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Jinns in my sleep?

Jinn & Human sickness

As salam Alaikum Brothers and sisters in Islam.

I am 22 and I have been having sleep paralysis since when i was 11. At that time, it was mild scary dreams, and usually unrealistic. As i was growing older, it was becoming worst.  I started having sleep disturbances from hypnic jerks, to hearing visual sounds of cracking plates etc. At 20, i started having jinn dreams, the the sleep paralysis involved seeing a person or i feel presence of a persing sitting on my bed, or lying down next to me. I have done the jinn prayers (not ruqyah) and even used some wood herbs. It stops for a while then resume and become worst. I have sexual dreams sometimes and sometimes i feel presence when im alone. I also have dreams that im possessed by jinns or the like. Please help me with other things i can do to tackle my problem. Im a medical student and its really affecting me. I find it impossible to sleep alone and always have a panic attack when anything happens and i have to sleep alone.... i dont know if its sihr, jinn or the mixture of 2.


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  1. Salam .never fear.I have some good understanding of how the SHAITANS work and blk magic.You must take my advice.Do not associate with unqualified people besides sunni scholors .My wife is a scholor so we will are best.The most important thing in this world is the gift of Iman.when person learns dean correctly and understands his purpose of life.Nothing matters except the concern and worry that Muhammad PBUH had for humanity. That how each and everyone can be saved from the fire of Hell.My friend we have to attend many salahs at the musjid.This is the best place on earth.The reward for praying 5 times with Jamaat is great and relationship starts to build with Allah.The angels start to get familiar with you and you get the blessings in life provided you keep away from all types of haram...eating watching movies music talking to opposite sex basically watching yourself taking care of that heart because are eyes ears and mouth are channels to the heart....You must also read quran daily morning and evening .Be consistent. The SHAITANS hate this for it burns them.In order to remove any type of harm done on you. We shall read manzil.It is selected duas of the prophet.Read morning and evening daily for some time.It will protect you but be patient. SHAITAN WILL PLAY WITH YOUR HEAD SO KEEP READING. YOU WILL KNOW YOUR SITUATION. KEEP IN MIND WHEN READING MANZIL.YOU MUST NOT BE DISTURBED OR THROW YOUR ATTENTION ANYWHERE.IF YOU CANNOT READ PLAY MANZIL .GET FROM APP STORE OR YOUTUBE AND LISTEN WITH EARPHONES AND PLAY AUDIO .play it the night and the jinns will burn......Make sure you are in wudu...My friend master salah and Love quran .Remember quran and music don't mix...Also attend lectures ask questions and surround yourself with good muslims.You know if only people knew the greatness of this religion or way of life .We would be the most successful people on earth.The true success is Obeying the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH. OTHERWISE if we choose a life contrary to what Muhammad has brought we will live a life of hardship and Allah will fill our hearts with a thousand worries regardless if is the most intelligent person richest person president pope you name it.....So change your life and live a life that the duniya is chasing you.....Say AMEEN.. REMEMBER SUNNI MUSLIM IS THE CORRECT WAY AND LEARN ONE OF FOUR MAJOR SCHOOL OF THOUGHTS .THEY ARE ALL CORRECT.I FOLLOW IMAM HANIFI. I MYSELF WAS A REVERT STUDIED A LITTLE IN ENGLAND. BUT MY WIFE STUDY 7 YRS AS ISLAMIC SCHOLOR.WE MUST HELP THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED..BY THE WAY DON'T WORRY ABOUT THOSE JINNS ..THEY CANNOT COME CLOSE WHEN Allah is in the heart and tongue.....They like to feed on fear so be wise....Know your sleeping duas and learn ayatul kursi .Please don't let lazy overcome you this SHAITANS trap.Everything in life requires effort..peace out

  2. Assalamu alaikkum dear brothers and sisters,
    U hav to do take one bottle clean water
    Start with Alhamdulillai rabbil alameen
    Read 3 times al fatiha and blow in the water
    3 times ayathul kurshi
    Surah al araf 117-122 verses
    Surah yunus 79-82
    Surah taha 65-69
    3times surah iklas
    3 times Surah falaq
    3 times Surah naas
    Blow in the water
    And drink that water
    Apply some water in face
    Balance water use in ur bath
    Try this in sha Allah
    May Allah swt cure by his words

  3. Salam,
    I had a few horrible dreams like that where it felt like something evil was present and maybe going to hurt me waching right over me while I slept. I can't imagine having that kind of scare every night, how horrible. What I did was believed it wasn't real and that I had a few bad dreams and thats it, then poof no more bad dreams. It is all in your mind, just keep telling yourself it isn't real and that Allah will protect you. I know that sounds to simple but really your mind can play tricks on you. The power of thought is all it takes to accomplish a lot of things in life. I wish you the best and I hope you can get some good rest soon.

  4. Aside from doing your Islamic part of this. I recommend you see a doctor as well.

  5. Salam,

    I would suggest being regular in all your salah and if you can pray Tahajjud regularly as well. Please recite surah nas and falaq A LOT, inshallah this will help. Also, if you cant sleep at night get up and pray Tahajjud - everything after esha is consider Qiyaam al-Layl (The Night Prayer) after praying you should be able to fall asleep right away without any disturbance during the night inshallah. Also, remember to follow the sunnah before sleep, dua before sleeping - aytul kursi and the kuls like how the Prophets PBUH did it. Also, try reading your morning and evening azkar.

    AGAIN, read surah falaq and nas abundantly.

  6. Salam alikom,

    I had the exact same problem since the age of 14. It has always been on and off. All the symptoms and what you are experiencing, I had and still do time to time. I found that if you are in a house or place that negative energy, meaning a bad jinn or Full of shaitans then you will be affected. I will things even when I am awake. What helped? Is working on extending my faith, praying, listening to roquia el sharia and trying to not think too much about it and also not sleeping alone. I basically got married. Before, I lived alone, sharing flats which had jinns and they were attacking me, especially one specific flat I lived in. Even my good friend who was also my flatmate, muslim girl like me but who never experienced such thing. So one night I couldn't face to sleep alone, as I was frightened. Whatever was attacking me, attacked her too. She was really shocked. So, it is real. Do whatever you can, read el Mouhawidat, the protection sourates.
    It is not easy and it takes time to get better but be patient and consistent.

  7. OP: At 20, i started having jinn dreams, the the sleep paralysis involved seeing a person or i feel presence of a persing sitting on my bed, or lying down next to me. I have done the jinn prayers (not ruqyah) and even used some wood herbs. It stops for a while then resume and become worst. I have sexual dreams sometimes and sometimes i feel presence when im alone.

    Do you think a lot about Jinns and sex? Is the person sitting in your bed or lying down next to you is a man. Some times in dreams we see people we know. It is most likely your imagination that is making you see Jinns. Sleep paralysis happens to every one I think, but you tend to notice it because of your fearful nature. I hope you don't see your sexual dreams related to Jinns

    • I do see related to them. And alot more. I know about normal sleep paralysis but this is way Beyond normal

  8. Thank you so much brothers and sisters... im doing all that you've recommended and please dont forget a sister in your dua. Please and please put me in your dua for complete recovery . Thank you

    • Assalamu alaikum. I am a medical aspirant and for which I have to study late night. I had some breathing problems and couldn't sleep at night so I decided to not to sleep at night and to continue study till Fajr prayer and then sleep. The problem is that whenever I try to sleep or sleeping I feel heaviness in my chest and my body is shivering and scared in a very different manner because I feel like there's someone going to do something with me but I don't know who. I remember I was sleeping with my mom and felt the same so I took a (TASBEEH) and started reciting Allah's name but it still happens. I remember the symptoms :- I can't say anything or shout , I can't move at that attack,... And it stops only when I stand suddenly and this is so dangerous for me to stand all of a sudden in sleep.... I was diagnosed with Anaemia and some infections a year ago and I am taking black seed and all..... Please help me how to overcome this attack.

  9. Insha Allah we will make dua for you sister.

    Quran has medicine for everything sister. You should follow those adkar while sleeping as suggested by a brother. Additionally, please follow these if you are still undergoing the same problem..

    1.Say "La ilaha illa antha subuhana ka illa antha innee kunthu mina dhaalimeen" 40 times after subah salah.

    2. Read 102nd verse of Sura Al Bakara 7 times everyday and blow to water and drink that water. Refer to the thafseer of this verse you will understand why it can defeat any shatanic disturbances. Increase Salah and good deeds.

    May Allah protect u sister.

    Pray for us

  10. Dear Sir,

    i often see jinn in my dreams, specially in old section of our house. even once i see a giant jinn is feeding something (most probebly Haram) to me. can you please explain it to me?


    • Allah knows best. I can think of a few explanations. Maybe there really is a jinn in the old part of your house. Or maybe you've been reading or hearing about jinns and your subconscious is expressing your worry through dreams. Just stay on your salat, recite Quran in the house regularly, and do not commit any haram in the house.

      Wael Editor

    • Faisal: i often see jinn in my dreams, specially in old section of our house. even once i see a giant jinn is feeding something (most probebly Haram) to me. can you please explain it to me?

      How old are you? At what age did you start seeing Jinns? Is there any one one else living living in the same house and seen that Jinn?

      Do you have other problems like severe depression, OCD, anxiety etc?

    • seeing jins in your dreams doesnt alwasy mean that you are possessed by jin, as seeing jins have many various interpretations. We mainly regard jin dreasm as being possesed , but it isnt always like that. these dreams have also many other interpretations.
      But if you doubt a presence in your house then no need to be scared , If there is such presence in your house then you should notice other things too such as do you see snakes, lot of insects , and something weird i your home that you havent seen before. put your trust in Allah swt. Read surah baqrah on daily basis , keep your home clean always, recite zikr and quls always , and donot interfere with these creations , leave them to their own. There's no need to think about these things. If Allah dosent will it to harm you, it wont harm you .

      • Put your trust in Allah and recite manzzil shareef in your home along with your family, manzil kills such type of asrat/

      • Personally I do not believe jinn possession is possible. I find no evidence of it in Islam. I think cases of so-called jinn possession are just the superstitions of ignorant people who do not understand or recognize mental illness.

        Wael Editor

        • Wael, can't believe you've allowed this guy SVS to stay on this website this long. Have you seen this guy's comments on sex related questions? This guy is a very very sick pervert!, He is not even a Muslim. Just read his answers carefully and you'll understand how sick this guy is.

          • Some of his answers are a bit odd, I agree. But others are good. Can you point me to any specific comment that is inappropriate or "perverted"?


        • I'll do that. Meanwhile, you give me one answer where he uses one single Ayah or a Hadith.

          JazakAllah Khair.

  11. Asalaam O'Alaikum HopesAreHigh,

    I can relate with you with the sleep paralysis part, and yes, they are extremely terrifying because they seem too real. We often mistaken the dream with reality; did it happen or was it a dream?

    As for the Jinn part, I cannot relate. And I think this may have to do with your subconscious. Are you constantly thinking about Jinns? Are you scared easily?

    I noticed when I would get sleep paralysis (this was years back) I would be very extremely exhausted. I wouldn't be getting enough sleep, or food, or time to breathe.

    I was also often disturbed by my thoughts which consumed my mind too. My student life, family life and financial life often left me thinking "how will I survive all of this?". These thoughts lead to a lot of dark thoughts which made me depressed. I would be terrified to go to sleep because I knew I would have to face my sleep paralysis again and get scared. I would see scary images, hear scary sounds, I would see someone is on my bed or sleeping like RIGHT beside me, I would hear breathing noises or the wall in front of me turning into something different right before me. I once saw a girl sitting on my chair with very dark and long hair.


    I started thinking positive, my life at the time also made a positive change (which is now no longer there) and I would do a lot of work outs and yoga which helped me stay positive. I made the change myself because I know I would have to help myself, no one else will help me. They can only guide me.

    This greatly impacted my life and I started seeing positive results, I stopped getting sleep paralysis. I also grew closer to Deen, I prayed more on time and I would constantly ask Allah for guidance and I still so.

    You mentioned you are a medical student, I just think you are very stressed out. Try working out more, get involved with physical sports and activities like kung fu or karate.

    Also, keep yourself close to Allah. Keep yourself away from haram, keep up with cleansiness, recite a lot of duas and Astagfar.

    Make positive changes in your surroundings.

    Good luck! I hope Allah brings your life at ease InshAllah.

    Much love,

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