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Zina and Marriage


Is it permissible in Islam to marry a girl who committed Zina (Adultery) with other man previously?

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  1. Provided she does not fornicate anymore and provided she has asked for forgiveness and actually changed her ways there is nothing Islamically to stop you from marrying.

    However it is quite clear to me, many people (mostly men) are extremely uncomfortable if they find out their wife was not well behaved before marriage. I too would not be happy, in fact it would make me so uncomfortable I may not even be able to have a physical relationship and thus end the marriage. Some people are more forgiving than others and some people are not bothered by this aspect. So when people tell you that you're being shallow for thinking about her past, you will only be shallow if you did the same prior marriage.

    Do not marry her if you are constantly going to remember or bring up her past. If however you can overlook that and not think about it at all, then you may marry her. The decision as to whether you can marry her is entirely dependant on you.

  2. Allah is the best of judges. No one is perfect in this world. If you can see she regrets what happend in her past and the fact she was honest with you meant she is showing humility. The prophet showed us by his action of marrying divorced, widowed, older,younger women. It shows that he did not discrimate those women for there past. Of course it might be bothersome but if you think this girl has a good heart and her Iman is much stronger you should consider marriage. Only Allah knows what best for you! Allah is the most merciful. Leave it to Allah to judge her. Of course Zina is very bad and it deserves its punishment but Allah know what is in her heart and maybe it was a awful mistake she made. Im sure she is hating herself more than you are.

    • I definitely agree with above comment. She made mistake and part of her feels like she can't breathe. You have no idea how much pain she is in due to her haram. She probably punishing herself already. If you know her well enough and you think that she have changed then there is nothing wrong marrying this woman. Some ppl change and some ppl don't but if you talked to her enough and given times then you will know her better. Her action will gave it a away, bad behavior or good behavior. Then you can make your final decision. But plz done judge someone bad due to their past. Ppl make mistake all the time. Its only matter the present and she have changed not her past. If Allah can be merciful then you have to know what Allah sees in that person and willing to gave second chance that you might not see.

      Hope this helps
      Good luck 🙂

  3. yes

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