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Recently my father had a stroke(heart attack). He was admitted to ICU and had to stay for 5 days. My mother had taken loan from other families to help my father's treatment. And after my father got well he came home The doctor reports says that due to high blood sugar level his valved got blocked and his heart condition is weak. mashallah after my father got a little well he says my mother did nothing for him and he had got this stroke because of her and her kids. so what suggestions do you have for this issue. First, what is the role of his wife in getting role. Second, what the husband did was right or wrong. Third, what reply can be given this type of people. Also my father says that what good has happend was just because of his parent and siblings, not his wife and kids. Because of his wife and kids he has been cursed and he got heart attack. also he says that he is feeding us he is doing haram and if he feeds his parents he will go to jannah.

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  1. Salam,

    You haven't given us enough context in order for us to give you advice. The way you way you have narrated this story comes across as your father being an ungrateful man. Who rather just blame people instead of praising them. He comes across as a emotional manipulative man. And the awful things he says has to stop , someone with this kind of personality traits does not end up in heaven.

  2. Sounds like my husband, after 16 years I've learnt to shut up, put up and ignore his behaviour with great patience. Theirs no talking to some people in life, don't bother.

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