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As the days go by, the harder and more painful it gets…

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4 months ago, my bf ended our 3 years long distance haram relationship. He's not a practising Muslim thus he ended it not because it's haram but because he sees no future with me and doesn't love me anymore.

Till today, I'm still recovering from the breakup and I have repented and is still repenting trying my best to get closer to Allah swt. I'm still asking Allah for forgiveness and asking Allah to open up my ex bf heart to repent which I did too while we were together. I also pray to Allah to change his heart towards me and give me another chance to be with him in a halal way this time. I have also pray to Allah to make me forget about him if he's not for me. Allah knows best. I even prayed Istikharah but seems like I can't forget him.

I was in contact with his mum. So it was difficult in the beginning and i thought it would be better but seems like it's getting harder and complicated now. My relationship with him already turned sour now as after the breakup I still contacted him. My relationship with his mum getting bad too because I realised and found out that his mum wished for another girl to be his jodoh to guide him to the right path.

I feel that I'm beginning to lose his Mum too. I'm very confused and I don't know how to move on. I would very much to be back together with him in a halal way after both of us has repented but seems like it's not going to happen. I'm very sad. I want my heart to heal.

I have already accepted that my ex bf doesn't want me anymore and I'm already broken. Now I'm broken because of his mum. His mum didn't really say that she thinks I'm not the girl for her son. But I saw his mum writing to a girl more religious than me saying that if she could be with her son just to guide her son to the right path. I was devastated when I saw that.


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  1. Dear please stop contacting him and pray Allah for forgiveness. Ask your family to find husband for. Your x-bf wil probably not contact you . It looks he was not serious with you in marriage. Leave his mom as well.
    Please do not go back to haram again. And do not disclose these matter with anyone in future
    . Keep moving forward plus pray and trust in Allah.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum sister repentingmm.. I'm through a similar situation like you. But the difference is that I was already engaged to the girl and we were just about to get married, but she just changed her mind and totally broke my heart and told me that I'm not the problem, but its about her. I know how hard what you are through esp if you really loved that guy, and i know the size of this pain because I'm still through it, and the incident happened only few days ago. I have not found any solution but to leave it to Allah and trust in His wisdom and plan, and then have patience and wait and pray to Him to make my fiance want me again. True love never dies.. And I pray to Allah to ease things on your heart and my heart and all people who were wronged. Aameen

  3. Asalamalaikum brother and sister, someone came to me that he got married 3 weeks ago after 3 days of staying with his wife he discovered that she's 6 weeks pregnant equivalent to 1month 2weeks and his worried if their marriage is valid according to Islam teaching's. Opinion pls

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