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Love him, but can’t marry right now

Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships are haram in Islam

Hi. I am a 20 yrs old muslim. I have been in a relationship with a boy for past 3 yrs and we are deeply in love with each other and intend on marrying each other in near future. He is persuing his career for now and so am I. I know relationship is haraam in Islam but we just cant stay away. Plus we cannot marry at this point so we have no choice but to wait till the right time. Moreover my mom knows about us. So what do you suggest we should do?


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  1. The best thing would be to get married and keep pursuing your careers till you can live together. Trust me it's possible if you're both willing.
    Life is a journey that is more fun when made together. So my advice would be to just go through the legal procedures and then enjoy.

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Of course you have a choice.

    1. You can choose to continue being in a haram relationship - with all the potential consequences of this.

    2. You can choose to end this relationship. If this boy then wants to propose marriage when he is settled in his career or whatever, then he can send a proposal to your family.

    3. You can choose to get married now and make your relationship halal. Getting married doesn't have to be a huge party or a huge expense - a simple nikah ceremony at your local mosque, followed by a simple meal for your immediate families, would be more than adequate. You also don't need to move in, have babies, etc, straight away - you can still take time to pursue your careers.

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  3. Please can you share this link and help me and my husband this ramadan my brothers and sisters

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