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I want to know about my relation... I love a sunni girl from since 2 years but we are to-gether from last 5 years. And I want to marry her. My parents agree with this relation but the girl's parents do not agree due to shia and sunni problems in our society... They do not want their daughter to get married to a shia family. Even though we have been together from last 5 years.

Please guide me...

syed ahsan raza bukhari


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  1. There isn't much to do if the girl's parents are saying no. If you had approached the idea of marriage to her parents 5 years ago, you would now not be in a position where you are left with 5 years wasted, sins on your shoulders and hurt feelings. This is exactly why dating is not permissable in Islam.

    Just move on, and leave the girl alone.

  2. I'm sorry brother that girls parents are influenced by Shia Sunni divide. We all are Muslims and this difference should not be prime reason to reject proposal.

    However there is still hope as Shia Sunni inter marriages are very common.
    If other then this dif , you fit in to their standard for son in law then you can try to approach them thru common person whom they listen to, like any of your professor or common family friend.

    If there is no common respectable person that both families regards then one option is to change to Sunni yourself. No Offense please. I'm just suggesting it because to me personally there is no difference between Shia and Sunni . I'm neither of them and just consider myself muslim period!

    Just try for her thru proper channels and leave rest and decision to Allah as He will choose what is best for you insaAllah.
    Good luck

  3. i am girl and em sunni i want to marry with a shia boy... we love each other ..
    Mei kia krn mjhy kch samjh nahi araha hy mei bht ziada pyar kerti hn humary relation ko 9 years hogaye ..
    guys can u plzz guide me

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