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No hope from life

i have been ill since 25th february. first the dr told me that you might have hepatitis. i went for tests but the tests were clear i went to the other dr  he told me you dont have such a major problem and told me to avoid oily things and prescribed me tablets for acidity. till now i am not fine but i m better but not fine. i feel pain .

the other thing is that the person i love is not in contact with me sinc e 16th feb. i sent him hundred of msgs he didnt reply and not receiving my was my mistake that i call bad names to his caste on some page and i think he read it. i apologized but he didnt reply. till now everyday i cry and whenever  wake up i feel that someone has put a stone on my heart, i feel like crying all the time i m sick and tired of my life i m so alone i dont have any one. i asked forgiveness from Allah so many times, i m all the time weeping and there is no one and no hope from life. i see people eating normal things i feel like crying they have friends etc i dont have anyone,

sugar monroe

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  1. Assalamo alaikum
    Your illness from your mind and not physically. You are being suffered due to thinking about that person. If you texted and messaged him and he still not answering, then let him go. I was in the same situation a year ago like you are right now, so you are not alone​. Talk to someone who is close to you. Don't stay silent and take all the pressure. You are leading yourself to depression. If you have someone close, talk to that person. Tell yourself, it is worth hurting yourself by someone who ignores you? You have apologized to him for your hurt words and yet he want to punish you by hurting you like this. Ppl says and do things sometime without realizing its not right. What else can you do or say to him if he doesn't wish to talk to you? Forget about him. Whenever​ you want to talk to him and miss him, make 2 rakat salaat and talk to Allah as if he is just sitting by you and he is waiting for you to share your sorrows. Read the Quran and press lightly on your chest and cry if you have to. Inshallah everything will get better.

    Stay healthy!

  2. Girl you don't have anyone??
    You have Allah

  3. Dearest sugar monroe,

    (( Big Hugs ))


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