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Long Distance Marriage? Confused and Lost


Asalam Alaikum

This is my first ever post and I don't really know how to write this so please forgive me.
I am a 18-year-old muslim girl and recently I met this guy online and we have gotten close. He is 22, and all we talk about is Islam he has taught me so much.
We want to get married but we have a big problem. He lives in USA and I live in the UK. We both want to marry each other, we are at the right age and there is no need for delays. He is perfect for me, we are very compatible. We both have the same goals.
Our problem is distance and if we do marry both of us are attending university for 3 years so we cant move to each others country. My plan is to move to the US after University but i dont know? Im so confused. We want to marry each other but we are lost we need to find a solution before we tell our parents.
What should we do? please help. We really want it to work and keep it halal. We do not ever talk about anything haram he is a good muslim man and I am a good muslim women, he respects me a lot. I have never felt a connection like this with anyone, I have never trusted anyone the way I trust him. Please can somone tell me how we can make it work. We want to get married as soon as we can he is already 22 and we dont want haram to happen between us. We dont love each other because we dont think love happens before marriage only after marriage. Inshallah we get married but please give me some advise on how we can make it work. I have made dua to Allah Swt to help guide us.

Many thanks


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  1. Inform your parents and ask him to inform his parents, then during the holidays meet up with (with your wali there as well) and get married in a mosque. Once you have finished university then you can arrange a bigger celebration with food and stuff.

    There is really no point in waiting , but that's my opinion others may advise you with the typical "oh hes just using" nonsense.

  2. Tell your parents if you are truly wanting to be with this man, keep it open and honest, and then your parents can help you.

    Both of you need to do that. Have you even met eachother? Please be cautious, there are many many many many creeps out there. This is the problem with long distance, they are so nice from far because you chatted with them. And then later you meet , live with them and find them horrible!

    Be cautious, tell your parents now! If he is honest and is a good muslim, he will do the same, if he wants to creep around and just chat, then get will insist on you being his little secret.

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