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I didn’t know zina gets me to burn in hell forever

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Al salam ou alaik 

dear  brothers and sisters, I had a homosexual sex when I was 13, and that wasn't a relation but a sexual interest, at that time I didn't know committing zina will get you to stay in hell forever, so one day my cousin and I drank alcohol and I got drunk, but I could refuse things! I mean I was awake not too sleepy! So he forced me to put my pants off, and I said eww stop doing it.

(Edited: they had oral sex, then had body contact not including anal sex. - Editor).

and after a few hours I was like what the hell did I just do! After a few weeks, I missed it, and one day he came to our house and we started committing zina, and later he said I think we've done something wrong, let's do taw-bah, and the day after we started grinding again, but hopefully we didn't release our sperm, and I  kept jerking alone after a few days.

until one day my brother told me that whoever commits zina will burn in hell forever, and I was so sad about it and I keep crying and praying for God to forgive me.


do I have to get slashed 100 times? And if I do, do I have to get killed with it?

i've repented now, will God forgive me if I go to hajj?



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  1. The person gave you a wrong information if you steel en do zina you wont enter forever in hel Because you have la illaha illa la. If you are a mushrik And you die with it allah Will never forgive. Ask allah forgiveness And put your near in your heart that you want do that Anymore especially having sex with a Guy is really haram in the islam. Allah make man to be with a woman And a woman to be with a man. Brother return to allah And take distance from evil things. Inportant is follow islam And praktice with it And follow the rules of allah, your life Will change brother.

  2. Please tell me you are serious?

  3. He was not homosexual. He was a child rapist.

  4. Asalam o alaikum brother.
    You have repented and thats enough I believe because Allah always forgive the person who does tawbah. You will not burn in hell forever even if you don’t repent because you are not a mushrik Alhamdullillah.
    Allah says whoever repents than Allah answers. There is a ayyah in surah Rehman" and whoever feared standing in front of his God, he will be granted two paradises," our Prophet(pbuh) said" the person who repents is like a child just born from his mother’s whomb". Allah is all mercyful brother. Humans make mistakes because they were made from earth and dirt, they are not all evil nor all angels but the best is the one who realizes and repents for his sins and never commits them again!
    Your heart is tender now but if you do it again and again in the future then Allah will put a stamp on it and you will evantualy go to hell. So take it as a wake up call and always fear the wrath of God because you never know when you will die. Pray to Allah cry in front of Him, He is nearer to you than you vital artry. Stop drinking, don’t watch anything lustful or non mehram women because if you do your eyes will do zina. The people of Lot(a.s) where destroyed because of homosexuality. Allah has bestowed upon you a special mercy that you are repenting. Don’t talk about it to anyone and just pray to Allah. Perform regular Salah and read Quran (preferably with translation), do fast coz it will keep you chaste, stay away from that boy so you wont get tempted again.
    Taqwa (fear of Allah almighty) is a special gift for very few special people. Remember Abu sufian(r.a) he was a big enemy of islam but when he embraced islam and fought for islam he is called a sahabi and all the sahaba are promised the jannah and are called light towers for muslims to follow. How did he get to that height? How was he promised jannah? Why wasn’t he and his wife Hinnd(who took out the heart of marytered Hamza(r.a) and chewed it) punished and sent to hell forever! Its only because they repented sincerily and with true heart.
    You have repented, now be a good muslim and forget the past. If Allah has forgiven you then who are we to accuse you!
    Read the dua of Yunis (a.s) "la illaha illa anta subhanaka ini kuntum min az zaalimin". Read the last few ayyah of surah bakarah, they are the best. Read the translation you will get it. Always recite astaghfirullah and auzu billah min ash shaitan al rajim. To keep the satan and his whispers away from you. May Allah guide you and give you peace and keep the devils away from you. Ameen.

  5. Assalaamualaikam

    You don't need to seek any form of physical punishment. And don't despair of Allah's Mercy - He is Most Merciful and has promised to forgive us if we just turn to Him and offer sincere repentance.

    What happened was wrong, and it sounds as though you were coerced to take part - it can be very difficult to say "no" when someone who we trust, who may be older and supposedly more experienced, is saying "yes". If you think this might be the case and your cousin is still around young people, it's important for you to alert a trusted family member (maybe your mum or dad?) that your cousin has been coercing you to do things you didn't really want to do - that way someone can act to protect any other young people who might be at risk.

    An important part of tawbah is taking steps so that this doesn't happen again. Think about the situation and what could have gone differently and led to a different outcome. It's not about blaming someone or something, but about learning from a situation that had a bad outcome. So, for example, you mentioned that you and your cousin had been drinking alcohol - alcohol can lower inhibitions and cause people to make bad decisions that they wouldn't make otherwise (and it's haram), so one thing you could do is decide that you aren't going to drink alcohol anymore.

    And stay away from this cousin - he needs to seek his own path back to Allah, and you need him out of the way so you can focus on your own recovery and repentance.

    Midnightmoon editor

  6. Salaam brother,

    You don't have to goto Hajj to get your sins forgiven.

    You just have to ask taubah / repentance wherever you are and whenever you can at the earliest and that's it. If you are sincere with your taubah then surely Allah will forgive you and you won't burn in hell. Inshallah.

    Just make sure you won't do it again.

    May Allah grant you forgiveness.

  7. You were just a child, who was molested. Being molested is never victim's fault. You have done anything wrong.

    • He did do something wrong my sister, and he has bravely admitted to that himself,
      its important not to lead the young brother into believing he did not, he is very young and might take that in a way you have not intended for him to interpret.

      it does seems alhamdulliah that the young brother has realized this, which is so positive,

      brother your sibling is wrong, as long as repent for what you have done Allah will forgive you inshallah don't you worry, you don't need to do the hajj or die, you seem concerned about what you have done and that is the first step in repentance, you seem a good brother mashallah who has been led into some wrong actions by a predatory cousin, i am worried that your cousin may try once again to commit this immorality with you do not trust him.

      if you can and feel safe in doing so, i would advise you to confide in someone you feel you can trust in order to keep yourself safe, like a parent or an uncle or so on and so forth.

      All the best little brother ,

  8. AStaghfirallah..... May Allah protect us from such evil acts. ameen

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