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Father won’t accept my non-muslim boyfriend


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My boyfriend and I would like to get married.

I live in a different country from my family, and my mum is aware of my relationship as she is the one who suggested that we should get married.

However, my dad will never agree as my boyfriend is a non-muslim and doesn’t believe. In fact, I have no family members or friends here who are Muslim. How will I be able to get witnesses for the marriage? Is there any way the imam can just be the witness? I don’t know what else I can do.



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  1. Unfortunately if your "boyfriend", is not a muslim and he doesnt even believe in Allah, then the marriage can go ahead but you will have left the fold of islam. It clearly states in the Qur'an that fornication is prohibited and marrying an non Muslim when they do not believe in Allah is prohibited.
    May Allah guide you.

  2. Is this a joke? Learn about your religion first then ask questions related to it. Muslim women are not allowed to marry non Muslim because the child would not be a Muslim. The child always follows the father's religion. He even takes name after his father and his father is his role model therefore he can't be a non Muslim man. If you can't find Muslims then do it via Skype with Muslims you met in other places who are your friends

    • Ahmed, don´t be rude. Not everyone has had the benefit of an Islamic education. Our job is to inform people and guide them with kindess, not by insulting them. Or were you not aware that good manners are a part of the deen?

      Wael Editor

  3. Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim you'd be pressed to find an imam that will help you.

    It's funny, Muslim men marry non-women that aren't religous Jews and Christians ALL the time - they aren't Islamically allowed to get married to these women, though, so...if you care as little as majority of Muslim men do about who they can and cannot marry, you can always just have a civil marriage. Although, I wouldn't recommend that you go down that route...

    • Lindita ,

      Now you have reached to a level where asking her to marry in Civil way to non muslim ?

      You are giving wrong direction to muslim girl .

      A believing muslim will not misguide other muslims under any circumstances .

      • Cool,
        I asked you earlier if you have reading comprehension it's clear to me that you do. Please re-read my post, very slowly, and read the part where I have written this:

        "I wouldn't recommend that you go down that route..."

        Please hire a tutor that'll teach you how to read.

        • Lindita,

          Please re read your sentence again .You have mentioned this

          if you care as little as majority of Muslim men do about who they can and cannot marry, you can always just have a civil marriage

          Your next sentence after this doesn't nullify it properly as appears like giving options without big deal .

          So please hire a teacher to learn forming proper English sentences . Thank you

  4. Assalaamualaykum je33,

    There is an Imam in Canada who will marry a Muslim woman to a Non-Muslim man. I believe he does this because he hopes that with time, the man sees the truth and comes around. He is a modern-style Imam, sure, but an Imam nonetheless. He married my sister to her boyfriend. You can search for him online. I however, don't recommend that you follow this route. It will be very complicated when children come into the picture, and could be the cause of family arguments and disagreements that could be very stressful.


    • That so-called Imam is wrong. It is not allowed in Islam. There´s nothing wrong with being modern, but changing the laws of Allah to keep up with the times is foolish and destructive.

      Wael Editor

    • Your sister husband must convert or break the marriage off as it sounds illegal from the way you have described it. Now that you know the truth it's your duty to make sure she knows.

      • Brother Ahmed,

        I already knew the truth and of course told her that he should take Shahada before marriage. I cannot coerce him by force, as we all have free will. Still, I chose and still choose to wish my sister and her new husband the best. My sister is not a practicing Muslim...she is a Muslim only by birth. For her to even have an Imam at her wedding was a surprise and an achievement. Furthermore, my father is aging and wants to have some grand kids. Allah does not give anyone a burden more than they can bear, alhamdulillah.


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