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I’m always in bad luck I really want to learn how to pray Salah but I just don’t know how

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam Asalmualikum, May Allah guid you to the right path and bless you Insha'Allah.

im a young girl who's only 15 I'm currently studying at school and going through so much difficulties because of the pressure as I have multipal exams for GCSES I am in my last year and this year is very important for me.

in order for me to pass all my exams I need to revise effectively I know that and I do that consistently but it's never easy I can never revise hard I get distracted and things just fly out my head nothing makes sense to me while I'm revising. Also when it comes to exams I just feel so lost I can never remember anything I've revised i feel heartbroken after I get my results and just see the big letters that say "failed"

from time to time I cry so much while revising because things are so hard and I'm really failing I do ask Allah to help me but only verbally I never ever prayed the salah in my life it's because every time I try to learn how to i always forget, I know this dunya is hard this life is a test to go through these difficulties and I've explained to my mother my case she told me "my beautfiful girl open your heart to Allah" that moment I had goose bumps tears were streaming down my face I felt so helpless I didn't know what to do.

Therefore I believe I'm not so close to Allah the way other muslims are which is why Allah indicates me the consequences of creating distance between the peace and the dunya.

I have no bad intentions on not to pray I really do want to but it's just that I don't know how. Is it laziness? Or do I just need the right way to understand how to pray in order for me to understand? Help me please.


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  1. do you have iron deficiency. the people who have iron deficiency are prone to forget things easily. eat things that contain iron, eat almonds for sharp memory. fear makes memory loss dperession us another eason
    donot revise everything at one time divide it and then revise it. it is necessary for you to take your written test . if you take written test of half of your questions, it will be easiest for you to memorize it perfectly

    lets say there are 50 questions , revise the frist 25 e.g ques no1, quesno3, quesno5 and in the next day quesno2, quesno4, quesno6.
    always take written test before exam and then orally revise it. it may sound parroting but if you know the concepts you can write it in your own writing , if it is a mcq section or about history you have to memorize it by parroting. you will get good grades

  2. do not look at other students focus on yourself, you have to complete it. it is not your headache if they do it before you. okay
    all students have equal intelligence only there will be 1 or 2 students in the class that are more than intelligent. there are more ppl in the world with normal intelligence and few ones are genius so please dont think too much if they can do it you can do it, if they cant do it you have to do it.

  3. Learning to pray is not difficult so don't worry
    It's just a matter of practice and consistency

    There are plenty of YouTube vids that can show you.

    I wish I had them as a kid.

    Where as stress and lack of memory and confusion is concerned

    Those are all things that come with being a student

    But if you feel that it is taking a toll on you to such a grevious extent

    You will have to make special arrangements for how you study.

    Like you may study one subject for two hours.
    Then rest by playing video games or sports for an hour.

    I also suggest you exercise
    Exercise is not only for fat loss
    But it helps your body overall

    With more physical assertion you will notice the difference in memory and confidence
    Trust me.

    A little bit of speed walking for 30 min a day can go Along way.

    Add your favorite music to the walk and you will see how good you feel

    I also suggest you to take vitamins
    Take iron

    (The iron will stop your constant dizziness
    I take two per day and feel fine)

    Fish oil
    Vitamin B
    Such vitamins will increase your memory,
    Eat a good amount of almonds
    They are known to increase memory

    While taking these I want you to include lots of water

    Look at your urine after you urinate
    If it's dark brown or dark yellow

    This means you lack water in your system

    Your urine should be pale yellow

    Being hydrated will improve your digestion
    And with proper digestive tract you will feel less cramps and pains

    Lastly get enough sleep
    Set a curfew for yourself
    And do not break it

    Lack of sleep leads to delusions and depression

    With all these suggestions your mood will be much better and you will feel confident

    Good luck

    • Assalamualikum
      Iam 17 years old.
      I do have the same problems, it's my diploma first year, in class iam an expert: teachers appreciate me
      But during exams it's all down the hills
      Please help me
      I do go for walking and gym
      But I want to really have a strong brain
      And I am lazy too
      I sometimes skip prayers , even though I know many things about our deen
      Thanks for your time
      Jazakallah khair

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