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Does penetration by mistake constitutes zina?

I have been searching for my problem online for many weeks but could not find anything related that's why posting new thread. As far as i have searched, i came to the conclusion that zina only includes the willful penetration of male and female genitals.

I have a girlfriend and we had it decided among us that we would do anything but real sex. So recently when we were together, we were naked and i was laying on her. I was rubbing my genital onto her as we had done it couple of times before. But then suddenly it got slipped and penetrated inside her though none of us had previous intention of doing that and i also put it out right after that.

So plz tell me with the help of some authentic references that did i commit zina or not? Also please tell me if anal sex comes under the purview of zina or not?


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  1. Just clear and to the point.
    Forget the later or climax part lest just talk about the beginning.
    Why would you think that Islam allows you to keep a girlfriend.
    And also what text book you have read that being naked and laying on her is seems to be okay ???
    Common man grow up dont make yourself fool or dont deceive yourself atleast.
    I know it is very attractive and way enjoyment but Allah is the greatest.

    You are doing stuff that we are only allowed to do it but after NIKAH.

    Lastlt I would say dont ever despair from the mercy of ALLAH, he will forgive all of your sins only with the condition you will not ever do it again in future.

    Do Repentance, sincer Taubah
    Search in YouTube of what are the conditions of Taubah.

    And please if you are really a MAN then do NIKAH right away and then do whatever you wanna do with your wife.

    Jazak ALLAH

  2. Sam47

    By having girl friend and being together with her,no matter naked or not you already stand on the red line of Zina.Any act leading to sexuality without legal marriage falls under the category of Zina.Thats why even looking towards strange women by just following eyesight intentionally is exactly forbidden very clearly in Quran and Ahadith mubaraka in Islamic sharia.

    Abstaining is the only way to cure this fitna.I suggest you don't go for very precise definition rather than do tauba and regret and pray Istaghfar for which you already have done.And strongly commit yourself not to do it again and ask for forgiveness from Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala.

    May Allah protect you and all mankind from the fitna of Sex which is engulfing human grace.

  3. You have committed Zina so you should ask for forgiveness as ALLAH is most gracious and merciful

    • Even if you didn’t intend to commit zina, you were already rubbing each other’s private parts which is so close to zina, your already gaining pleasure from each other and the fact that both of you were naked, of course this would lead to zina. Being naked, regardless committing zina or not is a huge and grave sin and so is running each other’s private parts with each other. Ask forgiveness from Allah and sincerely repent.

  4. You have to be were both naked and rubbing each other..This nothing but evil
    To be naked in front of each other is a sinful act itself...The shaytan got the best of you...The angels are disgusted of this filthy act and so I would repent and ask forgiveness and never look back..Go and learn your ISLAM correctly understand basics.
    Your purpose in life. Learn about our prophet Muhammad and implement..Do you know that the problems of the world and it's destruction is do to the sinful actions of the Muslims...This is fact and yes my wife is a Sunni scholar.Do not curse yourself in this world because nothing will ever go Your WAY.. .we must understand that Allah is the controller of hearts and everything else.

  5. Bismillah
    I couldn’t believe what i was reading but i do believe this brother truly doesn’t know he’s doing wrong. Islam doesn’t even allow you to look at women the wrong way, even thats considered zina of the eyes!
    Anal sex is completely forbidden!!!! Even after marriage thats one thing a muslim can NEVER DO!!!!!
    May Allah forgive me if i said anything wrong ameen

  6. Yes, you committed zina. Zina is the act of intimacy - whether it's kissing, genital rubbing, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, etc. -outside of marriage. So yes, you did commit zina.

  7. You did Zina .No doubt .
    Change yourself and repent before darkness of adultery spoil your life and hereafter.

  8. May Allah forgive you . Brother plse don't play with this sister . There is no in and out you did zina being naked laying on top of her . Probably touching her . Marry her or leave her for you own sake

  9. Assalamualaykm Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.

    I appreciate all your inputs to enlighting this brother.
    seeking islamic knowledge is the best thing

    this brother also wanted refferences. this could help him to enlighten others about Zina with evidences.


    Lastly try by all means to be polite to knowledge seekers otherwise you may make them fear asking or even others may lose intrest of Islam especially new converters.

    Assalamualaykm Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.

  10. brother you committed zina. repent to Allah every day,

    it feels funny how come you are asking about Anal sex if you will do that as well if it is allowed in islam.

  11. Something I've come close to but Allah helped me by stopping the woman for proceeding further since she was the one on top and I was able to stop it as soon as I felt it was happening. By a fraction of a second to be honest. Astaghfirullaah. And at another occasion also was a girl wanting to do it all but I stopped her although I didn't feel like stopping either of them but at the same time I also did.

    I've done and still doing repentance. In my case, I can't just marry her due to other circumstances and also because I'm eyeing to marry someone already and I have to be as righteous as possible as I intend on being the best husband and Muslim to her (strive to be).

    I did have a girl friend once (not girlfriend) who slept on my bed in my bedroom (student housing) and because she was very sleepy I slept on the floor in the same bedroom and didn't touch her nor did I lust after her.

    Bottom line is, when you search for haraam, you will get it. When you search for halal, you will get that too. When I seeked either of them, I got it with His leave; one with His pleasure and one with His displeasure.

    In your situation, to the best of my knowledge, it is highly recommended for you to marry your girlfriend. If you really do have feelings for her, then tie the knot with or without the blessings of her or your family.

    A friend of mine did share with me of two incidents when he committed zina and I did tell him to not share it and all. Nonetheless, the two women were not really reverts from heart or something similar and he didn't marry them. Finally, he did marry a revert last year in the third try who actually is quite older than him and alhamdullilah his marriage is blessed.

    Since the last time, I've decided no more of this. Not only for the sake of Allah but also for my own sake and for the sake of my family. My family will never believe me even if I testify it without doing the action.

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