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Asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu everyone. I'm going to get a nikkah done with a girl I dearly love. And we love each other for the sake of Allah. There are many temptations between us but we keep away so neither of us end up committing zinaa. Her parents would be ready to get our nikkah done right now. But my parents are not because they say I'm too young. 21. Even though it is known that you should get married at the age where you think differently about the other sex. Me and this girl do not want to keep committing sins. And the reason for this nikkah is so that our parents stop getting sins and so we can talk and communicate the halal way. The intentions are right. And no, this nikkah is not being done to have sex. We can bring two witnesses but the wali cannot be present for this. Allah is the judge. All I want to know is If this marriage will be valid or not? Because in all honesty Allah knows what is in our hearts and our intentions. Jazakalla khair for any responses.


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  1. Dear Brother

    Parents on both sides must agree for a valid nikaah.

    It is usually the parents of girl who are more hesitant to arrange nikaah with a young boy with no job. I am surprised that if you managed to convince the girl's parents of your suitability(the hardest part), then how come you are unable to convince your own parents.

    I suspect that there are further reasons for your parents disagreement other than your young age. You must tell us the whole story. For a suitable advice, we need to know about the following.

    1. Do your parents want you to marry someone else?

    2. Do your parents dislike the family of your female partner?

    3. How does your nikaah affect your career i.e. will it distract you from your study or career goals or


    • Brother for a valid nikah girl's father called wali should be present along with two witnesses ...if boy's parents are absent then nikah will be still valid .. in your case girl's father is agreeing for this martiage so it is cool for you ...please remember marriage is a big commitment and not easy especially if you are unemployed and can't support wife financially ...

  2. Dear SoldierOfDeen:

    Assalamo Alaikom!
    I think there is no question as to the validity of your would-be marriage if you get married with that girl in the absence of the consent of your parent. What is essential in the Islamic Marriage is the authority and/ or consent of the bride's Wali. For as long as you have meet the other essential requisites of marriage of which the Offer and Acceptance is freely given, then you don't have to worry about the validity of your marriage. Allah knows best.
    Mohammad Khalil

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