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Help me, I no longer have faith in Allah, I hate everything

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Hello brothers and sisters, how are all of you doing?

Well obviously I am having problems of my own. I was born a Muslim, And so were my family. I come from an EXTREMELY over-protective family. I am a 17 year old female, and lately I haven't been praying. Well to sum it up I've lost all my respect to Allah. There was a time for about a week or two, where i kept repeating to myself "There is no god". I know that this is not right. But I have my own reasons.

Firstly, My dad, he is VERY mean and VERY unreasonable towards everything. All the girls I know have awesome dads, and I envy them! I don't like my father. He is abusive, emotionally and physically towards me, my sisters, my brother, and my mother. I feel bad for them! All of us wish for a better dad.

All my sisters and both my parents pray, except for me! I have waited all my life for things to change even when I pray nothing ever changes it is all the same and I am done. I hate life.

Secondly, EVERY Muslim that surrounds me make Islam sound so bad! And they make Allah sound so bad, I don't know what to believe in anymore. They all make me hate the religion. I really want to follow it, but didn't God promise everything will be well if we obeyed him? prayed 5 times a day? Listened to our parents even though they do us wrong? Even when me and my family do that a lot, everything is bad! I am tired of having PATIENCE with Allah, and not getting anything in return. I want to have a life, I want to smile for real, I want to stop cutting my wrist and attempting suicide multiple times.

My parents don't understand. I want to be able to praise Allah and still smile throughout the entire week, or month, or year. Because WALLAH! or on whatever is up there nothing is ever good, whether i'm praying or i'm not. Do NOT tell me to pray because I wont!

I just need you to tell me how to get myself to believe in Allah once again, AND still maintain the praising of Allah. I NEVER want to miss a prayer once i begin, so help me and tell me HOW to begin, and how to never end it. Don'y just say "pray right now" because I wont! i WANT COMMON SENSE BACK! I want to have fun in life! I want to love life! I I just want to smile wallah. I want to be GOOD GIRL! But I need help from you guys, because There is no one else to go to. I can't go out, I can only go to school and back home.

Please help me! No rude comments save them for yourself. Thank you and salam!

- Allah's-slave

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  1. Salaam dear sister.

    I am sorry to hear what you are going through. Suicide is never the answer though. Your life is a gift dear sister, and I know it doesnt feel that way but that is the reality. As long as your alive you have time to change and time to turn back to Allah. It will get better InshaAllah.

    Chances your fathers behaviour is making you feel resentful. It is completely unacceptable. Have you spoken to your sisters? Is there anyway you can leave, or get a person in authority to speak to your father at the minimum. If you are in danger it is paramount you and your family find shelter away from your father.
    With respect to deen, Just take very small steps. Read 1 prayer a day if you can. Dont try to walk before you are running. I will have to think about how is best to advise you sister, but I wanted you to know we are here to support you InshaAllah. You are most welcome to post on here. I hope to write another more detailed comment within a few days InshaAllah. Also know that whatever you feel, Allah swt IS there for you dear sister. He DOES love you and He wants the best for you. He knows how you feel, so why not try talking to Him from your heart. Ask Him to help you find a solution. InshaAllah this will help soften your heart towards Islam. Praying for you.

    Sara Editor

    • Zia, life is a gift because you are alive to feel the sun on your face, to appreciate the beauty of the world, to eat and drink and worship Allah. And yes, it is also a burden. Everyone is tested in some way: with hunger, grief, heartbreak, loneliness... no one is exempt. If we resent Allah then we fail the test. But if we are patient and trust that Allah will compensate us, then we will receive a reward greater than we can imagine. This is Islam. Either you have faith or you don't. This world is only a temporary residence.

      Wael Editor

      • And how will Allah compensate? How?? Allah did not give what I deserved most. I wanted to study in Oxford University. I have hearing problem as well as autism problem. I worked hard for 13 years or more. But Allah betrayed me, He betrayed my trust. Can you answer my question- Why Allah creates an obstacle to my dreams? Why he does not fulfill my dreams? If you were in my place, you would have understood what I am going through.

        • Brother Wael, do you know that I use hearing aids in my ears. And the price of hearing aid is around 3 to 4 lacs !! And my father is always tensed about me.

          Brother Wael, now will Allah pay the price of my hearing aid?

          Allah has two options-

          1) Give me a normal hearing.


          2) Give me as much money as possible for buying hearing aids throughout my lifetime.

          If he can do this, then I will certainly turn back to Allah and thank Him.

          And if he can't do this, then I will understand that Allah is an illusion, He is not real.

          • So you are not Allah's servant, Allah is your servant? Allah must meet your demands and follow your instructions? Wow... How ungrateful and petty you sound. If you want to know the reality of Allah, check your heart. Is it still beating? That is the power of Allah. Open your eyes. They work, don't they? That is a gift. Do you have water to drink, and food to eat? Were you blessed with the truth of Islam?

            Allah created you out of love, but He does not need you or your worship. Rather, it is you who needs Allah the Most High.

            I am sorry about your disability, but don't you know that everyone suffers in some way in this life, whether you see it or not? I remember seeing a video of a little Syrian girl searching for the mud for some grains of rice to eat. The video maker asked her, are you bitter and angry at the world? She said no, I trust in Allah, and I know that Allah will reward us for our patience.

            You could learn a lot from that girl.


          • I really hate this because when we ask for anything the only reply is, see those who are suffering more then you. Is it logical? suppose you are working in a office and your boss tell you to improve. And your reply is see the others who are not working, or unable to complete there work on time. Is it logical your boss will kick you out side. Give me a logical reason to live in islam again,

          • Brother Hadi, please visit my website You might find some articles there to lift your spirits and give you perspective. May Allah make it easy for you and open a path for you.


    • Assalam o alaekum my dear brothers and sisters. I red your comments and felt really really deeply for you guys and I thought sharing my problems with you won't hurt me. You might even learn something. All my life starting from when I was 12 I've been suffering. I've been praying and I've been crying. Allah examines me and my family a lot. Our business is ruining, my oldest brother found a very dreary job after all that education, my elder brother spent lacs on his education in multimedia and graphics but nearly lost his eye sight, my oldest sister died after three years of miserable brain tumor and other problems, my elder sister suffered TB, Tumor, Lungs water and even now she suffers from periodic fits. she used to be beautiful but she lost everything her figure, her skin, her charm... my younger sister has very week eye sight and doctors say that she needs surgery. my mother needs a knee transplant which will cost more than 5 lacs, my father is a patient of diabetes and other stomach and intestines problems and he is not willing to get himself operated. And I... when I turned 12 my own problems started. there are a lot that I don't wanna share but those problems led me to breed stomach ulcers. my blood started to clot in my brain so it couldn't control my stomach properly, my skin turned scarred, my hair became frizzy. I was living on medicine. I couldn't eat anything because of stomach ulcer and throat infections, I grew weaker and weaker day by day. only one of my medicine cost 23000. my parents had already lost one child and with the problems mentioned above they couldn't see me turning into nothing. my nervous system got damaged and I became bed ridden. I could not longer think about typical stuff or do any kind of work. I could only eat and think about dying which I thought was exactly what was gonna happen to me. all of these problems, even more, they made my father really moody and he would stop eating and taking his medicines.

      But did you read that any one of us left believing in Allah? NO! we didn't. none of us did. Allah created us and He will examine us to the very end of life. This is what I believe but I also believe that this patience and courage will turn into the sweetest fruit one would ever taste. Allah will give us that fruit when we'd finally go to Him. He is not only examining us. There are times when we fell really happy even after suffering from all of this. I believe that we stop believing in Allah right before a miracles is about to happen. So, please don't abandon your hopes and faith. Sometimes life hurt like hell on earth but trust me Allah will never give you the burden you won't be able to bear.

      Now, I'm Alhamdullilah very much better. I'm recovering though I'm not fully functional. I can't do any strenuous work. but I'm doing a job. at least my brain works. every part of my body is working and that's all I need. Even if my family is suffering from so much but Allah ka shuker he k hum sub sath hen. No one accidentally died in a bomb blast, no one got struck by a rampaging truck, no one got paralyzed! This is all I need to be happy and have faith in Allah! Please, DO NOT LOSE HOPE AND FAITH. This is the very moment when Allah is testing you the most. tell your problems that Allah is greater than them. Abandoning faith when problems hit you the most is not an option when you know that you're a muslim! You were born a muslim and you should die one! Have faith!

  2. I feel the same way, I feel like I am being teased. Just when I have given up hope, I see some light and things start to become cheerful again and it seemslike everything is finally improving, but then there is a big crash and any little hope given is suddenly snatched away from me. All my dreams crushed again and again. Its like someone out there is watching my life and teasing me, they let me content for a little while but when I start becoming used to the happiness its snatched away from me. I just cant understand why. I have no patience anymore, I have no laughter or smiles, and I no longer have any more tears. The funny thing is, no matter how I feel, I still turn to Allah and cry to Him becasue deep down I know that it is only Allah that can help me.All these other thoughts are from the cursed satan. He is makign me feel depressed, and he is using my weaknesses as a way to break my iman and turn me against Allah. Sister, satan is our enemy and unfortunately we are letting him succeed. I know how you feel, and I know its hard, so very hard to break this pattern especially when everything around you is so miserable, but we need to be strong. We need to fight the devil and turn to Alllah. We need to pray to Him and keep praying to Him until He answers our duas. I will keep nagging Allah swt until He answers my prayers. He will inshaAlllah. One day we will both write on here to share the happiness in our lives rather than the misery, inshaAllah.

  3. N/B pls am using my phone to send this comment, hence there would be no paragraph what so ever. ''KNOW THAT THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD IS ONLY PLAY AND AMUSEMENT, POMP AND MUTUAL BOASTING AMONG YOU, AND RIVALRY IN RESPECT OF WEALTH AND CHILDREN. (it is) AS THE LIKENESS OF VEGETATION AFTER RAIN, THEREOF THE GROWTH IS PLEASING THE TILLERS ; AFTERWARDS IT DRIES UP AND YOU SEE IT TURNING YELLOW; THEN IT BECOMES STRAW. BUT IN THE HEREAFTER (there is) A SEVERE TORMENT (for the disbelievers- evil doers), AND (there is) FORGIVENESS FROM ALLAH AND (His) GOOD PLEASURE (for the believers- good doers). AND THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD IS ONLY A DECEIVING ENJOYMENT... Koran57:20... . . . . Sister, you are young. dont let the life of this world deceive you, for it is indeed a deceiving enjoyment. Perhaps You may be seeing your friends wearing skimpsy clothings, going to parties, mingling with boys etc and you call that a 'fun or love' life, but sister, the harsh truth is that is absolutely and totally not the case. It is far away from the fun and love life if you view it from moral and religious angle.. Think sister, we are not going to leave in this world forever, we are all going to die, And we are going to be accountable for our actions. Then hell fire and paradise would be presented b4 the people. The evil doers and disbeleivers would be thrown into the hell (and mind you the hell fire is 70times as hot as the worldly fire and the toment would be going worse day by day, plus if the skin get rosted a new fresh skin would be changed; so there is no question of skin pain receptors dying), whilst paradise would be presented to does who do rightous good deeds while they are beleivers (ie muslims). You know, nobody would force you to pray, but you should know that if you pray, it's for the good of your self/your soul and if you don't, you should know that you are destroying you soul and preparing hell fire for your self with your own hands and wills... Pls dont think am harsh, am only telling you the plain truth.. The main reason why Allah created us is for us to worship Him, otherwise me, you and all humans would have never existed.. Allah said ''AND REMIND (by preaching the koran O muhammad), FOR VERILY, THE REMINDING PROFITS THE BELIEVERS.'' ''AND I (Allah) CREATED NOT THE JINN AND MANKIND EXCEPT THAT THEY SHOULD WORSHIP ME (alone).'' ''I SEEK NOT ANY PROVISION FROM THEM NOR DO I ASK THAT THEY SHOULD FEED ME'' ''VERILY, ALLAH IS THE ALL-PROVIDER, OWNER OF POWER, THE MOST STRONG''. Koran51:55-58...,. And i dont really know what your friends are saying against islam, you gave no details otherwise we would have try our best to clearify the misconceptions or misunderstandings., but whatever be the case sister, you should always know that you are on the straight path and the true religion of God. You should never ruin you hereafter (by not praying or not beleiving in Allah) because the life of this world is short and the life of the hereafter is a never ending one.. And finally, when you make dua, do it in patience for Allah is by your side and He's the acceptors of prayers. Allah always answer his slaves when they invoke him but the response usually come in one of the three forms.. It is either Allah gives you what you ask Him, or He blocks away a disaster or a calamity (eg illness, accidents, evil and disastrous things) that would befall on you (without you knowing), or He would keep the reward for you so that he will present it to you when you need it the most (ie in hereafter).. May Allah be with you

  4. Dear sister, if u read the holy quran and come to know about its meanings and find out about how beautifully the quran has been structured u will see the signs of islam being a true religion. U obviously realise that now too, but the more u see the beauty of islam and the more signs u see then the more ur iman will become strong hopefully. Try to also gradually if not all at once adopt an islamic lifestyle and abstain from evil and u will find peace. I understand u r going through problems but remember that this life is a test. If u kill urself or become kaafir then all the good deeds that u have done so far u will not get the reward for it in the hereafter. Sister, think about this with a cool head, your this wordly life isnt good, u r not happy, but why make ur hereafter miserable forever and ever and ever.

    Allah hears all duas, and Allah loves us all. Just because ur wish has not been fulfilled yet it doesnt mean that Allah doesnt care about u. we all have to face tests, and we have to stay strong and face it. So that at the end of the test we can have a fruitful result. And sister, if u ask a knowledgeable person they will explain to u about duas, why it doesnt get fulfilled on the spot sometimes and so on. Then u will understand and not lose hope from Allah. Remember that Allah is very wise and very merciful, do good research and u too will then strongly believe this truth.

    I too have alot of problems, and things have been just getting worse and worse over the years, and im 19.
    We have to be strong. The devil is our enemy sister, the devil wants us to become weak in our iman so that our eternal life that is the hereafter gets ruined. U know sister, I have actually become grateful to Allah and I thank God that I have been such tests, because with every test I have realised something and learnt something that will help me later on , because I will know how to deal with things better and so on. And though I am having a really really hard time, but I am still hopeful. I am hopeful that Allah will help me, and if my life doesnt change around as how I want it to, yet I know that after going through all the tests I will get the rewards of it in the hereafter and I will get eternal happiness. This life is for a few days sister, think about ur eternal life. Build ur iman by reading the translation of the holy quran and finding out more about islam from the right knowlegeable people and be friends with righteous people and try to avoid bad influence and stay hopeful from Allah. Build ur iman and wait for the rewards sister. Try thinking positively and keep ur iman strong. I hope my advice on how to build ur iman would help u.

    May Allah guide us all.

    • After one year, I am posting on here, to correct myself. I said ur good deeds will be lost if u suicide, I dont know if thats right or not now. So if thats a mistake, then im sorry sister

      We should not contemplate suicide, nor lose hope in Allaah. Get to know the tafsir, I have learnt so much over this one year and changed, and I will pray for u too, in sha Allaah

      How u been sister?

      • Assalam'alaykum,

        Prophet said: “ Whoever throws himself down from a mountain and kills himself will be in the Fire of Hell, throwing himself down therein for ever and ever. Whoever takes poison and kills himself, his poison will be in his hand and he will be sipping it in the Fire of Hell forever and ever. Whoever kills himself with a piece of iron, that piece of iron will be in his hand and he will be stabbing himself in the stomach with it in the Fire of Hell, for ever and ever.” (Sahih Bukhaari, Sahih Muslim)

        Prophet said “Among those who came before you there was a man who was wounded and he panicked, so he took a knife and cut his hand with it, and the blood did not stop flowing until he died. Allaah said: ‘My slave hastened to bring about his demise; I have forbidden Paradise to him.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

        From above, we can conclude that the good deeds of a person who commits suicide would be of no use as according to sharia 'paradise is forbidden and burn in hell forever'. Afterall Allah knows best 'Surely, your Rabb is the mighty doer of what He intends.' (Quran 11:107)

  5. : )

    Salaam Beautiful Sister,

    How are you? I see you’re being taken closer to Allah, Allah must love you more than me!

    The mere fact that you have posted this comment makes me believe without a shadow of a doubt that you have incredible imaan in you! More than you comprehend!

    Shaytan hates you! Hates you more than you can ever imagine!

    ...Shaytan hates you more than he hates me!

    Allah has gifted me with everything! Alhamdulillah! I have everything! Things that people like you only ever dream of! Allahuakbar!

    But Sis, I'm not content... I still want more... Shaytans playing on my desires - to push to want more...

    Sometimes he succeeds and then I'm sure he has a good laugh to himself... but I know that he won the battle, but I am eager to win the war! And I'm still fighting, I will continue to find, and I'm certain he will win a few more battles - but my ultimate aim is to win the war.

    Sis, he hates you more than he hates me.

    He hates you because you’re beautiful! If he can take you down, he can take a few men down with you!

    He hates you because you’re young, and yet you recognize Allah and have imaan.

    It took me till 21 to recognize who my true love (Allah) is.

    Sis, he is trying to suade and failing and that’s why he hates you. And he knows that the imaan in you is too powerful for him to change you... so instead hi resorting to whatever he can make you do.

    Sister you are too valuable to your family and friends. You are too valuable to me, your brother. And to all the brothers and sisters out there. You know that too! And that’s why you will never commit anything that can jeopardize your life. Sister, you are too intelligent to even let an ounce of doubt enter your soul - that will never happen! And Shaytan knows that - and that’s why he hates you.

    Sister with "every pain/difficulty there is relief, indeed with every pain/difficulty there is relief" - these are the words of the one that loves you and you love - for certain! These are the words of your beloved Lord, the lord of the universe... "inna ma'al usri yusraa, fa inna ma'al usri yusraa"...

    Allah loves you more than you can ever comprehend! That’s why he is calling you closer to him. Allah tests those that he loves.... why? To bring them closer to him. Those that he doesn’t care about, he ignores them and leaves them be until the appointed time. They will come to know.

    Sister in a few days, weeks or maybe even years you will be over this and come out stronger than ever before, your imaan in Allah will be more superior than most of you peers and Allah will give you what you need to rest your heart.

    You’re young yes. But you are mature. And you’re clearly a fighter! You will fight out of this one no doubt.

    Sister put me in your shoes and I would crack in a day. But that’s why Allah hasn't put me in your shoes, Allah knows I can't cope - Allah only tests us with what we can bear.

    But Allah knows that you are strong! And that’s why you are there. Sister these experiences will help you. One day you will be the one giving support to others. You will be writing and helping others. In fact this message of yours will be a light a to so many - so many that are your shoes - and you will probably see them posting their comments here of the trials and grief that they are suffering.

    Beautiful Sis, Junnah is expensive, Junnah is expensive, Junnah is expensive. You’re buying Junnah with your trials.

    Sis, no can help you accept ALLAH and YOU.

    Shaytan, i'm sure will offer his help. But you’re too clever too intelligent too amazing a muslimah a mujahida to accept his offer.

    You will be fine. It’s just another rainy day, which will be over soon. Just hold on! You will see - this a promise I can make, because its a promise Allah has made - Allahs promise is true!

    "inna ma'al usri yusraa, fa inna ma'al usri yusraa"...

    "With every pain/difficulty there is relief, indeed with every pain/difficulty there is relief"

    Beautiful sister,

    Just as the night overtakes the day and then the day overtakes the night...

    similarly, we will have good days and then bad days will take over... and then good days will take over the bad ones and so on and so forth...

    thats the case for every good muslim until the day of judgement...

    In fact the great sahabas used to be more fearful in times of good, because they were certain the bad is around the corner, they just didn’t know what it might be - would it take over the imaan would it take them to breaking point? They preferred their bad times because they were already in it and fighting they have been on the edge but at least they haven’t fallen... so they'd keep fighting... they were at least in a zone which they were managing.

    Beautiful Sister you are managing - that’s why you have written this post - beautiful sister, yes you may have be finding it tough now, but just hold on a little longer.

    Some of the Sahaba and the Messenger of Allah went through so much difficulty that they asked ... when will the help of Allah come? They were told indeed the help of Allah is near?

    ''Or do you think that you shall enter the gardens of Bliss (al-Jannah) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They encountered suffering and adversity and they were shaken, that even the messenger and those who believed with him cried, When will come the help of Allah! And verily, the help of Allah is near!'' [TMQ 2:214]

    My beautiful sister Allah is paving the way for you to live in Junnah with him.

    And where is this place that your beloved Lord wants you to share with him?

    From the book: Haadi al-Arwaah ilaa Bilaad il-Afraah, By: Ibn al-Qayyim. He said, in regards to the description of the Paradise and the delights that it contains [the following]:

    "And if you ask about its ground and its soil, then it is of musk and saffron.

    And if you ask about its roof, then it is the Throne of the Most Merciful.

    And if you ask about its rocks, then they are pearls and jewels.

    And if you ask about its buildings, then they are made of bricks of gold and silver.

    And if you ask about its trees, then it does not contain a single tree except that its trunk is made of gold and silver.

    And if you ask about its fruits, then they are softer than butter and sweeter than honey.

    And if you ask about its leaves, then they are softer than the softest cloth.

    And if you ask about its rivers, then there are rivers of milk who's taste does not change, and rivers of wine that is delicious to those who drink it, and rivers of honey that is pure, and rivers of water that is fresh.

    And if you ask about their food, then it is fruits from whatever they will choose, and the meat of whatever birds they desire.

    And if you ask about their drink, then it is Tasneem, ginger, and Kaafoor.And if you ask about their drinking cups, then they are crystal-clear and made of gold and silver.

    And if you ask about its shade, then a fast rider would ride in the shade of o­ne of its trees for a hundred years and not escape it.

    And if you ask about its vastness, then the lowest of its people would have within his kingdom and walls and palaces and gardens the distance that would be traveled in a thousand years.

    And if you ask about its tents and encampments, then o­ne tent is like a concealed pearl that is sixty miles long.

    And if you ask about its towers, then they are rooms above rooms in buildings that have rivers running underneath them.

    And if you ask about how far it reaches into the sky, then look at the shining star that is visible, as well as those that are far in the heavens that the eyesight cannot possibly reach.

    And if you ask about the clothing of its inhabitants, then they are of silk and gold.

    And if you ask about its beds, then its blankets are of the finest silk laid out in the highest of its levels.

    And if you ask about the faces of its inhabitants and their beauty, then they are like the image of the Moon.And if you ask about their age, then they are young o­nes of 33 years in the image of Adam, the father of humanity.And if you ask about what they will be hearing, then it is the singing of their wives from among the Hoor al-'Ayn, and better than that are the voices of the Angels and the Prophets, and better than that is the Speech of the Lord of the Worlds.

    And if you ask about their servants, then they are young boys of everlasting youth who resemble scattered pearls.

    And if you ask about their brides and wives, then they are young and full-breasted and have had the liquid of youth flow through their limbs; the Sun runs along the beauty of her face if she shows it, light shines from between her teeth if she smiles; if you meet her love, then say whatever you want regarding the joining of two lights; he sees his face in the roundness of her cheek as if he is looking into a polished mirror, and he sees the brightness from behind her muscles and bones; if she were to be unleashed upon the World, she would fill what is between the Heavens and the Earth with a beautiful wind, and the mouths of the creation would glorify, praise, and exclaim greatness, and everything between the East and the West would be adorned for her, and every eye would be shut from everything but her, and the light of the Sun would be outshone just as the light of the Sun outshines the light of the stars, and everyone o­n the face of the Earth would believe in the Ever-Living, the o­ne who Sustains and Protects all the exists.

    And the covering o­n her head is better than the World and all that is in it, and she does not increase with age except in beauty; free from an umbilical cord, childbirth and menses, and pure of mucous, saliva, urine and other filthy things; her youth never fades, her clothing is never worn out, no garment can be created that matches her beauty, and no o­ne who is with her can ever become bored; her attention is restricted to her husband, so she desires none but him, just as his attention is restricted to her so she is the sole object of his desire, and he is with her in utmost safety and security, as none has touched her before of either humans or Jinn.And if you ask about the Day of Increase (in reward) and the visit of the all-Mighty, all-Wise, and the sight of His Face - free from any resemblance or likeness to anything - as you see the Sun in the middle of the day and the full Moon o­n a cloudless night, then listen o­n the day that the caller will call:

    'O People of Paradise! Your Lord - Blessed and Exalted - requests you to visit Him, so come to visit Him!' So they will say: 'We hear and obey!'

    Until, when they finally reach the wide valley where they will all meet - and none of them will turn down the request of the caller - the Lord - Blessed and Exalted - will order His Chair to be brought there.

    Then, pulpits of light will emerge, as well as pulpits of pearls, gemstone, gold, and silver. The lowest of them in rank will sit o­n sheets of musk, and will not see what those who are o­n the chairs above them are given. When they are comfortable where they are sitting and are secure in their places, and the caller calls:

    'O People of Paradise! You have an appointment with Allaah in which He wishes to reward you!' So they will say: 'And what is that reward? Has He not already made our faces bright, made our scales heavy, entered us into Paradise, and pushed us away from the Fire?'

    And when they are like that, all of a sudden a light shines that encompasses all of Paradise. So, they raise their heads, and, behold: the Compeller - Exalted is He, and Holy are His Names - has come to them from above them and majestified them and said:

    'O People of Paradise! Peace be upon you!' So, this greeting will not be responded to with anything better than: 'O Allaah! You are Peace, and from You is Peace! Blessed are You, O possessor of Majesty and Honor!'

    My beautiful sister Shaytaan is calling you to join him in his final abode, his home...he wants you to live with him there. And where is this place he wants you to share with him?...

    “Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, God is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.” (Quran 4:56

    “…poured upon their heads will be scalding water by which is melted that within their bellies and (their) skins.” (Quran 22:19-20)

    “Those who deny the Book (the Quran) and that with which We sent Our messengers – they are going to know, when the shackles are around their necks and the chains; they will be dragged in boiling water; then in the Fire they will be filled (with flame).” (Quran 40:70-72)

    and We will gather them on the Day of Resurrection (fallen) on their faces – blind, dumb and deaf. Their refuge is Hell; every time it subsides We increase them in blazing fire.” (Quran 17:97)

    “And brings an evil deed — such will be flung down on their faces into the Fire, (and it will be said), ‘Are you recompensed for anything but what you used to do?’” (Quran 27:90)

    “The Fire will burn their faces and they will grin therein, their lips displaced.” (Quran 23:104)

    “The Day their faces will be turned over in the Fire, they will say, ‘How we wish we had obeyed God and obeyed the Messenger.’” (Quran 33:66)

    Well, Shaytan, I feel sorry for him... the guy is doomed, in fact I don’t feel sorry for him because he saw Allah, yet because of his arrogance he disobeyed Allah... So he has had it!

    You my love, are an amazing creation you are a beautiful child of your father ADAM. Allah created you and fashioned with love. He wants the best for you. But since Shaytan challenged Allah saying he will takes us down with him, Allah said some will go with you but my true servants will stay on the truth...

    YOU are one of those amazing servants, you are ready to sacrifice yourself for the cause of Allah if the need came today to separate the world in to two the believers and non believers for whatever reason, and you had to say what you are - would you abandon your love, Allah and your brothers and sisters in Islam and take the side of the KUFFAR or would you stay firm with the believers? I know what you would do my lovely sis - I know exactly what you would opt for.

    If someone asked what religion are you on a form tomorrow? What would you write? Muslim, I'm sure of that sis.

    Why am I so sure?

    Because you posted this message - your imaan urged you to post this - you have made it clear to the rest of the muslim ummah that you submit by posting this - this an evidence for you - a proof for you that you are muslim and now all those reading have become witnesses that you have imaan and you are fighting shaytan to keep a hold of it. Youre in my eyes a mujahida - Allah accept you my beloved sister! Allah inspired you to post this not to help you - my love you are already strong - rather those that are in a similar position as you but need even more help! You have become the guiding light my sis. You have a responsibility to be strong for all of them now - your story will be told by many to help others, many will read your post and find inspiration in this. Well done sis!

    You’re amazing! Allahuakbar!


    Your brothers and sisters in islam!

    One love, one ummah!

    • Bro.. Asalam alakum. There are no amount of words I can explain of how I felt while i was reading this, and a million amounts of tears that flowed down my cheek that i couldn't count as i read this. I asked this question about a month and a half ago , and whenever i had time i'd come to check if i've gotten answers.. and finally today i log in with 5. And among them all, yours made me cry.. a cry in which burned my cheeks. I am still not praying but after this.. I will begin inshallah. If i can repay you.. i'd let you walk up my stairs to heaven if i ever made it there. If you can please help me walk step by step.. PLEASE! By email or anything. Help me. You've caught my attention.Jazak allah.

      • AssalaamuAlaikum brother..

        I was about to sleep without praying Isha salaah. After I read your reply to sister's question, I have decided to pray salaah and then sleep..
        JazakAllahu Khair..
        May Allah bless u in dunya and aakhirah!! 🙂

    • salam brother,
      I just want to say that your words were extremely powerful and very strong that I saved it so I can read it almost everyday to help me. thank you so much for posting this, not just for the author of this piece but for others who look to your words in such a positive and uplifting light. Like the author I was overcome with tears reading your message to her as it applies to me and I'm sure many others. I sincerely hope that Allah provides you much ease in your life now and in the afterlife as well. Your words were so powerful and a much needed peace when I feel my life is in turmoil. thank you times a million.

      • Stay strong my beloved Sis, you will be fine, you have the best friend anyone could have when in need; you have ALLAH.

        seek help in patience and prayer. Not long now, I'm so excited! We will soon meet our LORD. And this world will just be a funny memory of a short moment when we live in a place where time does not exist.

        May we all meet together in Jannah.

        ; )

        your brother

        one love, one ummah!

  6. Aslaamwalykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

    Auzubillahi Minashaytanir Rajeem, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

    Dear Sis,

    Since we are all here on planet earth until our return to Allah, we must seek practical solutions to our problems and as well as seek help from Allah in matters that we ourselves cannot solve. You know this but you maybe in a depressed mood to put a mirror to your actions.

    I have found a beautiful cure to those waswas that you are having, including depression, suicidal thoughts, and general misery.

    After maghreb prayer, listen to the recitations of the Quran that literrally burn the shaytan. I know this sounds a bit on the loony side, but you will not believe unless you try this yourself. Be in hijab (in accordance with the rule of Islam) and put on your headphones, then listen to the verses of the Quran and dua recited by Yahya Hawwa. I guarantee you that you will have tears flowing through your eyes. May Allah give you toufiq in the best way that He prefers, InshAllah.

    I cannot count enough many times how Allah gives toufiq to those He loves the most, Indeed you are one of those Lucky Ones! What other reason could there have been for your post?

    Anyways, here's the link to the beautiful recitation:

    DO this for at least 7 days, you will notice some headaches and negative reactions from your body, fear not and enjoy it, because those verses burn the shaytaan!

    I am sure that, Inshallah, by the 7th day, those negative reactions from the Quranic recitations will be gone and you will feel wonderful just listening to it.

    Please keep us posted on your progress, and abstain from sins, because sinning is an open invitation for the devil to harm and manipulate our thought process.

    Along with inspiration from what Bro said above, I hope you do this practical step and strengthen your iman from the power words of Allah revealed in the Holy Quran.

    I have all the verses that Sheikh Yahya Hawwa recites if you interested in finding out the meaning of those verses. You will be surprised.

    Hope this helps, InshAllah,

    Jazak Allah Khair and stay connected with those who can help you out,


    • Almost forgot, check out this article on the sounds of the Quran:

    • Yes Please! Give me all his recites. Email them to me if you can to Thanks!

    • As'salaamualaikum,

      Love this site; jazaak'Allah khair for sharing.

      • Assalm alikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu beloved Slave of Allah,

        Sister you have to know that you are not alone in this. I know it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s a way of Allah to teach you that you have to further the foundation of Iman and knowledge of Allah (SWT). See what you have said even in this difficult time.
        There is no God, There is no God over and over again for two weeks. And then you have arrived to the second part (Inshallah). But Allah (SWT), But Allah (SWT).This is a proof that you have a strong faith in Allah (swt). Millions would die to go through the experience you are going through. You are going through a big experience and it is making you realize what is important in your life. You have been going through so much and All you come back to is There is no God But Allah (SWT). Over time you will know that this experience is there to only make you stronger. You do realize what does not kill you only makes you stronger.

        It is just like a house if you need to build a bigger house then you take it down and build a bigger stronger foundation. All this experience is leading you towards that stronger foundation. It will take time but Sister I know that you will make it. Just hang on! Once it manifest in your heart that you can not only pray at Salat times but also by remembering Allah all the time. When times are tough, and you having issues with your Dad, make dua to the creator of your dad. Ask Allah to help you in all times, in times of ease and difficulty. Ask Allah (Swt) to make you strong like the daughter of Abu Baker Sadiq (R.A.). I know and realize that it’s not easy but also know that Allah (swt) loves you and inshallah will listen to your supplication. In the times of difficulties like this that you turn to Allah (SWT) and make dua to Allah (swt). Sister be sincere, and make dua for all of us so that we meet in the highest of Junnah as believers.

        Your Dua is being answered no doubt. You are making dua and it is pulling you closer to Allah (swt). You need love and care. Allah will help you over time to grow the love of him self but my sister be patient and never give up. Shatan and nufs can win the battle but inshallah you will win the war.

    • Listening to an audio isnt actually ruqya treatment, tho some people may react to it. Sister, do ruqya urself, I mean recite, watch 'diaries of an exorcist' videos on youtube to learn more about ruqya, in sha Allaah.. And u can also contact the raqi whose hosting these videos, like the 'diaries of an exorcist' facebook page.

  7. Helo sister,

    I am in a similar position but my problms is not my parents, but like you, I have been trusting Allah and believe in him Pray and fast and give as much as I can osmetimes put Allah and other people beforemyself. butnow I have lost my hope and trust in allah Also I believe he is, but after so many years and decades you just get tired to see all your belief anf prayer go you in a position worse than before. we are all human with certain limits, we are not angels nor super human, I am just wondering how can ALLAH sit on his arsh and watch us go through this and don't make our situation better, but I have to thank him not making it worst. Alham dulelah. I hope he will us ehis RAHMA to make your s and my situation better , make us happy and fulfill our wishes and dream. I just can't believe allah promise us in Quran and does not fulfill his promise, I know he won't lie or deceive his creatures. I know some readers may not like what we write here and try to reason this and that butif those people were in our shoes they woould write the same thing. example, no one knows how bad tooth ache is unless they experience it themselves,

    I hope allah will make us happy soon, and open doors for us bring back our strong faith.


    • abdullah, it's not enough to only pray to Allah and wait for a miracle to happen. You have to take action yourself to correct the problem. Allah does not change a people's situation until they change what is within themselves. In the Hadith Qudsi Allah says that when His servant comes crawling, Allah comes walking, and when the servant comes walking, Allah comes running... but you have to take some action yourself!

      You say that if others were in your shoes they would question their faith as you do. But I would not be in your shoes, because you say your problems have gone on for decades, and I would not sit still for decades and allow the same problems to persist. I would make a change. Of course there are some things we cannot control, such as illnesses that befall us. But much of what happens in our lives is within our control. All it takes is courage, determination and hope.

      Wael Editor

      • Salaam,

        Brother Wael is right. Take my situation for example. I am suffering from SEVERE know...they are not normal headaches where they go away with 2 pain pills. By Severe I mean Incapacitating, the pain is so much that when I go down to sadja, tears come out of my right eye (thats where the pain is) and the pressure behind my right eye cause tears to come out. My left eye remains dry.

        I haven't been praying for a long time until just one night, I got up and prayed 2 rakat in the middle of the night. I just said, "Oh Allah, Please make me stop sinning and set me straight" and ALHAMDULILLAH! I am happy that I have started praying for almost a year now, and I must ask for tawba always for not praying all those years.

        Before I was afflicted with this physical sickness know as "TMJ" I was having these severe migraines and thought they came from stress, well not really, they came from my right and left jaw joints being damaged as a result of bruxism (unconscious grinding teeth at night). Verily, it is true what is said in the Quran where it says We shall test you with fear, death, loss of lives and fruits, and poverty (I"m paraphrasing here). Now, almost 7 years of suffering migraines, they have become so bad that surgery is needed, and I have delayed this surgery because of costs. COSTS! Can you believe it? This is another Test! Alhamdulillah for giving me toufiq and I hope ALLAH Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Ya Quddoos, Ya Salaam, Ya Gafur Ya Raheem will forgive my sins and my family's sins. I remember reading a hadith about the trial of the UMMAH of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) that the test of his ummati will be wealth (money, children, property, etc).

        Anyways, going back to the point, I prayed and prayed for the pain to go away, but guess what? it didn't. I hope my prayers go accepted, yet the pain is still here, as I type this. I am suffering horribly.

        So, basically, I scheduled the surgery and it is on the 15th of February. I don't know how my parents will pay for it except with taking out huge payments on their credit cards, but the surgery is needed to fix my problems.

        I leave with this gem:

        A man came to the Prophet (saw) and said, “I will not tie my camel and trust in Allah” The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Tie it and trust in Allah.’ (please forgive me for any errors, I believe this Hadith is from Tirmidhi)

        So, going back to Allah's Slave, I hope she, and everyone else here will take heed of the hadiths and never take them lightly.

        Lastly, listen/watch this lecture on Those who DESIRE Pradise....this I hope will enlighten your heart.

        Brothers and Sisters, Please Pray for me that this surgery goes successful!
        and if anyone can help get the word out for donating to me, I have made an account here, Brothers and Sisters, I need any help that I can get. Please spread the word:

        Jazak Allah Khair,


  8. Trust me..... dont loose your self: you have something better... inshallah...

  9. haai.......i am believing in allah.....but my faith is not strong.....what i must do...anyone pls help me............

  10. Hi sister ,
    you have much better life then me, you don't know what sad life is be happy always because already you have face such bad days ,and also remember barish ke bhige hua ko barish ka Dar Nahi rehta ,and tell Allah that i love you and believe you

  11. Assalamu Alaikum Wa RahmatuLlah.

    I was almost in the same stage as you sister.. But AlhamduliLlah, the answer to all my problems am finding in the Qur'aan and Sunnah.

    You may read all the comments and feel better, feel stronger, believe. But know that that is just a temporary victory over shaytaan (May Allah save us from him). The only real solution to problems including doubts, waswas and faith related issues is Knowledge. Seek knowledge! Find your proof in the Qur'an.

    An incident that happened with me, my whole life has been perfect. I was never grateful not for 1 second. But when I started having problems of faith. I immediately started reading the Qur'aan (AlhamduliLlah! Not my doing) and I would found alll the solutions to my problems in Knowledge. And now inshaAllah.. Knowing where the solution is. Am Never resting, am keeping to the path of knowledge till I die.

    Whenever I questioned "Is there a God", that same day or the next I'll read in Qur'aan.. Do you think you created yourself? Or Sura 46: 4,

    There are many Ayats which YOU will feel and know are speaking to you! The miracle of the Qur'aan! SubhanAllah.

    I have alot to say.. But I don't want to overburden you with. Just SEEK KNOWLEDGE! KNOW ALLAH! SEEK KNOWLEDGE!!! Seek knowledge.

    Fi AmaniLlah and Allah Knows Best.

  12. Like Allah help me, I would be more than ad to help others.

    What might help:
    AbdurRaheem Green: Is there a God. (A MUST WATCH)
    Khalid Yasin: Does God Exist.
    Anwar Al Awlaki, Lives of the prophets.
    Abu Adnan: Treating Waswas.
    Kamal El Mekki
    Mufti Menk
    Most of these could be downloaded at

    And if you have any questions... An authentic site insA:

  13. I have lost my believe to Allah. He has taken a way every thing i have and had i prayed so long and made so much sacrifices but i have got nothing in return and yet have leave with broken heart. I no longer believe in Allah.

    • sister, sorry to hear about your difficulties. But how do you know you have received nothing in return? Most of our reward is not given in the dunya, but in the aakhirah. Stop measuring the success or failure of your life in simple material terms. So you got your heart broken... you know what, that's life. It happens. If you lose your faith over it, then you have truly lost everything of value.

      Wael Editor

  14. I am sorry, you are right. Allha is great and he knows better. I was very upset the other night and write such a nonsense. Hope Allha forgive me and i will be always his banda.

  15. I no longer believe in Allha either, enough is enuogh.

    • Why not? What has happened? Speak to us.

      Just because we do not get what we want, this is no reason not to believe in Allah.

      SisterZ Editor

  16. Stop! I am a back slidden Christian, who needs to get right with Yahuah, and blessed Yahashuah. I drink alcohol and screw up; and wonder why my niece cuts her wrists! I've never abused my niece or nephew, I love them! So, why don't I pray for them.

    You can't do anything about your dad; but hating yourself isn't going to help the situation.

    All I can say is please hang in. Satan is evil; and wants to destroy you! Don't let him!

    God bless you and hang in!

  17. Hi assalam walaikum sister

  18. aslamo alikum, i read all the posts, answers and i believed they actually helped you in sha Allah !! i just want to add something to this , please.
    sister , Allah says in surah yaseen
    'in'na ma am'ru hu iza'a arada shai'an ayeen yaqoola lahu kun fayakun"
    and it means when Allah wants something to happen HE just says happen and it happens .
    SUBHAN ALLAH . see , then why are you upset ?? what makes you upset ? you have ALLAH my dear sister you have Allah you are HIS creation my beloved sister , you will ask HIM anything and what it takes him to do ?? HE will simply say HAPPEN and it will happen !
    my sister , please , just wipe away all your tears , just throw away all your fears your thoughts ! just look up and ask him
    o'Allah i am in misery only you can take it away from me only you because you are the Allah .. please take all my problems away please help me out"
    and trust me my dear little sister he will . why? because HE CAN !!! only HE can !!!
    just don't ever let yourself down . you ve Allah and HE is the strongest of all ! believe in HIM and in sha Allah he will comfort you with every happiness in sha Allah !!

    your sister

  19. [Editor's note: Please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment on an existing post. That way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  20. Well, to be honest you'll never be truly be happy or have what you want on earth. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said "This world is a prison for believers and a paradise for disbelievers." and "If allah wants to do good on somebody, he afflicts him with trials." I know it's 3 years later and I hope you are no longer in this unfortunate position, but if not, i really suggest you start performing salat again und you can even perform tahajjud, it really helps. Whenever you are thinking of allah, just say "oh allah, please guide me and you won't regret it." Ask for dua every single day of your life and don't expect a fast reply, put all your worries in allah's hands, he'll do the rest.

  21. In islam poor have no respect rich muslim hates poor muslims islam is good for rich but nt good for poor .

    • It might seem that way sometimes if you look at the way laborers are treated in the Gulf countries. But the truth is just the opposite. The Prophet (sws) said that most of the people of Jannah will be people who were poor. And the Prophet himself was poor. Even after the time of victory, when all of Arabia came under Islam, the Prophet (sws) lived very simply. The same was true for the righteous khulafaa who followed him, particularly 'Umar, who, for example, refused to eat anything made from fine flour - because not all of his ummah could do so.

      Islam constantly encourages the wealthy to give their money in the cause of Allah. And the system of Zakat is designed to even out large gaps in wealth disparity. I think that if Zakat were implemented properly in the world, it would go a long way toward alleviating poverty.

      Wealth and poverty are both tests. If a rich person looks down on the poor and does not help them, he is failing his test. That's not Islam, it's the opposite of Islam.

      Wael Editor

    • my little kid slowly slowly and you become older you will understand more and better
      life will smile to you believe me every thing will be ok don't try to hurt you self or kill it

  22. Well I know its been a few years since this thread started, but people are still writing to it.

    I have been through a similar experience myself, and found myself to be failing in faith but was never strong enough to reach out to people. Instead I put myself into sin to stop my self from thinking about all this, but I could feel a vacuum which would never satisfy itself and wanted more of everything. Allah put me through tests and difficulties, possibly because He might have wanted me redirect myself but being too arrogant I kept going, until one day I realized where am I going with all this.

    Don't know what triggered it but somehow I started regaining my faith again (still tit bits) and realized that its all about how we set our priorities. Do I pray to God just because I want paradise in return, or I want Him to show a miracle and make every misfortune in my life go away or if I pray to Him and follow His follow because He is my Lord?

    From what I have leant He will not show us any miracles or get us what we want from Him all the time, (He can if He wants though) but from what I know He wants us to search for Him with the brains that He has given us, otherwise He wouldn't have hidden Himself from humans. Love Him, obey Him and Trust in Him. He is all loving and shows mercy, but unfortunately lately people try to scare us away from Him by telling us to fear Him.

    My suggestion, read Quran and find about God with feham and aqal, but make Him a priority not the gifts that come along. Shetan tries and waivers us into traps of self love and things that we desire, as we start walking the path towards Allah, but if we make Him a priority everything inflicted by shaitan and nafs crumbles.

    Hoping I don't fall into devil's trap once again, wish you best of luck.

  23. I'm only 12 years old...

  24. Dear watevr u said is really showing u still love Allah n beleiv in Allah nd so Allah loves u thats why he realized u all this n u felt it....MA MA

  25. I am 27 I have a lot of problems it's been 22 months hard anxiety depression all my body didn't work can't sleep some people coll me devil guy because that's what I look like but I didn't stop my job because of that I am fighting with devil I believe everything happens by the will of allah and I know Allaha swt will cure me when the time is come I am always happy and praising him 5 times a day fasting doing goo deed I have nobody to talk and to tell even if u tell them they don't understand

    • Abdulwahab: I am 27 I have a lot of problems it's been 22 months hard anxiety depression all my body didn't work can't sleep some people coll me devil guy

      Why do people call you devil guy? Are you always angry at people or fighting with people? What happened during 12 month period before your problem started?

  26. Forgive everyone who has done wrong to you, and forgive Allah for every wrong thing happened in his presence. start loving yourself indeed you are created by allah, loving his creation will make you love him. when you love him you will submit yourself to him.

    • What do you mean by, "forgive Allah"? We are the ones in need of forgiveness. It is Allah who forgives us if He wills, not the other way around.

      Wael Editor

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