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I’m losing my friends

Best friends necklace
I am 16...
I am a Muslim male...

I have bad habits..
D only worst habit I hav Z surfin d internet for haraam..
No I don't smoke or do anythin else..

Wen I was a kid my bestfriend left school..

I got my next best friend wen I was 15..
She was a girl..but a non Muslim though..

On the begnin of last year we had a smal problem and she left me..

Again a girl became my best friend..although she is not a Muslim.. She was very close to me.. She cared about me.. But she lied to me..
I got hurt and told her that I know she is lying.. She did not accept but left me..
It really hurt me really really hard..
I was soooooo broken hearted..

I cried to Allah..

I did tawba..

I asked dua..

I asked Allah please don't take her away from me..but she finally told me in front of all my friends that we r no longer even friends....

Then i met two other girls...a Muslim one and a non Muslim one..

they became my bestfrnds..

as time went on..

I loved them as my sisters...

i red for them as my sisters..

But somehow my earlier bestfriend had told the something..they think I lied to them in with I did not..

I even lost many valuables within these days..

it is s if all the problems are happening o me..

Plz help me..

I neeed these two bestfriend of myn..thry mean so much to me..i love them as my sisters..

I can't bear to lose them..

Soo please.please please help me..

I just need them back

and they r goin far away from me every second

Pleasse help me


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  1. Assalaamualaykum DGHE12345,

    I know you are hurting greatly and that it is so hard. However, you should recite the dua:

    Hasbi Allahu wa Ni'ma Al-Wakeel [Allah is sufficient for me, and he is the best disposer of affairs (trustee)].

    You are in need of Allah far more than you are in need of friends who are not good for you, or who don't value your friendship as much as you value theirs. Through Allah, you will gain friends who are halal for you...friends who treat you right and who you have mutual and reciprocal relations with.

    May Allah bestow you with great company.



  2. Remember this, friends doubt mean crap. I ain't got no mates, people say Im this popular that etc etc. Now here's the thing. You could have 1 or 1000 friends does that mean outside of school they would even contemplate texting or calling you, ponder on it.

    Good company is better than no company. But no company is better than bad company. Friends come and go.

    Roam alone.

    Roam free.

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