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I have sinned so much…


I am a Muslim girl. I have sinned so much. Every time I say I am going to repent I always seem to go to doing the bad things that I want to stop. I feel so bad and guilty for doing it and always thinking I am going to hell because of what I am doing. I do bad things like I have smoked before, I drank alcohol one time at a party that I wasn't meant to even go to but I did. It adding on to the bad things that I have done but the worst one of all is that I masturbated and I wish I didn't do it. I want to change and ask Allah for forgiveness and stop with all this haram things that I am doing.

Please give me advice on what I should do please I want to change be a good Muslim girl.


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  1. Dear Iman,

    Reading your situation I would advice you to please check your social environment. If you are spending too much time alone with no dikhr of Allah swt then shytan is targeting you. And if you are hanging around with "cool" or "wannabes" or those who just want "kill time" then you need leave this crowd/friends.

    The way to get better is to spend quality time with family (watch good TV programmes with them, go restaurants or outing with them, get to know your family - their likes, their dislikes, their struggles and how you could help them out...), and also hang out with good Muslim sisters. In Shaa Allah there are some nice and friendly sisters in most masjid. Join their crowd.

    Yout should also consider doing some voluntary work in your school, college or university or community. The after feeling is often amazing and satisfying.

    Start to learn what is Allah swt is expecting from you and try to do that. Everyday try to do couple of good deeds and always smile 🙂

    Give your focus on one particular project. For example, if you are interested in women issue, child labour, fashion, cooking, photography do a blog about that. You could even do some fundraising with your friends...

    You could do so much good things my dear sister that you will feel happy about yourself and Allah swt will be well pleased with you, in Shaa Allah.

    Try to keep up with the five pillars of Islam:
    1. Shahadah (which you are Alhmadulillah blessed with)
    2. Start to do your five daily prayers (at least your fard prayers, and try not miss any prayer, but if you did then always make sure you make it up before you go to sleep.
    3. Fast, during the month of Ramadhan. Make up all your missed fasts from last year. Spread it out and in Shaa Allah it won't be that hard.
    4. Zakat. Probably zakat is not due on you yet coz you seem young with not much earnings. But you could do loads of charity work. Doesn't always have to be financial charity but giving your spare time to good causes
    5, Hajj. You could start to make some savings for you hajj or Umrah, in Shaa Allah.

    I hope you take on board my advice. Doing good for yourself is an investment for your future and Hereafter , in Shaa Allah xxx

    Best wishes my dearest 🙂


  2. Asalam o alaikum,

    First thing that is needed for a change is realization. You realized that you did mistakes so now time to repent with sincere heart. Replace your bad deeds with the good one.

    Start doing the five pillars of Islam. You'll find peace. Change your habits and friends and stop thinking about past. Repent with sincere heart and move on.

    Stay Blessed. Remember us in prayers.

  3. I think it's a good start you have realised and admitting your sins. Many people are oblivious to their mistakes...
    You probably know u need to stop drinking and smoking asap. Not only islamically but it's bad for your health too. Like someone else has said here you need to surround yourself with good Muslims who will have a positive influence on you.
    I don't know how old you are, what your full situation is or your marital status...but if your feeling the need to masturbate you should consider getting married. A pious husband may help you get on ( and stay) on the right path. Also you can have physical relations. Meaning you don't need to do anything haram to satisfy yourself.

  4. Stay away from so called friends. Be with girls that are involved at mosque.Who help the community.Take courses so you can be in the blessed enviroment and stick to reading quran.Beminful of halal and haram..t.v food etc....and no that shaitan is ever present when you are not remembering Allah.

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