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I saw examples from the Quran as a result of my Istikhara

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Last month I posted about my marriage issues and was given advice here to separate.

I have been doing Istikhara for a while now. At first I did it from the Quran and found the Ayat from Surah al-Ahzaab where hazrat Zaid was asking the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) about divorcing Hazrat Zaynab. I think it was a clear sign.

However, I tried doing Istikharah again for seven nights and saw someone asking me to read Surah Ar-Rehman the first night.

I am not sure of the interpretations of these results and wanted to ask someone who has knowledge of Istikharah.

Jazak Allah Khair for all your help.


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  1. Salam brother/sister

    Masha Allah your dreams seem to be so so beautiful regardless of the interpretation! You must be performing your istikhara in a good and proper way. May I please ask how you performed your istikhara and for how long??? Also I will pray that Allah guides you to whatever decision is best for you. I am in a similar position. May Allah make it easier for us both.

    I may be wrong but i think the dream interpretation book of Ibn Sirin is fantastic and it is also available on google. But we are advised that only certain highly qualified religious scholars can interpret dreams. I think it's very important along with istikhara to do research and ask of other's opinions who are most trustworthy.

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