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How can I help my husband??


I have written on here before with regards to problems with my inlaws and issues they have created for me within marriage. I stayed strong and patient and things got better until recently.

It became obvious i wasnt the reason for the issues but just a way for my MIL(mother in law) to get at my husband. It turns out she always had a problem with him. He was ill alot growing up and his mum resents him for having an illness out of his control. Recently she told him he ruined her life..he always thought it but never thought he would hear the words from his mother. He was understandably hurt and arguments happend between them. His mum then wished him dead, wished he was never born and said she should have aborted him or got rid of him wen he was born and that he was the biggest mistake that allah had given her. She has broken him over the years with her poisonous words.

He has now cut all ties with his mum and in the past i have tried to make him reconcile with his mum after past arguments at the expense of my own sanity but this time i do not know what to do or say..i dont want my children to miss out on their dads side of the family but i do not blame my husbamd for not wanting anything to do with his mum. Our children have been targeted in these arguments things have been said about them and horrible things wished on them too that makes me so angry that i agree with my husband decision but i know deep down at the end of the day his mum is stil his mum and that mothers hve status in islam. Part of me is stil saying i should try to mke them reconcile but then i dont want to affect my marriage and cause arguments for me and my husband as it has done in the past. I really do not know what is the right thing to do or say..

Any advice would be much appreciated


Thank u in advance..may allah make everyones struggles easy..ameen

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  1. I think that you have done your part, there is no obligation upon you to mend their relation. You've tried your best and it didn't really work so just leave it at that.
    I see you have good intentions but why would you want your children to be around such a vile human being? That won't do them any good and its best they stay away. Please just support your husband and try your best to be the perfect wife for him, a companion that would make him forget all of his past and forgive the ones that have done him wrong. May Allah reward you.
    Assalam O Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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