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Should I continue making dua that we can marry?

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Salam wa alekum,

I’m an 18 year old girl. I met a boy, we fell in love, and recently his father found out and said that he will not allow him to marry me. The boy’s family is very religious and they never marry outside the family. Every single day I have been praying and making Du’a that inshallah we will be able to get married in a halal way and that his parents over time agree to our marriage. As of now, we're separated even though we still love each other, but I have hope because of my Du’a that everything will be alright in due time.

Everyone tells me to forget about him and continue with my life but I can’t. So I’m just unsure about what to do now. I did Du’a to ask Allah (swt) to show me right way to be with him and as of now we broke up. But he has little to no hope that we will be able to get married in the future. Will my Du’a be answered since I prayed that we will be together in a halal way? And should I still keep hope and continue doing Du’a despite people telling me to just move on?

Thank you so much for the replies.

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  1. Ws

    You should move on immediately. His father has already rejected you so you will never have proper status in that family. Now whats this about marrying within the family? If it is cousin marriage like 70% of Pakistanis are engaged in,you should avoid that sort of family as they have weak genes. Pakistanis children in the UK do far worse than Indians, Bangladeshis and everyone else in exam results due to cousin marriage and the corresponding weakening of intellectual abilities. Marrying within your family is not a religious act, in fact the prophet highly disapproved of it for the reasons I have given above.

  2. Walaykumasalam sister Lacha,

    No one here can tell you whether your dua will be answered in the way you'd like. That knowledge is with Allah alone. However, it is generally expected that if you make dua, one of three things will happen. Allah will answer your dua as follows:

    1. "Yes," meaning Allah will give you what you want or you what you think you want.
    2. "Yes, but not now," meaning Allah will give you what you want at some future time.
    3. "No, I have something better for you," meaning that Allah will give you something you can't even imagine right now.

    Once you have made dua, you must trust Allah and have faith that He will give you what is best for you. As far as whether you should keep doing dua, as long as you are feeling what you are feeling of affection toward this brother, you should keep making it. Allah loves it when we make dua, as it our proof of submission only to Him.



  3. Dont stop making dua.. Invoke Allah's names when u ask Him. Allah is the changer of hearts. U never know when the fathers heart might change.
    Allah knows best

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