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After he prays Istikhara, she appears sick in his dreams

Assalamo alikum,

I'm asking this for a friend.

She met a guy three months back. They both wanted to get married. The guy keeps doing Istikhara and he says he dreams about the girl being in pain, trouble or either really sick.

Please help. What do these dreams mean?

Is it too early to be doing istikhara as they have only met recently?

Or what is the correct way to proceed with this?

Thank You.

- lubaamir

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  1. Asalaamualaykum Brother/Sister in Islam,

    Your friend is blessed to have you as a friend for helping them interpret this. MashaAllah.

    So, her being sick or in pain in the dream does not itself signify anything in particular.

    However, the feeling that he gets in his body, heart, and mind when he dreams this is a good indicator of his heart.

    1. Does he worry for her? (This is the most appropriate feeling if he is interested in her for marriage.)

    2. Is he worried about losing her to illness or death? (This indicates his own level of interest and his own needs, which are also relevant and important if he is interested in marriage).

    If, after he has these dreams, he feels he would like to marry her and protect her, then the Istikhara is positive and he should go ahead with proposal.

    If not...if he feels like it is a burden on him or worries him that his own needs will not be fulfilled in taking care of her, then he should look elsewhere.

    Inshallah your friend will gain some clarity through your assistance.



  2. please let me know by email where to send my private questions pls. I need an answer.

    • aisha, we do not answer questions by email. You can register then submit your question as a separate post. If you are worried about anonymity, register with a made-up name.

      Wael Eidtor

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