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Please help me to find forgiveness

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As-salam alaikum
I merely a boy of 20 years and i have committed the biggest sin of my life. I have committed ZINA. I don't know what to do. How to ask for forgiveness? Will allah forgive me for my sin? Please tell me how to ask for forgiveness. How to find peace? I promise i won't do it again.


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  1. You first need to forgive yourself for the mistake you made , you know it's wrong , now repent , never do it again. Keep repenting , continue repenting to Allah swt for this in sha Allah you'll find peace when your repentance will be accepted by Allah swt .
    Don't get disappointed of Allah's mercy .

  2. Salam just move on and look forward..We are imperfect .sometimes it happens .big way or little way....You should learn from this ....experience the build up and the events that lead to this!!! You build your Iman and make sure you are with practicing muslims and of course the musjid that is the main power source of power......You can also spend some time in tabligh

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