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Parents will not let me marry an Ahmadi, any wazifa to change their minds?

Annoyed parentsAslaam o alaiqum,

Basically im in love with a girl who is an ahmadi and i am sunni. She is willing to convert but when i spoke to my parents about her they said we cant get married because people will look down at us for marrying an ahamdi. They also mentioned many other reasons such as, eating from ahmadis is haram and the kids will be confused on which relgion to follow.

I told them that the girl i love is willing to change this as she will meet her family less but my parents are just not agreeing. I know she is the perfect girl for me and i wouldnt get a better one as shes the type of a girl that my mum would want me to marry too.

We both want to get married but my parents are not agreeing. Is there any dua or wazifa to convince my parents? I am pakistani and so is the girl. I am 20 and so is she but if we do get married it would be when when we are 23/24. We have kept it all halal.

- Waj001


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  1. First of all Ahmedis are not considered Muslims. They worship a leader who claims to be closer to the profit or something. In all honesty she saying she will become Sunni and visit her parents less supposedly just to marry you. Your kids will definitely be confused or follow through Islam.

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