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My husband is very strict. He makes kind of insulting comments on every little thing and he would scream too. I believe that is because of his strict parents. He also keeps arguing with me on money. I admit that, he doesn't earn so much but our total income is around 30000/year. Even though, it is not a very high income but still decent and he would argue with me about something for less than $15. I always feel bad about my life. It is not like he is so strict but very generous or he is easy going but cheap, he has both problems.  I love him, but I believe he doesn't love me to the same extent. This just throw me off and makes me over-react to any small comment from his side. This makes the situation even worse. People always say that we are not compatible but I still love him and I feel sorry for him that he had a hard childhood that makes him such a harsh person. What is your advice? Are we really incompatible?

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  1. My parents are exactly like this, however my mother endured all of my fathers strict rulings till we (the kids) were old enough to protect her they've been married 23 years now and he doesn't shout as much anymore, he's changing a lot too. Maybe if you talked to him about these issues it would help? My mum made my dad go ummrah and he came back a calm man maybe you should encourage your husband to pray with you and travel to Saudi for hajj and ummrah? Strengthen your deen together it may help your relationship.

    Insha'Allah it all works out for you!

    P.s. My parents fight everyday and people still say they're incompatible to this day but it's the only way they show that they love each other so I guess it depends on how you work with your husband to establish a connections and work from there. Good luck

  2. Salam sister just confrot him .Ask him do you love me and if he says yes .Then why do you treat me like this .I am humanbeing and Allah doesnt like people who are unjust abusive with there mouths.Just because he was brought up strict it doesnt mean he continues ths way of life.Allah will be the judge on that day!!!I CAN SEE THAT HIS FAITH IS WEAK AND THATS VERY IMPORTANT FOR A JEALTHY RELATIONSHIP .IT ALSO A BIG TEST FOR YOU JUST LOOK AT THE WIFE OF FIROUN.THE QURAN SHOWS EXAMPLES OF ARE LIFES IN THIS ERA TO.....SO ASK ALLAH AND BUILD YOUR IMAN.IF YOUR NOT HAPPY AND THERES NO BARAKAH IN THE HOUSE. THEN ITS TIME TO STRAIGHTEN THINGS UP BECAUSE YOU GOT RIGHTS.OH BY THE WAY MY WIFE IS A SUNNI SCHOLOR.Shes you can divorce him if you have too.

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