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Help, am I in a haram relationship?

bad love

salam alekum ,im a young muslim girl of 18 years old who fell in love with my best friemd (M) met on internet.

I know him since 3 yrs and he brought me closer to my deen helping me to end a relationship with  a non muslim. he is a good guy ,strong in his Faith and who follows Sunnah for ex. he stopped smoking, he does not do riba or alcohol drugs or zina or etc. i mean he is trust worthy. i really admire him cuz he always Trust Allah's Subhan Wa Tala no matter what he is going through and i feel Allah testing him through these trials.

he wants to marry me because he sees me as pure,innocent and patient . he wants to marry me the quicker possible to have children with me but we cant touch this argument with my parents cuz he is in egypt n im a Black african living in EU . and i dont want to make our relationship unblessed or more haram .

plz help me, i want to obey Allah and make my boyfriend my husband. but my parents never talked about marriage because they see me as a baby who needs first to finish college n work before marriage.

How can i touch this argument with my boyfriend and if we decide not to talk for these 3 years how can we keep contact? i want to have a blessed marriage n please our Creator the most so plz advise me?

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  1. Assalaamualaykum Enlightenments,

    You haven't really mentioned if the brother you are interested in has also expressed an interest in marriage. Only that you two are communicating regularly, which you should stop doing if he is not interested in taking the next step of proposing. You could tell him outright that you are not interested in further communication until he intends marriage.

    I think you should tell your parents. I know it will be very hard, as they haven't talked about marriage with you, but that's the only way you'll find out what's really in their mind about it. Maybe they could get in touch with his parents.

    Please pray the Salat Al-Istikhara, for which you can find information in the blue menu at the top of this page. In the dua following the 2-rakah prayer, you ask Allah to ease and bless marriage for you if that is what's best for you, and to turn it away from you if it's not. You can't go wrong!



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