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I want to leave a haram relationship

Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships are haram in Islam

I am in a haram relationship. .I did istikahra and my heart started to divert from him.. I am started to came towards deen..we did unlawful things..I regret ..I feel so guilty that I think I should kill myself...I wanna leave everything for Allah. but its hard since thoughts are coming that i am no pure I wont get a Islamic husband. my sins will get revealed in front of him.. I dont know what to do. Please help.. shaitan is giving me thoughts dont leave him he'll'll make his life miserable. ..and I told him that i am quitting this relationship and he is going through depression and one thing v important I have strong issues with his family.. plz help

lost somewhere

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  1. I am in the same situation. So what me and my boyfriend are doing is stop seeing each other alone. He would only come to my house where my family is so we can't do anything haraam. Or if u can't do that ask him how much he loves u and if he loves you he wouldn't want to see you in hell fire. Wallah sister this is so hard and I understand but if u guys love each other at least do a nikkah or something.

    • Salam to my Sister in Islam, I'm so impressed how you are dealing with ur situation, love is not haram and as long as u do it in the right way which is not talking to the guy and even if u go blank on him no talking or anything. He would still your husband in the end if Allah wants! Pray to Allah . "Ohh allah if he is good for me and I'm good for him. please let us get married wid the blessing of you and our parents and if he is not, Allah you know best , and I put my trust in you and I know you have something better planned for me "

  2. Its very simple.Do you want to serve your time in Hell or be in paradise ? Shaitans gives dawat 24hrs .This his job for you to sin sin sin major sin leave Allah worship creation......etc.So smarten up! Life goes on.Success in BOTH OF THE WORLDS IS ONLY IN DEEN.

    • Raul Ali you are very rude and disrespectful. She is suffering. Your cruel words are not from a kind heart and I bet Allah wouldn't like you talking to someone like that, that is asking for help not criticism.

  3. The person who truly loves you will offer Nikah rather than zina. He doesn't love you.He is just using you.Accept this reality and if he is truly suffering from depression why doesn't he marry you? No man is interested in a woman who has done unlawful things with him.Just read old posts of this site, you will know aboutt a lot of girls whose boyfriends dumped them after using them.My sincere advice is cut off all contacts with him and stop seeing him .and why do you think you will not get a good husband? If you truly repent Allah will surely forgive you and Allah is so merciful that HE wouldn't reveal your past sins. Once a man came to Hazrat Umar RA and asked that my daughter has a proposal from a very pious man but she had committed zina in the past but she has repented so much and she is now a good muslim woman. What should we do? Hazrat Umar RA replied that if Allah has hidden her sins who are we to publicize and reveal them. Get your daughter married. So if you truly repent Allah will forgive you In sha Allah..and do remember that by leaving this man you are not ruining him you are saving yourself and him from hell fire.

  4. Salam sister

    Don't worry about the future, just keep in mind that Allah will forgive u even when your sins as high as its touching the sky n allah will still forgive u 🙂 ! The only reason why you realized that u are doing wrong is from Allah, it's allah who's knows what's in everyone's heart !!! You are pure and keep ur emman strong. Allah has planned something better for u ! My sister in Islam stay strong and just focus on your prayers and hide ur sins do not tell anyone ... It's between u n allah plus both hell and heaven are made for sinners but heaven for the who ask forgiveness from Allah and hell for the ignorant

  5. Hello,
    I believe your husband needs to go get help for his depression. But most of all if you are suffering from his depression and he continues to drag you down you will become just like him depressed. So if he stays depressed it isn't fair to you and if he loves you he wouldn't want you to suffer with him. I would also like to add I went through depression and my now ex husband left. After he left I meet the most wonderful person now my Muslim husband. He is so wonderful and makes me happy again. I am no longer depressed now. It was a blessing in disguise. You need to take care of yourself so you can be a strong and happy woman like Allah would want. You sound like a wonderful person. Please do not feel bad for taking care of yourself.. Best wishes and I hope I helped. 🙂

    Angie Al-Saedi

  6. I wasn't a perfect angel in the past. But I still got a very handsome, loving, honest and happy Islamic husband. So do not worry about not finding a husband, as long as you are good now and stay that way and take care of yourself you will attract someone way better.

  7. U just have to force ur self to move on and marry a good man

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