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Hi, My boyfriend and i had broken up and while we were not dating i found out i was pregnant with his child.

I told him and now we are trying to work things out for for the baby. But now he is saying we have to get married before the baby is born because he is Muslim and because of his family. I just dont think if we did that so soon after we broke up that we would work out or be happy and i dont think it would be a good environment for the baby.

Eventually would be great, but not now... any suggestions?

- kyrstin

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  1. This question is been unanswered for long now. I barely see the comments of the editors and the fellow commentators. Its as if everyone is busy these days... Well krystine, you know this man very well, more than everybody since you 've being together for a long time now. You know very well what he is capable of doing. So krystine, if you think he is a kind, honest, good hearted parson and above he all may be a very good father to ur baby (from your past experience with him), then i think it's a very good idea to get married to him.. But in any case, if you resolve to marry him, then, you have to deleiver the baby first before getting married to this man. You have more parental rights on this baby than your 'husband to be' and also the child would bear your surname, the reason for this is because the child is borned out of wedlock.. However the child must be raised up a muslim and you dont have any right to raise the child as a non muslim.. Again, the husband would have more parental rights 'than you' on any child you gave birth to after both of you are legally married... Pls dont misunderstand me. Both parents (ie the father and the mother) have full rights on there children. It's just that the mother have more right on the bady than the father ''if the child is borned out of wedlock''. And the father have more right on the children than the mother ''if they are borned out of legal marriage''... So goodluck to you krystine. Try to make the wise choice. And my Allah (GOD) GUIDE YOU TO HIS PATH - HIS RELIGION so that you would enjoy the pleasure of this life and the life of the hereafter. .

  2. Kyrstin,

    I would love to respond to your post but before I do...can you please provide some information as to why you and your boyfriend ended things in the first place? What kind of relationship did the both of you have? Can you elaborate a bit? It would give me a better understanding of your situation.

    Take care

    • AA

      I agree with Najah. More info is needed. Maybe ages, background, your side of the family stand on this, etc.

      May ALLAH guide you, grant you patience and shower you with his mercy.

      If I am correct, it is from ALLAH. If I err it is from me, and I pray ALLAH forgives me.


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