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Is it really over between us?

Assalamu alaikum,

Sorry for so much writing. I'm really confused. I don't know what to do.

I'm always praying to Allah to show me the right path. Are my dreams therefore from Allah, or are they from Satan or jinn?? I know I've been suffering from a lover jinn for several years.

You see, I had a relation with a man but he suddenly got married to another woman. I did Istikhara after that and one day I had a dream that I am asking that man to marry me and he said yes. I asked "when," but he didn't answer.

A few days later I saw a dream in which there was a friend of that man named Sabur. Someone is telling me that the friend got whatever he wanted by praying tahajjud. A few months later I again saw a dream in which someone said "pray tahajjud."

So one night I decided not to pray tahajjud exactly, but something woke me up and I felt like making dua. It was raining heavily and I was so sleepy that I couldn't open my eyes, but something kept waking me up. So I sat down and made dua and I feel like my dua has been accepted.

The man I wanted to marry had a sister who died few years before. After her death he become very rude. I saw this sister in a dream. I was complaining to her about him being rude to me and she told me to be patient!

What does this mean?


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  1. I think this means you're still thinking alot about him and you need to let go

  2. Asalamualaykum Sister Tanzila,

    I essentially think the same thing as helper.

    You obviously still have feelings for this man, and that hasn't changed since he got married. There's not much you can do about it, aside from pray to Allah that you will find someone better. Try to keep yourself busy with your passions and ambitions, and you may find yourself thinking of him less and less.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with the fact that you still love this man...we can't control what we feel necessarily, but it would be wrong if you initiated any kind of contact with him. He is married, and that might give him ideas, his wife stress, and Shaytan a game to play. The only exception is if you live in a country that allows polygamy and your parents can see if the brother and his first wife is ok with that. But I can't necessarily recommend that course of action, as it is very complicated.

    I do understand this situation of yours very well and believe me when I say that I think it's best for you to either let go or, if you can't, put your love energy into your work and dreams where it can be beneficial.



  3. Tanzila, as-salamu alaykum.

    1. The man you wanted to marry is already married. Let him go. He is not the one for you.

    2. You do not have a jinn lover. This is superstitious nonsense.

    3. Worry less about your nighttime dreams, and focus more on living a productive life. Eat well, exercise, study hard if you are in school, do well in your job, take care of yourself, pray your salat, read Quran, etc.

    Wael Editor

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