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Crush, rejection

I'm 13-year-old and i felt love with a girl.My love started at first when she came as a new student in our class,she was extremely beautiful.i only had one chance to sit near her but i couldnt tak to her. On social media I told her that i love u. She ignored me .I knew that she had crush on 2 boys.But still i loved her . And both of them ignored her.Last night she rejected me . I can't stop to think about her. I love her. Now I'm very far from her.Pereants have changed school for good studies as the new school's staff is the best staff in the city. I don't want to lose her. She said to  not to text her again. what should I do . I know the legal method in Islam , and that is to marriage. But I am too small.And maybe in the future i could not meet her. What should i do. I have respect for her in my heart. Im depressed , that much that i cant focus on my namaz. thoughts about her come in my mind.



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  1. Dear Friend,
    It might be due to harmonic change in you due to reaching adult age. My advice is to allow yourself at least a month, and don't try to contact this girl. Also, stop overthinking about her.
    In this age, it is normal to have feelings like "no one can be better than her", but trust me, you will find so many later in your life. Just concentrate in your studies and be a man to whom any girl will wish to marry.
    I hope you will understand. May ALLAH help you and bless you with khair 🙂

  2. Good advice from brother shahid and you should make dua from ALLAH that HE remove thoughts about her in your heart make dua again and again do not feel love for her IN SHALLAH ALLAH will help you.Pray for me thanks

  3. Don't bother about it

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