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Do I forgive him or not..????

Asslaam walikum to all...

I m a 3rd yr student.. And I fall in love when i was in 1yr. I loved a Muslim boy and till now I love him.. It was very complicated relationship.. He proposed me 1st.. After few days  i accepted his proposal.. When I admit my love towards him.. I was so happy.. Bcz I love the feeling of love.. I trust on him.. I gave my best to him. In our relationship. .. Aftr 6 mnths he left the collage.. And we had a long distance relationship.. He always ignored me.. But he says that he was busy.. All the time.. And I should make trust on him..  Nd i did.. I feel like i had a addiction of him.. I cried.. Alweys.. Plzz give me ur time.. Nd he alweys shouted on me.. I was busy. Nd gave me so many reason..  And told me that if I luv him than I should trust on him..

Last 2 yrs were my worse yr ever in my life.. I suffered so much bcz of him.. But in spite of i luv him.. Nd give my best.. He always said in last tht he luv me.. Nd i trusted on him..

But finally a girl called me and told about her relationship with my bf.. After that when I asked him he told me about his other relationship.. Which was running about last 1 yr...  He manage 2 relationship at same time ...

So many things now I got.. Which I can't tell anyone.. About him.. He break my heart.. My trust.. And alweys lies to me.. Cheated me..

Nw he said that i m sorry.. Plzz forgive me.. If u forgive me.. Thn may be allah will forgive him...

He want to spent his life with that another girl... He left me..

Plzzzzsuggest  me what should I do.. Forgive him or nt.. I can't hate him.. Bcz Allah knows very well that how much I love him.. Bt wht should I do according to allah ...

Forgive him or not..??


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  1. Aslamualaikum sis,

    You must forgive him. Not just because you love him but keep in mind that you are forgiving him becaise ALLAH love those who forgive others. In this way you will also get ALLAH's blessing.

    And also may ALLAH bless you with some otjer guy who love you more than you did him. Amen and that guy must be your husband not boyfriend. You have tried what you van do and here are results. Now let your parents decide this for you. IN SHA ALLAH you will be happier than ecer. May ALLAH bless u. Ameen.

    Maharban Gohar

  2. Hi.

    You should leave him today. You were meant to be much more than this. Your parents brought you up with so much attention and love and that's how you are meant to be treated.

    I can guarantee that you will always feel miserable being with this person. Start investing time in Islam and in your family. Let them find you a suitor.

    I know this is easy to say compared to following it, but its worth it.

    Allah knows best.


  3. Asalamoalaikum,

    Right now dear sister, you need to take care of yourself. You need to get away as far as you can from this man. He's brought you unhappiness and in the future would have given you more grief and stress. Forgiveness is a completely different matter and comes much later on when a person has healed from within. Forgiveness is not forced so no, you don't need to forgive him right now but you do need to start loving and respecting yourself.

    Cut all ties with this person, move on, forgive yourself and seek Allah swt's forgiveness for transgressing and insha Allah with time you'll see forgiving him or not won't even matter to you.

    -Hopeful Sister

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