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I missed obligatory prayers, am I out of Islam?

Muslim woman praying at the Blue Mosque in Turkey

Asalaam o Alaikum all,

I know praying five times a day is obligatory for all muslim male/female BUT here i want to confess that im 19 (about to turn 20 now), i have barely offered 30-35 prayers in my whole life! This i so SO embarrassing for me, i didnt do it intentionally but yes at times, at very rare times i did intentionally let it go, like i was being super lazy or something.

Lately it had been depressing me so much knowing that i havent offered properly my prayers and it'll lead me to hell but the Biggest thing im worried about all 24 hrs is ALLAH, my dear dear ALLAH is surely sad from me! I feel so so sorry for not offering my prayers, im totally unable to express my feelings here. My brain is burdened all the time , all my life schedule has turned upside down. Im unable to concentrate on anything in my life. Im stuck in the past because of this.

I cant go on with my life knowing that i made my ONLY lord sad. GOD, i feel so helpless and sad and depressed as if i dont exist in this world, as if im living in a dream, in a nightmare. I want to makeup for this sin. From the core of my heart. I want to apologize to ALLAH but i dont know HOW .....!?

Maybe ALLAH brought me here to guide me through you people. so help this little sister of yours and get her on track, the one true path of ISLAM.

You may help me by answering following few questions, i need help at this and at full.

  1. I've heard if someone miss praying continually for 3 fridays, he/she is out of islam (Is it True?) if its true then Am I Out Of Islam?
  2. Is it a shirk to miss prayer intentionally or unintentionally? did i commit a shirk?
  3. what am i suppose to do now? to ask my Allah to forgive me for this sin/shirk (if its a shirk)?
  4. How can i pray all those prayers??
  5. is there any alternative way for offering those prayers? A correct and authentic one.
  6. last but most importantly, AM I OUT OF ISLAM ?? ....

kindly answer my these questions, im completely distracted and have no right guidance. Plz help this muslim sister of yours.



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  1. You say you want to apologize to Allah but don't know how. The answer is easy: start doing your salat. It's never too late to change, and regardless of what happened in the past I think you are at that point now where you are ready to begin practicing your faith, Insha'Allah.

    Neglect of salat does not make one a disbeliever unless he denies the validity or need for salat. In other words, if he says, "I don't believe in salat," or, "I don't believe that it's a requirement in Islam," then he has disbelieved in the Quran and the Messenger of Allah (sws).

    If he knows that it is required, but he prays irregularly because he is lazy or whatever, he is a faasiq (sinner). Allah will either forgive him or punish him, as He wills.

    Perhaps you were raised in a family that did not stress the importance of salat, or maybe your friends are not religious. In any case, start doing your salat now, and try to associate with people who pray. Ask Allah's forgiveness for your past mistakes, but do not let the past weigh you down. Focus on doing better today and tomorrow.

    Wael Editor

  2. Dear little sister

    As I read you post, your sincerity touched me. Allah grant us true sincerity.

    The saying goes "Don't let the shaytan fool you twice. Once but making you sin and 2nd buy making you hopeless in Allahs mercy."
    Allah's mercy is so wide and encompasses everything.
    In a hadith we find allah forgave a prostitute for quenching a cats thrist.
    Never lose hope the the mercy and forgiveness of allah.

    Going forward start praying NOW.
    And make istagfar now.

    You have not left the fold of Islam and are certainly a Muslim. Do not worry about the past.

    The remedy is asking allahs forgives. As we all do on a regular basis because we ALL sin.

    Allah is gaffar he LOVES to forgive repeatedly. His MERCY over comes his anger. Focus on THAT.
    Don't worry your past. Move forward and start praying regularly and on time.
    Here's something to listen too

    Protect you salah:

    Thinking well of allah

    I ask allah to make it easy for you and forgive us all. Amen.

    • JAZAKALLAH my sweet sister. Those videos really helped me out.

      And surely ALLAH's mercy is beyond our thinking. I was traped by shaitan and distracted but now i wont let it go this way anymore. I've been guided. I should offer prayer & be consistent in it. As its the core reason for getting the will of ALLAH in the first place.

      Really Sister Thanks Alot! May ALLAH bless you a hundred times over for it.


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