

  65. hello ,
    i am a filipina girl, i have a son in a muslim man,.. at first i didnt know his a muslim, he wants my son to be his legitimate child, thats why he ask me for married,. but the problem is he has a filipina wifes too and has 4 daugthers,.my son is his only son,he wants to give my son his name and surname, what should i do,.. do i have to marry him,.if i marry him would his wife can file a bigamy to us,.. i dont know about muslim rules,. pls help me i really need help before i marry him in two weeks time,..!!!

    • rhyna, it's up to you. You do not "have to" marry him, you have a choice. Islam allows a man to marry more than one wife, but I think Philippines law does not.

      Wael Editor

    • I suggest if the boy hasn't been born yet that you get married so the boy is born "legitimate." That's the only advice I can give you.

  66. to wael and mahmud,

    thank you so much for the advice it really helps a lot,..!!!!

  67. hello again,,

    if he acknowledge my son and change my son's name next to his name and his surname,would be the custody of the child will be at him,,, im afraid that he will take my son away from me, my son be a muslim too like his father,..what will be my son's rights to him,..

  68. Hi,
    I met a Norwegian girl last year, we are getting to marry soon, she is agree to convert her religion to Islam, but I dont have any idea where should we go first and if there is any requirements,
    both of us are in Philippines,
    pls help me, tnx alot

    • Abobakr, I don't know anything about the law in the Philippines. If you need a certificate to show she is Muslim, you might be able to get that from the masjid.

      Wael Editor

  69. pls answer my question i need your advice,.. pls

  70. Assalamuallaikum everyone,

    I have a question.

    My Girlfriend is a "Born-Again" and I am a muslim boy. Can I married or fall in love with her? She doesn't want to convert her religion to Muslim because she said it's comfortable but sometimes she's not sure about her own religion. I'm still a muslim and forever I will.

  71. I am a Christian and A man that has Islamic believes asked me to be his girl friend. Is he allowed to do that and if he is, what are the different problems that we can face later on?

    • Elanna, we do not have boyfriends and girlfriends in Islam. According to our religion, two unmarried people should not be alone together and should not have any phsical contact before marriage.

      Wael Editor

      • Salam my name is Jannah I am a catholic and my husband is a Muslim we had civil marriage and now he is not treating me right! He always use bad words to me every time we talk because he works abroad! I was in Phil and he is in Saudi! He did not even give my dowry as people say that before marriage a Muslim man should give his wife a dowry.... And now I don't know what will I need to do for him to give me respect as his wife we have two son

        • Jannah, it's hard to advise you without knowing more. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, and give us more details. For example, was your husband always like this? If not, what were the precipitating factors? We'll answer you in turn, Insha'Allah.


  72. Aslamu alkaykum, I am a muslin from Somalia and my question is can you kiss or hold hand with Christian girl...... Thank you

    • You are a man, right? It's not allowed to kiss or hold hands with any woman who is not your wife, of course not counting chaste kisses to your mother, daughter, etc.

      Wael Editor

  73. haii by the way im a christian women and i have a serious relationship with my boyfriend and he is a muslim man .. and he wants to marry me .. and im planning to convert to a muslim women .. and i really dont know what was the procedure i will do .. and i want to know if it is nt against your law ..??

  74. Dear all,

    I have recently met a muslim man. He is a teacher and I am also we have much in common however, I asked him a serious question, if you were to have children, would you want to bring them up Muslim? He replied "yes"

    I will never change my faith for a man I will always be a Christian, even though we like each other a lot, I vow to never change my faith. So ladies and men think carefully if you have children how you can affect them by being in a relationship that is mixed like this.

    I know this will have no future, don't forget there is someone for everyone. Lets not just feel, think about your future.

  75. hi, i am new muslim i am wife christian before. and when im here in saudi arabia i got married also a new muslim. i am filipino what do you think? i have case.

  76. hi,can i ask about the different relationship regarding christian and islam,well i have a hard time can i trust what is real, cause i never meet a guy like him,its like hes the one...can u give me some advice

  77. hi just call me LYN,, i have a few question to asked,,i'm an australian citizen legaly separated from my husband but not yet devorce ,,my partner his filipino also his separated from his wife in the philippines,,because there is no devore law in the philippines ,,we want to convert into islam so that we can get married , legally as husband and wife is this possible ? please if you could give some advice ,,thank you !

    • Assalaamualaikam

      While it is true that there is provision in Islam for a man to have more than one wife (but not for a woman to have more than one husband), there are significant conditions required in order for that to be permissible (for example, the husband must share his time and resources equally and fairly), and there is far more to Islam than that. Islam isn't just a word to put on a piece of paper, it is a way of life, and guides everything that a Muslim does.

      If you are genuinely interested in Islam as a faith, and not just as a legal loophole, I would encourage you to learn more about Islam, by reading the Quran and hadiths, by speaking with women at your local mosque, by visiting Islamic websites... But don't convert just to get around a law - to do so would be unfair to yourself and your partner.

      It might be helpful to discuss your issue with a lawyer, as there may be an alternative option.

      Midnightmoon editor

  78. hi..the father of my son is a muslim man .. he already acknowledge my son through my son birth certificate .. but now im afraid if he will get my son ,, what is my son rights to him ..?! he has a daughters in his 1st wife but hischild to me is his only son .. how important to a muslim man their son .. pls help me

  79. wer should i log in,.!?

  80. i already log in and send but i dint recive any answer yet ..

  81. I am a Filipina student in Thailand.
    I was Catholic since birth, but I have felt drawn to Islam for some time, and I have been reading books on Islam from a mosque here in Thailand, which a kind friend arranged for me. Now that I know more about Islam, I am ready to convert very soon.
    My friend told me that as a Muslima married to a Catholic man, but separated for the last 8 years, I will be divorced after 3 months, unless my husband converts to Islam (he will not). Is that true? Exactly how can I get such a divorce, and exactly how can I get a Shari'a divorce recorded and recognized by the National Statistics Office in Maniala?
    I was told that there is Muslim Family Law in the Philippines, and decisions of the Shari'a court are recorded in the NSO, this is the law of the country. I plan to return to Manila in November, and I would really appreciate any advice or information that you can give me, maybe also telephone numbers of Islamic attorneys.
    Thank you.

    • Salaams,

      You would have to contact an Fillipino attorney for answers to your questions. You would need to search the internet to find one, especially if you prefer they be Muslim as well. None of us editors would find that answer any faster for you, unfortunately, since none of us live in the Phillipines.

      As far as what your friend told you, she is correct. When a married woman converts to Islam, her marriage to a non-Muslim husband becomes invalid after 3 months if he does not also convert. In the eyes of Allah she is considered as single again. There is nothing special you have to do, it happens automatically as far as shariah is concerned. However, this doesn't dissolve a legal marriage, which is why you need to speak with an attorney.

      -Amy Editor

  82. Good day.i am a filipina with a muslim friend...

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  83. Dear All, i have received a question related to a married Muslim who from a Muslim country and intending to get another marriage with an Christian girl...

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  84. I have problem I want marry with one Filipino women...

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  85. hi i meet a muslim guy for a short time im a christian. we engaged in pre marital sex. unfortunately im pregnant now. he was scared to death and he wasts me to abort the baby. i thought it was agiants their belief as a muslim. coz it is againts in our belief. he said his family will take him back to pakistan and let him marry random girls if his father will know it. he let me choose if i will to abort a baby he will stay with me if i will keep it he will leave me and raise the baby alone. we are both in canada. please advice me

  86. Thanks Mr.Wael for advice..actually he met already my family last month and his wife in Saudi already know about us.

  87. Hi,

    I am a christian girl that is getting to know a (you could say religious muslim guy) i met him while on holiday and we got along really well. he has come to see me at the country where i live. I know he loves me and i do care for him and thing he is a fantastic guy. I am scared about the religion and i am scared to tell mum as she is unwell and i am scared she will get more sick when she knows I am seeing a muslim man. I respect his religion and he says he respects mine. He wants to get married and has agreed to get married in a garden style wedding - i have always dreamed of a church wedding but i know that cant happen - however i cant get married by a shek because also i dont practise the muslim religion so we have come to the conclusion to get married in a garden. we have spoken about kids and we agreed that we will teach them both religions and when they grow up they will choose what they want to be.

    Like i said I do respect the muslim religion but I dont believe in anyone imposing anything on me or their faith and i too would never do that to anyone - i am just worried that when we get married he will change ??

    this is all new to me and i am too religious and dont want to lose my identity - i just think we both should not have to impose any religion on each other and just respect and expect one another - having said all of that - something did happen that worried me - he has given me a muslim religios cd to listen to in my car , so if your not imposing this on me why give me this CD ?
    i am a little confused and scared and would really respect your adive

    thank you

    • Dear "caught in the middle", this doesn't sound like a good match for you. I'm sure your boyfriend hopes you will become Muslim in the future. You say you will teach the children both religions, but which will they actually practice? Will they go to Friday prayers, or to church on Sundays? Will they do the Islamic prayers, or Christian prayers? Will they fast in Ramadan? I have never heard of a practicing Muslim who would allow his children to be raised as Christians.

      With the two of you being committed to your own traditions, I see too much of a class in the future for this to work.

      Wael Editor

      • Hi, I am a christian girl and have been talking with a muslim guy for awhile. We have very similar beliefs about morality and both have deep love for God. Both of us stongly believe living for God is the most important part of life. We met online and both of us live in different countries. He is from the middle east and i am from the west. I've never been in a relationship with any guy before and never thought i would fall in love with a muslim. He tells me he loves me and one day want's to marry me. I love him too but i realize i am in a complicated situation. My whole family is christian and his family is muslim. I've met some of his family and they like me. They are really nice. But i worry about what my family will think. Also, i really value family time and dont know how i could move from my country. I dont want him to leave his country either. I am really confused and sad. I want to be with him but i dont know how it is possible. I have studied Islam deeply and agree with lots of the beliefs. We both believe God will guide us but i just don't know what to do. Its crazy how we met and we both believe we found each other for a reason. I live for God and trust that God will direct me and give me answers but i still wanted to ask an expert so i posted this comment. I want whats best for both of us, and i hope i am living the right way. I am learning alot of good things from him. We think very similar. Right now my belief is stuck between christianity and islam. I know for a relationship to work out well both people need to support each other and help them live the best for God. All i want is for us to have a good relationship with God at the center. I want to be a better person and do the right thing. I guess my main question is: "Is it possible our relationship will work out considering the circumstances?" I don't want to hurt him or myself. Is our online relationship healthy??

        • Amanda, I can't say if your relationship is healthy or not. I suggest you register and write your question as a separate post, and we'll answer it in turn. And please answer these questions: 1. Have you asked your boyfriend if he is willing to immigrate to your country? 2. Are you absolutely positive he is not using you for a green card? 3. Has he told his family about you? 4. What are the sticking points you have with Islam?


  88. Hi...

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  89. I m in a relation with vit a muslim boy...

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  90. I m a 30year muslim pakistan, there was a ques? Above, I read dated 24Apr2014 by QUENCY that his bf paki and nt acepting coz of women hav kids, and family also nt acepting her, that guy is a bad guy in my opininion coz i m marying a 10years elder poor filpino and she have a 12year old son, also. I made my parents to accept her, she converted to islam but nt for marying me coz i m very strict in islamic shariya laws even 2 years it was my only chat with her that what is islam and quran and the diferenc between quran ( Islam) and bible( christanity),
    She converted by the facts and the power of quran suras, she started learning 5 times prayers Sallah, even Rosery the Tasbeeh, She is fasting for the 2nd time as she got her second ramadan after being a muslim, now she is more strict then me we never talk on sex even we try to make each other afraid by the punishments here in this world and the here after also.

    Now for all christian women that if a guy become sincere with u then notice him that how much he talk on islam, 2nd he must show his family to u and u to them, if these thngs he is nt doing then 80percent chances that he just atracted with u, nt love or for mariage. Thanx if u read that.

    Please consider my comments and post them even as a guest or with ur name.

  91. Im a 30 year old Christian woman dating a 28year old muslim man. we are dating for 2years now and We love each other very much. we are at the point of our relationship where we want more from each other. We would like to get married but we are not willing to change our beliefs. We have agreed on respecting each others religion and to support each other in our religions. like any woman I would like to have a baby one day but I do not want to bring my child up in the muslim religion but my boyfriend say's it is a must,Therefore we decided not to have kids. Will this marriage work? can we really be happy? or are we just wasting each others time fighting this battle to be together?

    • Salaams,

      If you marry a Muslim man you must agree to raise the child as a Muslim, that's the bottom line. If that is not acceptable to you, then your marriage probably will end up breaking down over that point alone. It may be better for both of you to part ways and find partners who match your respective values when it comes to childrearing.

      -Amy Editor

  92. I love a christian girl she's from poland she loves me too and we are together for four years talk everyday etc.
    We havent decided to marry yet but in future if we do i just want to make sure can i marry her? If she doesnt want to convert to islam and so on.

  93. Good Day!

    Just want to have a question and seek your heartily advise because i dont want that in the end I will suffer.

    I'm a christian woman separated with the husband in Philippines for 8 years. and now I have a Muslim boyfriend for 3 years. Can he marry me legally? we are both working in Muslim country can we have have our marriage in Muslim ceremony in a legal way, in the country where we stay? I just want to have a valid papers that we are husband and wife while we live together because we have planned soon to have a baby. Can we go to a mosque or where we go to have our marriage in the muslim country that we are staying?

    As I mentioned early I'm separated in Philippines and this coming March 2015 when I go home I will start processing our annulment, though its a bit long procedure but at least I can start with it.

    Appreciate it very much if you could reply and advise me the right thing we need to do...

    God bless and more power!



    • Obviously you cannot marry man #2 if you are still married to man #1. The only exception to this would be if you converted to Islam, in which case there would be an 'iddah or waiting period, after which your marriage to man #1 would be dissolved (Islamically, that is. Philippines law is another matter).

      Wael Editor

  94. Hi Im christian woman seperated with my husband in philippines for 3 years. and I am Islam converted for 4 years.and I have boyfriend 2 years in united kingdom.can I marry him even I dont have devorce papers from Philippines.and he is ready to convert Islam can I get new passport under his name.please help me .I need you advice.
    Have a nice day

    God blessed you all

    • Salaams,

      You need to talk to someone in the Phillipines about your situation. We cannot give legal advice about the status of your marriage. If your boyfriend/husband needs a passport, he would need to get one through the government in UK.

      -Amy Editor

  95. ...

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  96. Greetings!
    Reading your clients messages Im learning even some what Muslim culture and traditions is. (remainder of comment deleted by editor)

    • Salaams,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer it in turn in shaa Allah.

      -Amy Editor

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