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How to divorce in a marriage with no physical relationship?

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I am in love with a girl and we decided to get married in the court . We married in court. In court I wrote 20 Lacs Haq meher. We didn't had any physical relationship.
I have informed my Parents first and my Parents requested the girl to Pardon the haq meher and she did it.

Now, the girl told her parents about the court marriage /Nikah. Her Parents are forcing me to give her divorce saying that we don't have any physical relationship and we can get married again after a year. Is there any possibility of reuniting or if i do so what are legal obligations in it. Can they sue me for Haq maher?



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  1. Salaams,

    A court marriage is not valid in and of itself if all the Islamic requirements are not met, meaning that the bride had a wali, there were at least two Muslim witnesses, and the bride receives a dowry. A marriage which is not valid to begin with doesn't need a divorce to be ended, but only you know if those requirements were in place. It sounds like they weren't, just based on the fact that your parents asked her to give up the dowry you offered. That is wrong, and no parent has the right to ask the bride to give up what is hers by Allah's decree.

    I don't know what you mean about her parents suing you for the mahr. If you mean, can they force you to give it anyway, I would presume they can if all the other requirements are in place- but if that's the case they can only force you to give it to the bride and not to themselves. Also, in such a case they would better to agree to let the marriage stand and stop asking you to divorce. It's not right for them to request both, it's tacky and greedy.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Your question is v confusing brother, why would they want you to divorce for a year and then remarry? Just stay married and dont worry about her parents if as Amy said you have had a proper Islamic Nikkah with a Wali and 2 witnesses.

  3. Is that you saying or your parents saying no physical relationship divorce your wife. Wow you people are really shallow. You and the parents should be ashamed for ruining an innocent girls life and more for scarring her with being divorced with no fault of her own.

    Communication and getting to know someone also takes time maybe you haven't given time instead your being a COWARD. No one can force anyone to do this unless you really want your marriage to work and if I was you I stand by my wife regardless, your don't even know how lucky you are.

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