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Abortion due to down syndrome detection

Aborting a child is not only socially or morally wrong but also haram in Islam unless practised for right reasons

Assalamolaikum bro/sisters ,

My wife is 5th month pregnant and recent tests shows Baby is positive for Down syndrome which may lead to genetic disorders. As per some opinions people go for abortion under such cases. Islamically it is allowed to terminate the pregnancy if tests shows highest possibility of child suffering from genetic disorders (like having IQ of 5 or 9 year old in age of 50 yrs, or any other similar defects etc etc) ....We are tensed and please let us know the Islamic view about it as we need to understand this properly and take some step .
Please answer to the point with respect to this particular case and lot of information will simply add confusion .
...Jazak Allah ..


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    I think the first thing to do is to find out more about Down syndrome - what the condition actually is, how it can affect people... You might find it helpful to visit - this is a UK-based site by and for people with Down syndrome and their families, and has a lot of resources so that you and your wife can find out more about how your baby's life might be affected.

    I've known quite a few people with Down syndrome, and each person was unique and had their own abilities and challenges. Having Down syndrome (or similar conditions) doesn't have to be a barrier to success. Many people with it go on to live independently (or with a little bit of support), fall in love, find work, and all the other things we want for our children. Recently, a woman with Down syndrome starred in an international fashion show... there are several successful actors/actresses with Down syndrome... there have been married couples who have both had Down syndrome and who have lived happy lives together... Find out more about what people with Down syndrome can achieve, the challenges they may face, and how their families have coped with receiving the diagnosis.

    The other thing to bear in mind is that no prenatal screening test is 100% accurate. Medical tests are getting better all the time, but there are still cases where people are told their baby is a girl when it's a boy, or that their baby has a disability which later turns out to not be the case. I would be hesitant to make any irreversible decision without a second (or third!) opinion.

    My honest advice to you and your wife would be to keep your baby. Only Allah truly knows the outcome of the pregnancy. He has blessed you with this new life; trust Him that there is a reason for the challenges you are facing. A person with Down syndrome can live a fulfilling life, and inshaAllah, you and your family can have a happy home, whether or not your child has this condition. If, for whatever reason, you and your wife find yourselves unable to provide for the child, then you could consider adoption, but I would urge you not to abort your child - their life is precious and a gift from Allah.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Walaikum assalam ,

    Thank you sister for your quick response and posting my question on high priority .Jazak Allah for your response and it helped us ...

    By the grace of Allah ,we went through some detailed tests (Aminothesis,where they take liquid out of womb) and confirm it with greater accuracy and today results shows that it is normal and no greater risk ...

    Its Allah's mercy on us and we dont have any confusion now and will go ahead ...I am a frequent reader of this site and i congratulate all the editors for the great job they are doing .Your answers really helps ...

  3. Assalamu alaykum,
    are you 100% sure that your baby is positive for down syndrome?? I know a girl who was pregnant and her doctor told her the same,they wanted her to make another test which costed few tausends, she and her husband decided to have the baby anyway but she still went to another doctor to make sure if her baby really had down syndrome. It came out that the baby was perfectly healthy, she thinks that her private doctor wanted her to make this expensive test just for money. So whatever you decide just be careful and dont agree to all those test ect, doctors are not always right and get few other opinions just to make sure. I pray that your baby is healthy insh'Allah.

  4. Assalam alaikum,

    Below is some information for amniocentesis:

    What risks are associated with amniocentesis?
    Knowing what the risks are will be top priority for women. There's no getting away from the fact that an amniocentesis is an invasive procedure. There is a small risk (less than one to two in 3,000 women) of serious infection or other complications.

    Sadly, it's estimated that about one in 100 to 600 women experiences a miscarriage as a direct result of amniocentesis. It's worth finding out what the rate is for your hospital.

    Amniocentesis carried out in the third trimester has a much lower risk of complications and is not linked to premature labour.

    I am glad that you and your wife will be proceeding with the pregnancy and we pray that Allah swt grant you a healthy baby, inn shaa Allah.

  5. Assalamoalikum ,

    Thank you sister Saba for your prayers .Thank you all brothers sisters for your prayers and suggestion .

  6. I know how stressful that it could have been if the baby is "not normal". Now the story seems to be a happy ending one.

    In Islam, in the Quran, I do not see anywhere to indicate abortion because of the fetus defects. The fetus will abort itself if it is not well formed. In other words, all babies are "perfect' and should have a chance to live.

    I have a Buddhist friend, she has a very negative blood test (high chance of getting a Down Syndrome baby, something like 1/200) when she was conceived at age of 42. She refused to do any further test, not because of financial reason, because she firmly believes all life has their right and if is her fate, she will accept it. She shared with me that it is called submission. She believes everything happens has its meaning. It is not about good or bad but it is a way to purify her and make her see the struggle of life. She prepared herself everything psychologically to receive a "imperfect baby". She read information, searched support group etc etc. And it is also a happy ending. Her baby is normal. Now the baby is a beautiful and intelligent teenager.

    Is it surprising for people from other belief has a stronger will of submission than us?

  7. As salaamwalaikum All,
    Mine is a similar case . I have conceived in the age of 41 . Doctors advised me to do a blood test & a scan. Blood test shows I have high risk of downstrome & scan shows the baby is healthy. I & my husband have decided to go ahead with the pregnancy as we think its a blessing from Allah.
    >I request all my Brothers & sisters to pray for me to get a healthy Baby
    I am praying Day in & out for a healthy baby .. Insha'Allah I have a very strong feelings that my prayers will come true.
    I strongly believe in Allah , but some where in bottom of my heart this fear is hidden
    Please pray for me

    • there is another test you can do. it is a specialized amniocentisis test. you might want to consider that.

      • May Allah bless you healthy baby ..As sister suggested you can go for detailed test called amniocentesis test. Same thing happens for us ..Initial blood tests shows it is positive for Down Syndrome but amniocentesis test showed it is normal ...

        There is no 100% accuracy about the test yo have gone through ..I pray may Allah bless you good and healthy baby .

        • As salaamu Alaykum Wa-Rahmattullahi Wa-Barakaatuhu,

          I am also in same case, I am 22 this is the first baby for us, totally worried, and begging for Allah's mercy on our child, our whole family is totally worried, please pray for us. Next week amniocentesis test is there.

          Jazakkallahu khair

          Was Salaam

          • O Allah, have mercy on Sister M, grant her child good health and a sound delivery, and give her and her family patience to get through this trial. Ya Rab, bestow on them endurance, and make their foothold sure. Ameen.


  8. :), nice clean up of posts. I have provided a link with a muftis approval on it and anyone who needs can ask their own scholars but I pray no one would need such a ruling and everyone has happy healthy babies. And may Allah SWT give strength to parents who are faced with such tests and may Allah make it easy on them. Ameen

  9. Assalaamualaikam

    FAO: jimbo_jabroni and Hadenough.

    Please stop this argument. The above argument will be deleted. I'm not entering into debate on the issue. If you continue, the post will be closed to comments.

    Midnightmoon editor

    • Sister ,

      By the grace of Allah we are blessed with healthy baby boy and everything is perfect .
      I request you to please close this post as people commenting randomly without reading full details are not useful ..

      Thank you

      • Assalaamualaikam

        Alhamdulillah! Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. May he be a source of great joy for you and your wife, and may Allah bless him with happiness and faith.

        As requested, I'll arrange for the post to be closed to further comments.

        Midnightmoon editor