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Will Allah forgive me for revealing my sin?

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters in Islam,

I committed a major sin astighfirullah which I regret and sincerely repent from. But I tell this major sin to some people not because I was proud of it but because I want help in how to be closer to Allah.

I told two of my friends who can't offer solution astaghfirullah. But I'm now more scared that Allah won't forgive me for uncovering the sin HE has concealed for me.

Please what can I do?

- Sulaiman

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  1. Asalamualaykum Brother Sulaiman,

    All you can do is to take this as a learning experience and avoid repeating it in the future. Ride out whatever consequences present themselves and then vow to be kinder to yourself. If Allah the "Most Kind," the "Most Merciful" wants the best for you, you should also want the best for yourself. We do not need to subject ourselves to any kind of confessional Alhamdulillah, as that is undermining the incredible forgiveness we need of Allah alone.

    Remember, Allah is "All-forgiving." Just do your best and forget the rest.



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