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Cannot contact her family, can she marry me?

Communications breakdownAssalam alaykom

I am 24 years old muslim boy. My family and I live in UAE but we are from other country. My father wants me to get married after i graduated.

I knew one girl long time ago.  we are from same city, we studied in same school. She is from very good muslim family and she is virtuous girl. After we both graduated high school she went to Turkey . Now we are in 2 different country.

I want to talk about that girl with my father. But problem is her family is not with her, only her younger brother is with her. She cannot go back to country,  met her family and can't communicate because of some political issues. It's also impossible for me to meet her family or communicate about marriage (take their permission).

So can i directly go to that girl with my family and ask about marriage? Can girl get married without her family? Brothers and sisters what is your advice?

- ASameer

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  1. Brother Sameer, this sounds a bit fishy to me. Unless her family is in North Korea, or in Kashmir under the current communications blackout, I don´t see why you cannot contact them. You can´t Skype? Viber? Facetime? Whatsapp?

    If there truly is no way to contact her family, let her younger brother act as her wali, assuming he is an adult. says, ¨(If there is no father), guardianship passes to the next closest relative (after the father), namely the grandfather. If there is no grandfather or if he is not fit to act as the wali, then it passes to her brothers with the youngest brother last if he is grown up, otherwise it passes to those who come after him, such as brothers’ sons, then paternal uncles, then their sons, then to the sharee’ah judge if there is one.¨

    Wael Editor

  2. You can't just marry this girl for the sake of getting married. She is caring for her younger brother. So that means he will live with you and be apart of everything. You won't be able to function like a normal married couple. If you're grown up and ready to take the responsibility then go ahead.

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