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My parents dont accept him

Hello may peace and blessing be brought to you all.


I would greatly appreciate it if someone can give me advice


i have been talking to a guy for about a year now and he is Catholic I am Muslim ...

my mom and dad found out that I was talking to him and got in trouble my parents said they would never accept of him because he isn’t Muslim and because he is Mexican and to young (18) And because he isn’t wealthy ... but I know of many cases where someone gets married to someone of so much wealth and they end up having nothing or the opposite... Allah said that no one can make you happy unless they have character and faith ...

he does have good character and he said that he is willing to convert he fasted Ramadan with me and he wasn’t a Muslim I know he would convert.. and I told him that if we ever have kids they have to be Muslims he said that’s okay with him. He understands that I will be committing a sin if I marry him and he isn’t Muslim so he is willing to convert for me.


now my parents don’t accept of this because they think he isn’t going to be a good Muslim they want someone who has been practicing Islam since birth but sometimes someone who just changed into Islam has better faith than someone who was born Muslim I know of many cases where a Muslim born doesn’t even pray astagfurallah may allah protect us all.

If allah said let them get married If they have good character and faith then I don’t know why my parents can’t accept... (age, Mexican, isn’t Muslim but willing to convert)

He is going to go pray at the mosque Friday’s To try to prove to my dad he is serious abt being a Muslim and wanting me .. and then he is going to ask my dad for me if my dad says no should I ask for an Imam or shaik to marry us with out my parents permission?


Plz help

Allah knows what’s best he is the best of planners

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  1. Why you asking us? Seems like your minds made up and your looking for approval, some one to agree with you and be on your side.

    Do what you want!

  2. Salam sis,

    Don’t marry him. Converted Muslims are better when they embrace Islam knowing it is the only True religion. He is willing to convert just only for you. You never know what will happen later. I had a non-Muslim country mate, he had married a Muslim girl from another country. He had changed his religion for her. But he was never been practicing. He would pray, when only she is present. I am not saying yours will be the same. But I don’t recommend you to marry a non-music.
    I don’t see any fault on your parents, they are right.

    Allah knows best

  3. Salam sister.
    After reading your story that you really wonna marry him no matter what. What do you mean by he’s converting for you? That shows your parents are right about him not to be a good Muslim. You might be thinking why is that? Because he’s converting for you not for Allah. He’s not going to convert from inside no matter what he says and you will see after marriage and you will regret it. I’m talking from my experience, my wife did the same thing, I refused to marry her coz of religion she converted was learning Quran Salat everything and once we had child she said she don’t want our child to follow Islam and then I told her what we decided and spoke before marriage and she replied me with “that she have right to change her mind” and we ended up having divorce.
    If you marry who’s already revert and not for you but for Allah that’s different but your case is clear that he just want you no matter what but life after marriage is different so sister don’t play with your life. And don’t compare a non Muslim to a Muslim even a Muslim person never prays but he/she still Muslim better then a non Muslim in every way, have faith on Allah. you can say a Muslim person who doesn’t pray is not practicing but can’t compare to a non Muslim. You are finding a faults in a non practicing Muslim because you are in love with a non Muslim.
    You are not going to like what I said I know it’s harsh but that’s truth, I don’t wonna see anyone where I was standing 2 years ago. Allah knows best and he’s to decide and know what is in our hearts.
    Kind regards

  4. If he's converting solely to get married to you, then you should fear Allah. A convert is someone who has studied the religion and is certain Allah is God and Muhammad is his messenger. Just because this man has fasted in Ramadan doesnt mean he's ready to convert. He should speak to an imam or someone knowledable about the Deen before making a sound decision. Converting isn't an easy matter or converts. He many lose his family, friends etc. If he's already know financially stable, who will help him support you? If he converts for you, who's to say he won't leave Islam just ad easily? And if he does, where does that leave you? Without any familial support, and divorced. You have to really consider all thee matters as marriage isn't an easy step as you describe it to be. Also, if a man isn't financially stable, it's best he remains unmarried. In Islam, a woman's right includes to be comfortable financially under the arms of her husband. You should take your parents advice into consideration, and may Allah find you someone better.

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