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What are the steps to take when you have insulted your husband and now regret it?

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I know begin rude or insulting your husband is a sin. Despite that, out of anger I insulted him and he was crushed. The result being, he does not trust me anymore, thinks I do not respect him, so whatever my actions are for him, like making food for him, taking care of him is infact hurting him as he thinks i am now doing this because I have to. Can anyone tell me what steps should I take now. I realize I have done wrong. However I am clueless how to win his heart back or if at all I will be able to.


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  1. Salam sister,

    I understand your feeling. It’s only worse when you start feeling guilty about you did and said.
    Your frustration and anger should never take the best of you. If you have said sorry to him and he accepted the apology then there is no reason for him to behave in such a way. I guess it will only take a few more days before things settles.

    All the best.

  2. Marriage is a trial. Both of you should know this. You insulted your husband, but your post was not clear about what you said. Some men are insulted if their wife simply disagrees with them about a football team, if they don't like a gift purchased or speaks up when she may feel she is being treated poorly. Tell your husband once more that you realize your mistake, ask for his forgiveness and that is that. If he keeps bringing it up and making a big deal about it, then he is the person who is wrong. As if he never hurt someone else's feelings. Based on what I have read over and over at Islamic marriage sites, and also know from personal experience, some men use the shortcomings of their wife to their advantage. That is also wrong.

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