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Afraid of Punishment of Allah

i committed a major sin( fornication/adultery) nearly about 2 years back. I really feel worse and cry alot. I wish I haven't done it. I really cry and afraid of the punishment of Allah. I don't know whether i will be forgiven or not. I am really of what i had done. I was with a friend with whom i committed this sin. I left him afterwards. But it was all my fault.

I think i am suffering about anxiety and depression from that day. I am really ashamed. I am not happy and in stress all the time. Lots and lots of thoughts in my head. I feel like i would not be forgiven. My life is end now.

i can't give kafarah of this sin because the girl with whom i committed adultery was unknow to me and the place was also unknown.

I really cry alot and ask allah for forgiveness.

i just want to be happy and live a peaceful life with my parents but the past really haunts me.

And i am also afraid of death or dying and all the time think about mu death.

please help me and give me the right advice.


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  1. Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Make lots of dua and express your regret through repentance constantly and do not despair because Allah, The Almighty and All-Loving, loves those who repent. That is why he created humans who have free will and the ability to sin even when he already owned angels who naturally obeyed him. He wants us to sin and repent. Repent all day and the night is more special for Allah, The Most Beneficent and to Whom ALL Glory belongs, loves those who stay up late and repent: use your taraweeh prayers and dua. Use your Fajr dua. Praying 2 rakats after the sun has completely risen after you have completed your Fajr prayer and have waited for the sun to rise, is a sunnah of the profit. Strive to show Allah how much we are in need of His Mercy because even if we tried, we could never be forgiven or rewarded on our own efforts and merits without Allah's Mercy.

    In sha Allah, we will make dua for you. May Allah guide us all and forgive any mistakes we have made so that we may die a successful death with His name on our tongue and we beg Allah for His Mercy and Protection from the Punishment in the grave, The Day of Judgement, Sijjeen and the Eternal Hellfire. May Allah reward us with His Mercy and Guidance and Love and Bounty and may He Guide our families and us on the straight path of those who are and were righteous to Jannah. May Allah shade us with the shade of His Majestic and Divine Throne and May Allah make us one of the 70,000 with the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon him and may he be granted the highest rank in Jannah in sha Allah, who enter Jannah without any judgement. Yah Allah, Yah Rabb, make us one of them.

  2. Brother, don't for a second doubt Allah SWT immense forgiveness. Even if your sins reached the skies He would forgive you. If there were a people on the earth that didn't sin, He would replace them with those who did and repented. According to one narraration a prostitute was forgiven due to a small act of kindness she showed to a street animal. You're post is oozing sorrow and regret. You clearly feel terrible about what you did, repent sincerely and change yourself and I have no doubt in my mind that Allah will forgive you. But use this as a lesson to become devout in all aspects of your life, your character, your Ibadah, your relations with others, your charity etc. and I pray that Allah SWT raises your ranks in the akhirah.

  3. don't limit the forgiveness of Allah ask Allah for his forgiveness and Allah will surely forgive you as long as you ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart

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