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I needed advice, my parents want me to marry my mums sisters son so basically my aunties son who is 3 years younger than me, I don't feel I am ready for this I have tried explaining that i don't want to get married as yet as I have a career etc and I don't see compatibility with him but they won't listen and they say that I am disobeying them and I should make the society happy etc but is it wrong for me to say no? I am so stressed I can't do this.


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  1. If you don't want it don't do it. You should respect your parents and family but your not living for the world your living for yourself and god. What is right unto god is a holy union not a union that is met by the desires of the world please god not your flesh, or your families flesh. If he is not for you or compatible to you then say this and explain it also to your auntie. Times might get tough but all seasons shall pass and at the end you will have done the correct thing in god's eyes.

  2. If you do not like a man then there is no reason to marry with him. Nikha by force has no value. Be brave and take a strong stand that you do not want to ruine your life as well as someone else life. Do not show any weekness.

  3. You have no obligation to marry your cousin. The fact that he is 3 years younger than you may even pose problems, unless the young man is extremely mature. A 20 year woman and a 20 year old man are two very different people. Most people will agree. Your mother and your aunt are wrong to try to force you into marrying him or anyone else you don't want to live with. They are compromising Islam law by telling you that you are wrong to not obey them. What part of "I don't want to marry him" does your family not understand. They are following an unIslamic cultural tradition and it is wrong and is already creating problems for you and your family with their devious plans.

  4. Assalamu alaikum .zara.
    Marriagr is ur choice .there is no matter of disobey. U want to marry and u ll have to live. If your parents force you.its haraaam.

  5. Aassalam o alaikum, my family is forcing me to marry my cousin, I have told them many times that I am not interested in this relationship, but they are forcing me again and again. My cousin's mother is very obsessed with this relationship, she is forcing us too much, she doesn't understand that I don't want this relationship, even my cousin is not ready to marry me until I accept this with heart but his mother says that it's my wish to make you daughter in law since you was born, people say that you will repent if you won't accept this relationship because it's my destiny. Please guid me what should I do.

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