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Exploring with another girl (not lesbianism just company)


I'm a straight Muslim girl and I have a friend who is a lesbian. I'm not attracted to her or want to have a relationship with her since I'm straight but I like her company. I like being free with her about everything and sometimes I feel like hugging her naked, but not engaging in sexual acts. Since we're both girls I dont feel shy to change infront of her nor does she in front of me. I just want to sleep with her (just sleep) while we're both naked since it feels good. Is it haram? I'm not engaging in any sexual activities nor is she. Just 2 friends spending time together not being lonely and since I can't have a boyfriend before marriage, I just want to fulfill my urges by cuddling and spending time with her naked and hug her all the time.
Is this considered adultery or haram? I haven't committed the act yet but we both expressed feelings about it. We don't want anything sexual since we're both really good friends and don't view each other that way.


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  1. I just want to say... you can lie to us and you can even lie to yourself but you cannot lie to Allah because Allah knows what your intentions are even if you dont or even if you want to cover them up.
    You cannot sleep with anyone naked! Whether its a boy or a girl unless it is your husband. Wanting to hug someone while being naked and having sex is the same thing. When 2 people are alone and are naked, shaytan will be there and it will lead to other things... I dont understand why someone would want to be naked with someone else anyways and not have sexual urges for them....
    Also if you are feeling this way about someone of the same sex who you know is a lesbian then I highly suggest cutting this person out of your life and praying Allah for forgiveness for having these urges and if you have acted on these urges than even more of a reason for repentance.

    Just remember that a man is made for a woman and a woman for a man. Allah does NOT make mistakes! Having sexual relations with a member of the same gender is 100% Haram! All of these gays/lesbians/transgendered things that you see on the media is the shaytans way of trying to get people to stray from Allah and religion in general!

    May Allah forgive you.

  2. The answer to your question is, yes it's haraam. Shayateen is making you have these thoughts. If you don't already start praying 5 times a day and learn about the religion. Learn about death, life, marriage, heaven hell etc. You may think it's not sexual urges but lying next to someone naked is something sexual, and it's lesbianism.

  3. Salam Foxtrot,

    Please stop all this. Please don't mess up with your life. From what I know a muslim is not even allowed to be naked alone by themself. We always have to cover out nakedness apart from in presence of our spouse (of course of opposite gender) and for medical reasons.

    What you are doing is considered major sin in Islam.

    Please sister stop doing what you are doing.

    I think the reason you think it is okay because you became friend with this girl who is not straight. This girl is using your innocence. Please don't get fooled nor fool around.with her.

    Alhamdulillah you are Muslim. And Alhamdulillah it seems like your environment hasnt yet affected you to make you "think" that you are born Lesbain. Dear sister everyone is born straight. Don't even start conversation with this girl on debateable topic of LGBT. She will make you feel it is normal and natural and will use terms like discrimination to make you feel you are narrow minded person. Don't tell her but gradually break your friendship with this girl. Like avoid meeting up with her. Avoid answering her.calls.or.text msgs. Unfollow her from your facebook. And then after couple of months remove her from your friendlist. She is bad influence to you. Delete her from your life.

    Turn to Allah swt. Repent to Allah swt. And pray to Allah swt to grant you righteous husband with whom you could have beautiful muslim family together. Please don't ruin your this life and your Hereafter. Try day by day to become better Muslim. Buy some good Islamic books on gender roles in Islam. Study Islam anf apply Islam in your life. Learn about Allah swt - who Allah is and what does HE expects from us. Listen to good Islamic talks on YouTube, such as talks by by sh. Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Menk, Nouman Ali Khan, Yasamin Moghed ...

    Please take care of your body, your emotions and your soul. Reserve your heart for your future husband, in shaa Allah.

    Please take care of yourself.
    Your sister, Me.

  4. Assalam O Alaikum,

    whoever she is sleeping naked with anyone except your husband is strictly prohibited in Islam please sister save yourself from committed this sin again...

    Jazak Allah

  5. Sleeping naked or showing or looking naked body of woman to woman is also haraam.

  6. Don't get naked again .I wish u get a good life partner. And if she's a good friend, don't lose her instead make her understand, show d right path.

  7. Hi,
    Well, here are few points.
    From religious point of view:
    - Watching each other naked it self is a harram act.
    - Hugging may not be sexual, but hugging naked is obviously sexual.
    - Read Quran and read what it clearly says about Lebiansim and Gayism and Qoam-e-loot

    From Psychology perspective:

    - You are straight, but your friend is lesbian, so don't fool your self that going to that extent by sleeping naked with her will keep you in limits. You may consider limits, but she won't, and eventually you'll end up with doing all those sexual acts a woman can do with the same sex partner.
    - Once you fall in such acts, you'll be habitual as you'll find an easy way to fulfill your urges.

    So stay away from such thoughts.

    Being a muslim woman you know being lesbian is harram, You should be trying to put your friend out form such harram acts.


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