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My wife lies to me and I’m afraid she put magic on me

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Black magic

Assalamalaikum Brothers and sisters,

I have been married for 13 years and during this time my wife has lied to me on many occassions. Often these lies have either been the result of a hidden act that she committed or to conceal the acts of her parents. I have, however always forgiven her and tried to reconcile the marriage for the sake of my children.

Last year, I lost my job due to a very trivial incident. It was after i returned from Pakistan with my family. I spoke with a raki who recited Quran over me, (according to the sunnah), and from my reaction he ascertained that I had been fed sihr. He would not divulge the identity of the person who had performed the sihr and gave me a programme to follow which involved ruqyah and black seed oil.

When i informed my mother and wife of this, the first thing my wife asked was: "Who did it?" I told her i did not know but she did not give up and kept asking. She kept saying "He must have given you an idea of who it was", but i advised her that he didn't.

Coincidentally, the day that i lost my job, my wife got her job. I have been trying ever since to find a job and start a business and 9 months later, i still have no luck.

Spiritually, alhamdolillah, i feel fine. I have always prayed five times and have alhamdolillah maintained my ruqyah but i still seem to have bad days where at maghrib time i feel particularly panicked and aggravated especially around my wife. I am not sure whether this is the effect of sihr or whether the fact that i have been jobless for so long is now affecting my mental state of mind.

I hate to suspect, knowing what a major sin it is and in my mind i feel like the perpetrator of this sihr could be someone very close to me.

Would there be anyway of finding out who is responsible? and what can i do about the way i feel around my wife. I try forget the past but it keeps on haunting me and i have absolutely no trust in my wife whatsoever due to past experiences and trust, as we all know, is the very basis of a relationship. Whenever my wife returns from work, i feel like biting her head off and find excuses to leave the house and i feel depressed at home. I am rather confused and would welcome advice from anyone.


- mominzed

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  1. If there is sihr done on you, it is also not impossible that it is directed at spoiling your relationship with your wife since you cannot stand het presence. In case this is the true, recite ayat 102 surah baqarah, everyday.

  2. Brother "mominzed", I believe the raki lied to you. That's what these guys do. If he tells you that you're fine and there's nothing wrong, he can't make any money from you. But if he tells you that someone has put magic on you, he can sell you the programme, and maybe future treatments. This is all fake.

    To place suspicion between a husband and wife is the most evil of deeds - it is one of the specialties of the Shaytan.

    I don't believe there's any magic on you at all. Losing your job was a part of your Qadar, and your wife getting her job was a part of her Qadar. Things happen to us in life, and how we interpret them is a matter of faith and perspective. The Messenger of Allah (sws) said that everything that happens to a believer is good. If good befalls him, he thanks Allah so it is good for him; and if evil befalls him, he is patient, so it is a source of blessings for him.

    Of course being jobless has affected your state of mind. Being unemployed is very stressful for a man. Your reaction is understandable. It has nothing to do with sehr. Keep on looking for work, talk to your contacts, be persistent, and be patient Insha'Allah.

    Repair your relationship with your wife. She has done nothing wrong. Instead of being resentful, be glad that there is some money coming into the house, Alhamdulillah. Think about it from your wife's perspective. How do you think it feels for her when she comes home from a hard day at work, only to be snapped at and left alone? It must be a very lonely and depressing feeling for her. She deserves better treatment from you.

    Focus your energies on your job search. Be kind to your wife. Trust Allah.

    Wael Editor

    • I totally agree with Wael I don’t believe in these things but if you only pray to allah then allah is the only one who will continue to be there for you. You must keep praying and not let people destroy your marriage or relationship with your wife. Go out by doing charity work maybe then you feel less depressed, and also will realised its all in my mind and what other people trying to do to you. Ask allah and pray with a clean heart then you see allah will bring you back a good job and a clearer path to resolve all your issues, I wish you the best.

  3. There are many invocations for such situations. One of them is:

    Allaahumma laa sahla illaa maa ja'altahu wa Anta taj'alul-hazna ithaa shi'ta sahlan.

    "O Allah , there is no ease other than what you make easy. If you please you ease sorrow.

    Read Dua's whenever you get such feelings. In Shaa Allah, it will help.

    To be honest brother most of the people who claim that they can cure the ones who are drenched in black magic, 99% of them are fake. To find out who is responsible behind this you have to first find someone who is truly knowledgeable. You can talk to global scholars and they may give you best advice than anyone of us.

    As for your wife, there is no option except for completely removing what happened in the past. I know it is very easy to say but difficult to implement. The best thing you can do is sit with your wife and tell her everything you feel. Discuss your problems with your wife and come up with a solution.

    Pray Tahajjud if you can and ask Allah whatever you wish (except for haraam).

    May Allah ease your sorrow brother. Ameen.

  4. Assalam alaikum Brother Wael,

    I understand your comments, but I must stress that I too only approached a Raki as a last resort. I have faced similar if not worse hardship than this before, and alhamdolillah I learned a lot from my previous experiences, however, what prompted me to contact the raki was an experience i had while i was praying Zuhr salat.
    Whilst praying, I started shaking uncontrollably and was overcome with fear. The Raki happened to be an Imam from our local mosque and came recommended by another prominent Imam from our community. I was not going to choose any old raki since i myself have fear of committing shirk.
    The raki DID NOT at any stage even hint that my wife was the perpetrator. He simply recited verses from the Quran and waited to see my reaction. My reaction was such that i started trembling and was overcome with fear and was gesturing to vomit and i had to prompt the raki to stop. From this he ascertained that i had been fed sihr.
    I must add that even before I lost my job, i was regularly doing the azkhar required according to the sunnah. This was a habitual thing for me.
    I was actually starting to feel a lot better, alhamdolliah and since my last post, i patched things up with my wife and things have been great between us, But then I woke up Sunday morning feeling as i felt 8 months ago - Overcome with fear and anxiety and as if there was something blocking my mind, this was accompanied with bad dreams. The same symptoms repeating themselves, which seem to subside after performing ruqya on myself. This always seems to happen when I try to get close to my wife.
    You must understand, that it is the lack of trust between us that prompted me to write this.
    Shortly after I lost my job, i discovered that my wife was chatting to another man on facebook. I would not have known, but this man called my wife on her mobile in my presence and she answered the call thinking i was not listening. I was watching TV, but could hear that she was trying to cut the call short. When i confronted her about it, she said that he was a friend of the family. after a little digging, i discovered that this man is not even known by anyone in our family or indeed her family.
    And then she lied about certain conversations between the both of them, which i later uncovered after checking the facebook messages in her presence. All she kept saying was that she could not remember and that there was nothing going on. You can well imagine that at this point, i was ready to end our relationship but my eyes fell on my three children, whom i did not want to suffer, so i gave her a warning and forgave her. This is just ONE example of her lies. What can you do in a situation where someone has been caught red handed and yet they still deny the truth?? I have, in the past always told my wife to wear hijab and alhamdollilah, she started wearing it about a year ago but she does not pray regularly and requires a lot of reminding for to pray. Sometimes days and days pass without a single prayer.
    I have been through a lot both psychologically and spiritually in the last eight months, but I am completely aware that there is always someone worse off than me and I have always said alhamdolillah despite what happens, because despair is a sure sign that one has failed his test.
    I will try again, inshallah to make things work between us and leave everything in the hands of Allah, as usual.
    May Allah forgive me for any injustice I have committed or anything wrong that i may have uttered...ameen.

  5. Pseudonymous,
    Thank you for your comments. I am very wary of who is fake and who is not fake since i have my self done a lot of research on the subject of sihr and i am completely aware that the the sahir has to immerse himself entirely in kufr in order to receive the help of the shayateen.
    A few weeks ago, i went to a very interesting talk at South Woodford mosque. There was a scholar from Morocco, who discussed sihr in detail and he mentioned reciting the usual verses to combat sihr but also advised to recite the following: V117-122 from Surah Araf, V81-82 from Yunus and V68-70 from Surah Taha, all eleven times each before sleeping and inshallah the perpetrator will appear in your dream. I have not had the courage to do this yet!!
    But i did recite these verses along with other verses and blew into a bottle of water which I have been drinking and this has made a difference- alhamdolilla.
    I have even had Hijama therapy according to the sunnah. I was cupped on top of my head, which is for the treatment of sihr according to the prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). And this even made a difference for a short while, but then again i started to suffer the same symptoms after a few weeks. This is why i am trying to eliminate all doubts and suspicions.

    Jazak allah.

  6. Magic is real. When you are affected by it, you have to step up your religious practice. Pray sunnah, read Quran everyday, fast, make dhikr. Only Allah swt can remove sihr and only He allows it to befall us. Stay strong and do your ruqyah. Say adhkar as much as possible.

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