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Feeling guilty without doing anything wrong

regretI am feeling unnecessary guilt/shame for no reason. I was looking at biggest sins, and noticed that Zina was one of them, which is not new obviously. I know for a fact that i have never committed such a haram act, because i can’t recall a time i went to a boy’s house alone, which that alone is considered haram. I know that committing Zina is unforgivable, and if i committed it i would have gone crazy from all the shame.

But for some reason, I keep thinking that i did something horrible and that i will not be forgiven for it. Again, i can’t recall i time i have committed a haram act, but i am so anxious that i keep picking at every memory in my mind to try and remember if i MAY have committed it without even knowing it.

I don’t know what to do, i was feeling fine but now i am going crazy over this unnecessary guilt, and i feel like i won’t be forgiven even though i haven’t done anything wrong!

- ne111

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  1. Salamualaikum

    When a Muslim repents with sincerity, it is a sign of forgiveness from Allah that they no longer remember their past sins. Just keep repenting for everything knowingly or unknowingly committed. Allah swt knows everything and is oft forgiving most merciful.
    May Allah swt forgive us protect us all aameen

    • Al salaamu alaykum,

      One of the best advices I've gotten in recent months is "you have more important things to think about".

      Think of your mind like a thing that is constantly creating energy, in the form of thoughts. Sometimes, when we don't channel this energy into a specific direction, the thoughts take negative shapes and become a source of turmoil and stress. Fortunately, we can take control of the direction our thoughts are going and guide them to a more productive outcome.

      It doesn't matter why your mind has so much energy, or why it wants to focus obsessively on sins you didn't commit. The point is that the same energy it spends doing that can be spent learning something new, remembering good times (that you are sure DID happen), and planning healthy goals for your future. Every time you find yourself worrying about uncertain past sins, or potential lack of forgiveness, catch yourself and say "I have better things to think about than this", and then make yourself think about something you know will bring you comfort and benefit you. As you practice this over and over, in time it gets easier and even becomes the default way you handle negativity.

      Worry and fear are perhaps the two most toxic forces at play in our world today. When we free ourselves of them, we find true contentment, joy, and peace. The Muslim can access this freedom from fear by knowing his Lord well, and connecting with Allah regularly. If you really get to know Allah, you will find yourself seeing how merciful and loving He is, and thoughts like the ones you're having will seem as silly as believing you will wake up in the morning with a different colour nose each day.

      Islamic Editor

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