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Marrying a Man who Committed Zina.


Can I marry a man who had commited zina with somonone else in the past ? Is the Nikkah will be Halal ?


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  1. yes u do.... because of he realized a mistek and the thing say if he don't ask u about zinha and everything then ..he is true man ..

  2. Nobody's perfect ....whose perfect..most people keep dark secrets...but then who are we to judge....AS a male revert married to a sunni scholor do you think she asked me how many women I slept with.......answer Noooo.It doesn't matter if you live the person for the sake of Allah then I would say your Iman is correct. .other then this SHAITAN will eat at you because of a weak heart or learn Iman give dawat read quran daily and zikr .this will give you the food that your soul you can be content patient blessed and live by others...the noor on your face will be a comfort for those around move along and learn and understand your purpose

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