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Confused about my identity as a Muslim

Hello. I'm a teen girl from Denmark. My parents moved here from war, and my life has been great. The thing is, I'm born Muslim, but not traditionally. Ive never read the Quran, I dont wear "tradional" clothing, and Ive never actually been in a Mosque, pretty sure ive may have done something wrong (I dont know, ive never the Quran, as stated above) I dont eat pork though, never have, never will. My parents have never forced me to do anything, religious and are very cool about it (as they are not so religions themselves)

In School, alot of people assume I'm not muslim. And I'm start to wonder that myself. I dont What's considered a prayer, but ive seeked help in Allah, In my own way (dont if It's the right way, but It's pretty much always worked out) I have faith in god, dont get me wrong, I do know the basics of Islam (My close family is religious) and I'm afraid i'll go to hell, for not obeying as much as I should.

Please help! Before It's too late. Anything is appreaciated, and please be nice! Have a good day.


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  1. Are there other muslims where you live or in a nearby town/city?
    If so then best get in contact with them and start learning more about Islam by them (assuming they are educated enough and practical too). You will learn Islam better that way as you will be doing so in person, seeing them carry out many Islamic actions and being able to follow them. A good example is reading the Quran.

    Don't worry about what might happen in life after death. If you start learning more and becoming practical too about Islam then you will die as a great believer Insha Allah.

  2. Assalamalekum Dear

    The fact that you are seeking help/advice means you are being guided & it is great way to start you in the right direction MashaAllah. Allah's blessings will be with you.May Allah the Almighty guide us all in the right path,
    Continue with your belief start reading Quran if not in Arabic then in English .,
    Quran your phone or laptop /pad: Listen to it and follow the meaning.
    Ask your parents to find you good Arabic teacher for you who will guide you. Go slow and steady. InshaAllah you will be protected in the hear after.
    Keep us in your prayers May the Muslim Ummah be guided.

  3. At some point in our lives or another we all have issues with our identity

    I myself had issues as you do.

    It's a phase and it will pass.

    There was a time in my life I was even an atheist

    but a person brought me back to Islam

    and he was Christian!!

    see how things turn out?!

    The best thing to do is research
    Research as much as you can
    But take your time

    Faith is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Who cares if someone knows more than you.
    This is not a competition on who knows more.
    This is a journey and not a destination.

    I would not suggest so much by following others example as many youngsters can make a number of mistakes or misinterpretations

    It's best to go to the original source and that is the Holy Quran

    Relax, everything will be good.
    Good luck

  4. Start with your salah dear

  5. I was in same situation about 3 years ago..
    But toady ,I ve completed my Quran and also I pray 5 times a day..
    Make a sincere dua to Allah sh Allah u will find a way out...
    May Allah bless you .

  6. Denmark sister
    Dear sister I am ordinary Muslim I am not scholar but surely I have great strong faith on Allah I am born Muslim too ,I raised in very strong Islamic culture and family which cause my heart full of faith in Islam ,,culture and society is the great major cause of our daily life ,,for example ,,all the kids the children or Muslim though they born in Diffrent religion families and according to many authenticated hadeeth if the children die in child age while their parents non believer they will be not in hell they will be close to Jannah heaven or between ,,I really something nice in your latter that though you raised in liberal family your parents didn't teach you about Islam ,,you didn't study Islam or Quran and you have might done something which is unlawful but you feel afraid of hell fire and you at least accept and proud that you are Muslim ,,sister don't worry Allah love those who ask for forgiveness and Allah will forgive us though our sin more than mountains ,,you are In sha Allah the best girl you are lucky girl at least you have fear of Allah you have fear of Hell ,,so sister ask Allah forgiveness and the first condition of Islam is pray which is compulsory,,please sister start five time pray ,,pray will help you and will stop you to repeat any sins ,,even by search on Google you can easily learn pray and how to pray you can easily understand,,if you have nearby Muslim freind it's also better to follow them if they are good ,,good luck and start new life with Islam

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