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Parents in the way of marriage

I have been in love with the same person for the last 3 years. We are friends at college and I know he is in love with me too. We usually study together because we are studying the same things in university. But, we both know that his family would never be okay with me, and that is all because of the country I come from. We are technically of the same ethnicity, but it is just because of having a different nationality. We tried really hard to stay away from each other, but it just never works. We are both ready for marriage but this is the only obstacle in the way. He has spoken to them and they have already rejected. What do I do?

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  1. First its is already a fault that the advice is requested only after everything crossed the limit like not able to separate
    so the world will now say to get separated as the guy's family is not ok (what about your family)
    but your heart will feel someway we need to be together and make you feel the world is against you for no reason
    Its clear game of saitan and evil skills

    It depends on the guy to make his family understand you both
    Your family should also try go and approach
    and even after knowing that they wont accept its not advice-able to be in contact in any form

    Pray thajud
    Ask allah
    Ask forgiveness for breaking Allah's words and give full repentance

    Women cannot marry without the acceptance of her Wali preferred father
    so make your family understand its not lust , infatuation or any sort of immature love.
    Know about all the consequences , struggles, etc to be faced in life and be sure apart from love you two will surely be together unlike all these current day love marraiges which breaks up in months

    And the guy must act bold and try to make up with his family

    Until then refrain from all contacts and connectin with the guy, increase your connection with Allah
    If its fate he will be your husband insha allah
    Pray well

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