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I want to marry the man my father chose…

hijabi sister


My father had met accident he is no more 🙁 . I am govt employee.

He chose a guy for me but at that time his parents were not ready to do marriage as he was unemployed at that time. After few months I contacted him through social websites and we became good friends and had fallen in love with each other. I supported him during job seeking time and after 2 yrs he got a private job. Everything is going good we have three yrs relationship. And now he talked to his family about his choice. His mother also agreed, both family were happy. But due to some misunderstandings his family cancelled our engagement and now we both are so tensed. He tried his best to make his family understand but now he lost all his hope and now decided to move on. He still loves me but he doesn't want to lose his family just for me.

My family tried to make things easy and after 10 days his father said he will give answer to us.

Please tell me what to do? I am praying am doing everything just to make things good again I don't want to lose him. Please pray for me..


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  1. Aslam o alaikum Sister,

    I can understand your fears and your emotions. Look you are praying, doing everything then just keep up the high hopes with ALLAH. Don't lose your faith. His family said they will come back to you then wait and keep praying.

    Other than that whatever the misunderstandings are, try to clear them. Talk to your elders that they should clear the misunderstandings.

    If nothing works then don't lose hope in ALLAH. May be someone else is in your destiny. Whatever happens just accept that thinking it's a will of ALLAH.

    I am saying again and again that don't lose hope because when any emotional situation occurs people usually lose hope and becomes weak in faith. But ALLAH knows best for you so just trust Him. Pray with sincere heart, He always listens and answers. He promised. May be not in the way you wanted to be answered but He do what is good for you as He loves you 70 times more than a mother.Just have patience and faith in ALLAH.

    One thing more i think you are aware that this is a haram relationship as you are talking to a non-mahram so just try to control that and ask your family and his family to have a meeting or so just to clear the misunderstandings.

    I'll pray for you sister. Remember us in prayers as well.
    INSHAA ALLAH, ALLAH will help you, Stay Blessed.

    • thank you so much for ur suggestions and prayers
      yes i felt guilt as i knw its haram relationship 🙁 bt our intensions are not wrong wid each other as we r having long distance relationship nd wnts to get married inshallah

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