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I am not homophobic and I support LGBT. How much of a sinner am I?

Homosexuality in Islam

Asslamualaikum everyone,

I hope you all are doing well by the grace of Allah. Jazakallahu Khair to the community of this website for setting up such an obliging page. I'm a 16 year old female and I want to talk about my new "obsession" that has been driving me crazy with guilt. Scratch that. Not obsession but my guilty pleasure.

We all know the story of the people of Sodom who were homosexual and Allah had sent Lut (AS) to guide them to the right path. Homosexuality is haram in Islam. Needless to say, ever since I was young I've disliked homosexuals in my community. I felt disgusted and often mocked the homosexual kids in my class that were "too much" in love. Because I knew it was haram.

I knew it was haram to be gay or lesbian. But is it haram to LIKE OR OBSESS over gays? Now that I'm growing up, I'm learning about new things (thanks to school and the internet) and ever since I got into kpop (Korean music) my perspective of viewing the world changed. I began adoring gays and reading fanfictions,watching movies all about gays. Frankly, I have even kicked the idea of being straight. Or homosexual. It's like all I want to do is SHIP GAYS and die. Ridiculous I know. But they're unimaginably adorable. My friends have remarked on my recent changes about how I don't join them when they're talking about boys. I don't dig the straight stuff. And when my mom talks about my marriage, all I do is shut myself up in my room.

Funny part is....I'm not even lesbian. Unfortunately,thanks to my community, my female cousins and friends have often showed interest in me. They asked for things like "let's kiss on the lips,just once,I'm sure it isn't haram. Let's consider it affection. Or experiment"

To be honest,my community doesn't have a lot of open homosexuals but "secret" homosexuals who wants to have fun. But my case is entirely different.


You name it: BTS,EXO,Big Bang---but I feel so guilty too. My friends have said no it's not wrong since I'm just shipping a couple of boys on the internet who stay at least 5 ocean's away from me. I'm just shipping them because I'm open minded to every race or sexuality. But I am not one of them.

But why do I feel guilty and pleasurable at the same time??

Also,I have a huge obsession over music. I always take this initiative that "No Jumana,you're gonna stop listening today" but BAM! It comes back again. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's struggling with music,but any tips?

Moreover my mom is upset since I'm a hafiza,and I'm losing grip over my Quran. And I'm ashamed to admit it's true. Help please?



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  1. Sister you need to start thinking how you used to in the past again. You shouldn't hate homosexuals as people but rather hate the sin. Remember it is a grave sin and as a muslim we shouldn't show love or sympathy towards this kind of behaviour. Allah dislikes it so we should dislike it. It does sound like shaytaan has played with your mind and started to make you feel like this. He knows that it displeases Allah and when people turn against Allah's commands, this is what pleases the shaytaan. So please don't let him win and as you said you are a women who has memorised the book and direct words of Allah. Don't let that slip from you. You are fortunate and blessed to have memorised it where many are trying so hard to achieve this. Turn back to Allah, listen and recite the Qur'an often and slowly the desire of music will go away from your mind and these thoughts will be combated. But you need the Qur'an in your life every day. Read it, study it, develop the connection with Allah and InShaaAllah you will come out of this trial. May Allah make it easy for you and all those who are being trialled with this sin and give everyone the ability to turn back to Allah and his religion of Islam. Ameen

    • Jazakallahu khair for such nice words 🙂 if only developing these words into actions could be done in a split second,brother this life would've been so much easier.
      To begin with, I'm just gonna put this here, something inside me is trying to fight you saying "No! Supporting homosexuality is fine!! They are humans too, if a girl gets to love a boy then a boy gets to love a boy too!! What about all those people who are muslims and homo at the same time? Don't they deserve to love? Or are you saying just because they're Muslims they should remain single forever? Or better yet,they should suicide because they don't fit in society? Does it hurt to provide those gays and lesbians out there with love amd support? I'm not saying I wanna be one of them but I'm just saying I wanna be beside them....just to show I care"
      But you know what brother? I won't say any of these because I'm aware of the devil inside me that's forcing me to like lgbt.
      Yet I can't help it homosexuals and express my fondness towards gays.
      Moreover, do you know kpop?
      If you do,you'll understand why its hard for me to leave music.
      Pray for me.

  2. OP: I OBSESS OVER GAY KOREAN COUPLES LIKE CRAZY.....But why do I feel guilty and pleasurable at the same time??

    What do you find pleasurable?

    • Umm...this question is similar to asking why do porn addicts like watching porn.
      No actually what I really mean by "pleasurable" is the excitement you get when you fall in love. I don't want to get involved but I want to see boys together. I don't mean sex or anal copulation but simply holding hands,hugging and showing affection to each other.
      I'm just different than you,or I mean other people in general. They find a straight couple cute,I find a gay couple cute.
      So basically, I find seeing gay couples together pleasurable

      • Jumana Samaira: but simply holding hands,hugging and showing affection to each other.

        Nothing wrong with holding hands, hugging, showing affection (non-sexual), you should not be feeling guilty.
        Why don't you like a heterosexual couple doing same things. What is so special about gays doing that?

      • Jumana Samaira: I don't want to get involved but I want to see boys together.... my female cousins and friends have often showed interest in me. They asked for things like "let's kiss on the lips just once,I'm sure it isn't haram. Let's consider it affection. Or experiment".....

        Do you mean you don't enjoy watching girl's together, just boys? Do you think it is OK for your cousins and friends to kiss on lips for affection or experiment?

        There is nothing wrong in being different like being supportive of LGBT rights. One does not need to be gay to support human rights for gays.

        • Honey I didn't say it is okay to kiss ME on the lips for affection. That's because I'm not lesbian.
          But I wouldn't mind seeing two homosexuals kissing each other as long as it isn't me.
          Yeah and I'm not really fond of lesbians that much, I just like gays.
          I feel like no one is getting the picture. And I'm still confused as hell.
          I am not a lesbian. I just like gays. I wanna know if it's haram to read gay fanfictions and watching gay movies instead of normal straight ones. Thats all. I'm not getting involved. I just like boys getting involved. One more reason I'm so supportive of lgbt is out of extreme compassion. It breaks my heart to know that people are suiciding,are depressed just because they can't love who they want to in society.
          Moreover, to your 2nd message, heterosexual couples are fine I'm not saying if I see a boy and a girl together I'm going to go kill them out of displeasure. All I'm saying is....seeing hetero everywhere is boring!! I mean...imagine how would it be if there were gays,lesbians,bisexuals and straight people living together in harmony! Our world would be so colourful.
          But I know Islam doesn't allow this so today im an asexual girl.

          • why dont you wish to have peace between Jews and Muslims and other nations instead of seeing and wanting love for LGBT
            why do you want to see two persons performing intimate acts?
            stop reading stupid fictions they are useless would only waste your time.
            secondly if you dont want to change nobody can change you instead of defending yourself here and not listening to anyone its better not to ask such question again it would only waste your time and time of those who are in some serious trouble.

            you are clear you are not against it. fine ! end of topic why do u want to go ahead of this wanting to promote the message of love in the form of homosexuality ,encouraging others to perform who are stuck in the middle if there are right or wrong, are you aware that you will increase your sins by promoting a haram act
            in the end its your life, your matter, your deeds and you will bear the burden of your deeds in the Akhirah we can only advise you.

          • Sugar Monroe...
            You're really mean.
            I don't like the tone of your reply.
            I wanna go show tis to my mom but I cant since shes gonna be disappointed on the topic Im talking on.
            And if your name "sugar monroe" anyhow represents Marilyn Monroe, let me tell you this,she was lesbian too. Stop using her name then!
            Am I promoting a haram act??
            Really habibi, Im just a young girl who's confused and I came here to find an answer!!
            Isnt this why they set up this website??
            I really dont like how you're saying it. Advice's are given in a pleasant way.
            Anyway, I never said I dont want peace between Jews and Muslims. Of course I do. I also want peace between you and me. Islam means peace doesn't it?
            Im not against it of course...All I wanted to know was is it wrong to like them and support them without being one of them....
            I'm sorry if my question offended you.
            I was confused so I came here...thats all.

        • If someone watches gay porn and their Muslim but they stop will they go to hell?

  3. Assalamalaikum.

    It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) cursed effeminate men and masculinised women and said: “Expel them from your houses.”
    Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5436

    Abu Sa'id As-Su'luk said, "There will be some people who will be called sodomites in this Ummah (nation). They are of three kinds: some who just gaze, others who just shake hands, and the last who commit the abominable act.”

    Looking at a woman or a juvenile out of sexual excitement is adultery as mentioned in the following hadith: "A man commits adultery with his eyes when he looks at a strange woman,' the adultery of the ears is listening to sexual dialogue, adultery of the tongue is talking about sex,' the adultery of the hand is to catch which is unlawful,' and the adultery of the feet is going towards a strange woman; the heart ardently desires adultery,' and the sexual organs confirm or contradict the act.” Therefore, the righteous men stress the necessity of keeping away from juveniles. AI-Hasan Ibn Zakwan said, "Do not be accustomed to sit with the wealthy men's kids since they are good looking like the virgin ladies. They might be more fascinating than women.”

    One of the earlier scholars also said, "I do not fear a beast of prey when attacking a devout young man. I just fear a juvenile when sitting with him." More than that he said, 'A man should not sleep with a juvenile together." It is unlawful for a man as scholars argued, to stay alone with a juvenile in a house, a shop or a bathroom as in the case of men and women. Among juveniles are those who may be more beautiful than women. He may be most fascinating. It is easy
    to justify what you do of evil with him than is with a woman. Therefore, such deep feelings are most likely unlawful. Numerous maxims of the early Muslims were postulated as warnings from keeping near of them. Once, Sufyan Ath- Thawri entered a public bath and the a hand some boy entered after him. Sufyan said, "Get him out because when ever I see a woman I see a Devil but whenever I see a handsome boy I see a group of devils."

    A man visited Imam Ahmad accompanied with a handsome boy. Imam Ahmad said, "Who is that?" The man replied, "My nephew." Imam Ahmad said, "Do not come again with him. Nor should you walk with him lest the people who do not know you think something bad about you. When the delegate of `Abdel-Qays came to the Prophet (pbuh) there was a handsome juvenile with them. The Prophet (pbuh) made him sit behind his back and said, "The trial of Dawud pertained to the gaze.” It was said that the look is message of adultery. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Eye-looking is a poisonous arrow of Satan and whoever gives it up for the sake of Allah, he will feel the joys of Worship which will persist until the Day of Judgement.”

  4. “And come not near to unlawful sex. Verily, it is a Faahishah (i.e. anything that transgresses its limits: a great sin), and an evil way (that leads one to hell unless Allaah Forgives him)”

    [al-Isra’ 17:32]

    And (remember) Loot (Lot), when he said to his people: Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the ‘Aalameen (mankind and jinn)?”

    [al-A’raaf 7:80]

    When Allaah mentioned zina, He described it as a “great sin” (faahishah – indefinite) among other great sins, but when He mentioned homosexuality, He called it “the worst sin” (al-faahishah – definite). This suggests that it contains all the essence of evil and sin.

  5. You're only 16 and yet to young to think sensible.
    I guess this all craze is just temporary .
    What you've to do is not watch such videos again , don't think about homosexuality, because if you keep thinking about this nonsense , you'll turn into one .
    One who admires homosexuality is admiring fahaashah.
    What do u think that the guys in videos are real gays and has real love ? No , they're only paid to do such and such , they'll do it with animals too if they were promised to paid, does this mean you'll also support such rubbish with animals ?
    Distance yourself from this all and don't defend yourself as it's their right and they're humans and you find them lovely etc etc , you know yourself it's wrong so stop deceiving yourself and accept that it's wrong to admire such unlawful unnatural activities invented by kuffar.
    Leave the homosexual people to their own , let Allah deal and let him be judge , why are you trying to interfering in such things which you've no idea of ?

    • .....Because they are cute,I guess.
      So all of you are saying that,even if Im not a homo but Im just supporting gay homos out there.....Im still committing a sin?
      Okay,I get it.
      This is what you all are trying to convey.
      But there's no possibility of me turning into a homo since Im an asexual girl. Moreover,come on Samiya, I dont think watching people drinking on TV necessarily compels us to drink too?
      It doesnt.
      So why would supporting 2 people in love divert me away from my sexuality?
      Kpop is dangerous I admit, its hard to get out once you have been sucked inside.
      But I wish it was a bit different, I wish it was allowed to accept gays and lesbians in the society such as straight people.
      I know you are right,no matter how many lines I draw its gonna come back to square 1 again.
      And why are you saying gays just love due to commercialization? So no money means no love? Hey thats not true. I bet homos out there have much love between them than straight people. I mean they go through so much and fight so much to be with their loved one.
      Anyway, I understand...maybe I just need time to get this out of my head.

      • Yeah don't worry its temporary. You'll get rid of this all .
        If you admire gays and their love then I advise u to keep it to yourself , convincing people especially muslims would only give you rejection just like in this site because we all believe in one natural attraction and thats is men and women. No one's going to accept your argumentation because no one feels the way you do , they don't find them natural, loving and all that admiring and fascinating. . To be honest , most find it disgusting . If you find them lovely then be careful to not say it to people or to support homosexuality because it's only going to displease your Lord . There's a reason why God destroyed lut nation .

        . You're not asexual, you're a girl , a normal girl that feels attracted to men . God has made you this way but Satan deceived you and get you trapped in gays that is why you're refusing to marry . You've to find yourself and let yourself become normal . You've to believe that you're attracted to men and imagine all that love for men .

  6. Stop reading such trash novels and watching such weird videos. And no, none of us find it fascinating, even though you seem to swear by the melody of Korean-whatever-music.
    You have a beautiful gift of being a Hafiz Ul Quran. You are right, you are losing grip on it. That is because of this haram stuff you are involved in? So, how much of the Quran are you revising/reciting daily?
    What about school work? If shipping in gays is all that you do for hours, what about your other life activities?
    As for your friends/cousins, there seems to be a new found interest in the sin of homosexuality, ever since, some governments legalised same gender marriages. Before that, I too was 16, many years ago, with all the trappings of that age, but, since nobody discussed it, we did not have the idea of ’experimenting’ in our heads.
    You know all of this is wrong, but, because you watch it on your screen day in and day out, you have developed acceptability for it. And at your age, where you need some thing to obsess on, well, because that is what being sixteen is all about; according to the media we thrive on, hence,you find it ’adorable’.
    Sorry, I cannot be polite about this.
    Start reciting astaghfar and offer extra nawafils with every prayer and make a time table for revision of Quran. And, you are old enough to understand that you, YOURSELF, have to pull herself away from this temptation. Nobody, but YOU, can do it. Pray to Allah SWT to help you and guide
    May Allah SWT guide us all and keep us on the straight path, for, we all astray except those who He guides.

    • Hey Friend Salam,
      Alhamdulillah yes I do have other activities. I am like another 16 year old Muslim girl out there. I do fast,pray,do niqab and study. I dont get to read the Quran often since now Im having my IGCSE's O levels, but I do read, like I did today.
      You are many years older to me so I dont wanna sound disrespectful but I how am I involved in haram stuffs?
      Yes I listen to music I know,but don't we all at some point of our lives?
      You make it sound like Im going and doing crap with other girls which Im not.
      And I could swear by this holy month I have never in my life watched gays performing sexual acts, I have enough Islamic knowledge to know how wrong that is. Frankly,the most I watched is gays hugging and holding hands and I dont see that so haram?
      I mean even we see guys hugging in public.
      How about this? Ill put this topic down. No one is able to comprehend what Im trying to say. Or maybe I cant comprehend what you all are trying to say.

      • Wsalam,
        So it is good to know that you have activities beyond that what you told us. Our answers are based on information that you provide us about your situation as well as the way you describe your thoughts.

        You said your friends and cousins think of experimenting, hence, my response.

        I agree that music is something most of us have enjoyed at some point of our life. But, there are many others out there who have done away with it. Music per se is HARAM. But that is a discussion for some other time. Besides, you told us that Kpop incites you towards it, hence, the harsh response as we see it as a ’cause’ factor.

        The maximum you have seen is gays being affectionate in public. But, with time, you will want more and more. That is what we are all warning you of.

        As people much older, we know, that such things start as curiosity, but can very fast spiral into an addiction. Besides, from what you tell us of your surroundings, they will aid you rather than keep you from it.

        Homosexuality is a sin. I do not live in the West and I seriously do not understand how can hordes and hordes of people go against nature and call it ’coming out’. Sexuality is very intricately balanced via hormonal systems in our body and disorders of such nature are rare and truly depressing. What I understand is that because of the media a lot of younsters are getting notions in their heads that they normally wouldn't. Hence, it is widespread where you live, though still behind closed doors and still not acceptable or practised where I live, simply because media out here is yet to endorse it. Besides, homosexuality can result in serious infections like HIV.
        As another poster gave references from Islamic history, another perspective that I understand is that perhaps young boys, who are in the process of maturing, may appear very pleasing to the eye and can tempt older males into evil. This is an evil temptation, not law of nature.

        So the purpose of this long explanation was that what you find cute on the outset has serious consequences that we as your older Ummatis would not want you to experience.
        Secondly, being gay/lesbian is a big sin and HARAM. You as a fellow Muslim must not consider it acceptable even if you cannot stop it. That is what is expected of you.

        If you try a little hard Insha ALLAH, you will get rid of this obsession of
        yours. You will easily replace it with something else, because, that is what being sixteen is all about. Take care Jumana.

  7. Could someone please tell me how long it takes for your post to be approved , or for people to comment? I posted about a month ago and there is still no reply. JazakAllah.

    • Salam,
      I understand that you're confused, something that might help you : Watching/Reading about detailed sexual act between a Muslim married couple is forbidden, how about something like gay people ?
      Now, this really isn't something easy to get out of, but I would advice you to revise your thinking : what got you where you are today ? How did it all happen ?
      If I were you, I'd start with kpop, not stopping it suddenly of course, perhaps trying to replace it with something else ?
      When we say that music is forbidden in Islam, an awful lot of people don't really get it, but the real danger is what music brings with it ( Like in your case ).
      You've actually made a huge progress by questioning yourself and your actions, as well as posting here, and know that you're not alone in this, kpop and other musics and medias ( Like movies, TV shows, video games... ) if poorly chosen, might induce some unwanted traits and thoughts, some more obvious than others.
      May Allah guide you and every Muslim to the right path that he agrees of, and protect us from all evil.

      Oh something else : as we're in the middle of this sacred month, remember du'aa, Allah listens and knows what's in your heart better than yourself, so relax. You have a beautiful gift that is learning Coran, let it be your weapon.

      • Thank you so much. Your reply made me smile. I'll start with kpop. You know what?! I reduced listening to kpop this ramadan. And today I didnt listen AT ALL!! Jazakallahu Khair <3
        I wanna make a progress so bad.
        And guess what? Before I used to spend hours listening to music and reading gay books and its been about a week I dont read about gays!! I didnt realize it until today
        Although I still really really like gays...I know somehow I have to move away.
        Its not acceptable.
        But they are so cuteeeee.
        Especially korean boys!
        I praise Allahs creation. He created such beautiful beings.
        Anyway, Ill try my best, I promise 🙂

    • Oh, my bad, I missed the main comment section.

    • Zareen, we have over 200 posts in the queue right now. So long time, unfortunately. I will try to hire additional volunteers so we can work through the backlog.

      Wael Editor

  8. I think you support homosexuality. It doesn't disgust you watching gay people get intimate. You believe it's wrong in Islam and yet you find it gay men relationship admirable. So do you really know who your are? You can't pick and choose some of parts Islam that you find to fit this western world. The world is crazy now, people don't know if they want to be a boy or a girl now, have sex change, and don't which gender they want to be sexual with. You are totally influenced by media and friends you hang out with. Because it's the coolest thing to be and accept homosexuality.

  9. I kinda dont know what to do or what to believe in. Maybe Im hopeless or maybe y'all dont understand what Im tryna say.
    Shall I put this topic down?
    No one is really getting my point of view.
    NO ONE.
    Ugh I feel helpless.
    I cant believe it's wrong for me to lend a hand to homos out there who are helpless.
    I mean,do you know how many muslim homos are there?
    MANY. I emphasize again. MANY.
    And they are our brothers and sisters. The least we can do is show them we are there right? All you lucky straight people out there get to love properly because your mates are accepted.
    I'm not a lesbian brothers and sisters. I REPEAT. IM NOT A HOMO.
    Maybe I should quit explaining and go with the flow. And yes Im fasting,praying and studying also.
    Music is like this awful drug,its pleasant but you know its going to kill you yet you love it.

    • Sister

      You say you know the Holy Quraan by heart so you know that Allaah is ar Rahman, the Most Merciful, and yet He Hates Homosexuality (the Sin not the people)! He is Allknowing and completely Just, yet you think it's OK to go Against His verdict on Homosexuality?!
      Don't you fear Allaah? Fear making Him your Enemy??! Who can Help you if He wants to punish you? Who can Guide you if He abandons you? Not even the Prophet!

      Please listen to God and those who Obey Him, and don't listen to, nor accept the whisperings of your Worst Enemy Shaitaan. He only wants you to Burn, next to him, in Jahannam! Why don't you pray Istikhara to Allaah (swt) and ask His guidance in this matter, but first you would do well to Repent to Him. May Allaah (swt) open your Eyes and Save you before you go too Far! aamiyn.

  10. Hey Sweetie,

    Because you find only the gays interesting and not the lesbians, I worry that you will develop feelings for one of the guys of which you speak. It will cause you much emotional pain if you get a crush on someone who is not available to you. This can be prevented by distancing yourself from any "real life" gay guys to whatever extent possible and perhaps immersing yourself less or more moderately in the fictional ones, rather than obsessing about them.

    And Allah knows best.



  11. Salam Sister,

    You say you want advice or help. But do you really? I see from your comments that you explained your issue but are looking for a specific response. Anyhow these things should help you to get back on track.

    1) Accept and i mean no arguments. Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam. Period. If you try to defend it you are acting like the wife of Prophet Lut AS who sympathized with the damned nation and was dragged back to be punished with the people she sympathized with. So if Allah can punish the wife of a prophet so can he punish you.

    2) You are 16, hafizah and a hijabi. Hijab and Quran memorization at this age is remarkable and it is a sign of the mercy of Allah upon you. Don't ruin all this for such a insignificant reason. Is supporting gays and watching Kpop more important than your eman sister?

    3) This is a fitna that you must overcome. Allah loves those who repent and change their ways. If something is taking you away from Allah then you should hate it and take it out of your life. Just make sincere intention and ask Allah to help you.

    4) You are attracted to boys. Yes i said it. Those femenish guys look attractive to you and when they get intimate you get excited. Its very simple. Being attracted to guys is not a bad thing its quite natural. Why not go ahead with the proposals your mother mentioned and check out the potentials?? Before you eventually start looking for love and affection identify it right now and set your course.

    Also being straight and finding your love properly is not really simple. My heart cries for beautiful, intelligent and highly educated sisters unable to find suitable men to marry. So many women are single divorced because their husband was abusive towards them. Even women who are married and sustaining abuse for fear of poverty or for their children. Just yesterday i read a story that a woman had to KILL her husband because he wouldnt stop raping his daughter in law. Can you imagine the horror? So get out of your love bubble and see the world.

    This is all the advice i can give you May Allah make the difficult easy.

  12. ***And if your name "sugar monroe" anyhow represents Marilyn Monroe, let me tell you this,she was lesbian too. Stop using her name then!***
    Marilyn Monroe was no way a lesbian, please donot accuse someone for something in which he or she was never indulged ; especially for the deceased one.
    secondly my tone was harsh because you were constantly justifying yourself instead of listening to anyone, you are debating, giving others a reason that its not wrong for example you said i dont think watching people drinking on TV necessarily compels us to drink too?
    the answer to your this question is that lets say "watching people in a porn movie necessarily compels us to have sex or masturbation?" it can lead to and it definitely lead people to do illegal acts. it all depends on situation.
    you are supporting homosexuality which is wrong. if someone takes bribery but you dont take bribery its ok but if you support people taking bribery because they are miserable and helpless then its wrong. helping others get out of the situation is meaningful and useful.

    but in your case you actually want people to indulge in homosexuality and watching them perform homosexuality you say a hug between them doesn't matter but with the passage of time you would like to see more and more. in the first place it is wrong.

    in the end if you think you are still right then there was no need to ask such question because you asked about it if its a sin?, right or wrong to support them but you are adamant that its right to support them then why making effort .it seems you just wanted to have a debate and conversation on this topic for entertainment sorry for being so straight forward i might be wrong but it seems so..

    • Well spoken sister!

    • Dear,
      You are not being harsh rather being very much into the subject. It is our bounden duty to let these wrongly strayed brothers and sisters who have said the same shahada like us, to come back to their senses. This theme is not new to Allah swt. from the times of Lot nabi(alai pbuh) Mankind has strayed and voyeur-ed into this unnatural form of sex. Nowhere in the animal world you will find this behaviour. Allah swt says often"I created you in pairs so that you may enjoy one another.Why then would he create us in pairs?Also he reminds us constantly to be on the watch with shaitan who will try to exploit our grand and ultimate weakness our sexual desires.Why did he create Eve(Hawwa aklai)as a woman?
      Also if you look at the organs he created for men/women they differ.There will be no current if the same pole i.e for e.g + and + is joined. Only if a - is joined electricity flows.Analog to this, every celled being is genetically wired this way.Only men/women have perverted the ideas of love and affection by sexual drives of unnatural acts. even monkeys dont practise homosexuality.I saw in a discovery documentation, where young male monkeys were practising rubbing their
      genitals on other males only to be chased and beaten by the older females who were protecting their young ones.
      So you can see that even the Monkeys are civilized.This is why Allah swt emphasizes us to watch, observe his creations and we will get some replies and answers to our questions.So even in the animal world this is not acceptable.
      I challenge anybody to prove me wrong.May Allah protect us from these and all praisde be to allah and let him enlighten us further and further and protect us from these unnatural desires and acts.

  13. I think you find closeness to gay men because they are sensitive and more understanding to girls need than straight most straight men. You find them funny, cute because they have a feminine side to them. You feel connection to them, you feel for them, that's why you feel sad that they are not allowed to perform sexual acts with the same gender. Because Islam doesn't allow it.

  14. Assalamualaikum to all of you who took the time to convince me,
    Reading my previous replies I probably sounded like an ignorant spoiled young brat. I know I did. I was too adamant upon supporting gays, I'm really sorry. Its like I received different replies from different people, when I asked my friends and other people here, I often got replies like its okay...there's nothing wrong with it and different positive comments. But here, you're all repelling against supporting homosexuals. Getting different comments from 2 sides made me go bananas so I apologize.
    I truly know that if I go to my parents and confess my love and support for homosexuals, I'm going to receive a slap on my cheek. They will be disappointed. I'm aware of that. I know most of you here are older than me and you're advising me for the right reasons so thank you so much. In reply to Sugar Monroe, I didn't mean to offend you but I heard Marilyn Monroe was a lesbian so thus the assumption. Pardon me if I'm wrong but I didn't intend to hurt her or you. May her soul rest in peace. And Wallah, I never intended to start a debate my post was honestly to just clear my confusion. I don't desire for any sort of entertainment I swear.
    Today evening after reading numerous replies on my post, I really really want to apologize to all of you and thank you individually for taking the time to explain. I'm such a brat,right? Instead of studying sincerely for my on going O levels I wasted time on gays....and homosexuals. I know I'm going to regret it.
    Can I just say this? Just one thing. It's hard.
    Its really really hard.
    This is Jihaad bin Nafs, as I learnt in my Islamiat class. It's not going to get over. My obsession for gays still persists but it will take time. I have to reduce my fantasies about them,especially talking to my friends about homosexuals and all.
    Just one request from this sister,please do forgive me if I ignited any sort of irritation in your heart and please pray for my O levels and that I can make my parents proud and serve as a good human in this Islamic community.
    Jazakallahu Khair <3

    • Salam Jumana,

      There's no problem with you being nice to people that are homosexuals, being tolerant and "hating the sin and not the sinner" is generally not a bad thing. Where this road is taking you is to a bad place though. You like their music which elevates their status and makes you want to know more about them. Then you watch their relationship out of curiosity but now it rewires you. You're changing from a girl that would've fantasized about a boy-girl relationship to one that is going to only get excited by a guy-guy relationship. The steps are first visualize it, imagine it with a positive reaction till there is no difference between imaging and doing it, and then finally do it. So on this path, you will have difficulty being in a marriage slowly.

      Have you ever wondered how child molesters on tv get that way? They slowly progress from getting excited by watching normal romance/porn to needing something new. They need a twist to get them excited again. And in their case the girl, perhaps they value purity and younger age, needs to get younger and younger until they're interested in kids. They then seek by force what society won't allow them. For others, that twist can be multiple people or a relationship that Allah has not allowed. But almost always the twist is something that Allah has not allowed.

      So the path you're on right now, you will justify it to yourself that yes people aren't being friendly to gays and you should because it's a good thing. And that's true, people are being unjust with them. But at the same time, if you use this to justify you watching gay romance and getting excited over it will change you. You've seen how gay romance works now so visually you are open to it. Your next thing would be to either try it or be friends with someone who is in a gay relationship and you can watch their relationship at every step.

      I hope you're able to separate the love of the music from the love of watching gay romance. Also, romance is to girls what porn is to guys. Try reading more regular romance novels so you can get rewired back to being in a relationship with a guy. Good luck, salam.

      • M: Have you ever wondered how child molesters on tv get that way? They slowly progress from getting excited by watching normal romance/porn to needing something new. They need a twist to get them excited again. And in their case the girl, perhaps they value purity and younger age, needs to get younger and younger until they're interested in kids. They then seek by force what society won't allow them. For others, that twist can be multiple people or a relationship that Allah has not allowed. But almost always the twist is something that Allah has not allowed.

        You mean all porn watchers, when they need some thing "new" they need to get younger and younger sex partners till they get interested in kids. Child molesters value purity. Are you a psychologist?

        • Salam SVS,

          It's not true that all head towards younger and younger. There are enough ways to displease Allah that there is variety. If it was true then based on statistics as to how many men watch porn you would see a much larger population of child molesters. I'm not a professional psychologist I just have an interest in psychology.

    • no its ok i misunderstood it for entertainment, yes she was not a lesbian
      and sorry from my side if i hurt you .


    • Author Lois Banner describes Monroe’s doubts about her sexuality in her new book, “Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox,” an extract of which has been published in The Guardian.
      “She had affairs with many eminent men –- baseball great Joe DiMaggio, playwright Arthur Miller, director Elia Kazan, actor Marlon Brando, singer Frank Sinatra, the Kennedy brothers –- and she married DiMaggio and Miller,” Banner writes. “Yet she desired women, had affairs with them, and worried that she might be lesbian by nature.”

      • can you please bring any proof of it in the form of pictures or her interview, through the interviews given by other stars. i have watched each and every interview regarding Marilyn and the interviews given by her. i have never seen any picture of her getting intimate with women. by reading articles you are saying she is a lesbian what kind of proof huffington post has revealed in this article or are only words just a way for selling their news paper.
        who is banner by the way.
        you can say anything about anyone

        • I donot understand why every second person in west turns out to be a homo, their every men and women chants of being a homo . And they stick it with the human rights .. I say it's yucck , disgusting ! Even the lowest of animals doesn't happen to have homosexuality.
          I find many things about West good but sometimes West becomes hateful due to their dirty activities as of hazrat loot a.s .
          No matter what , as muslims we are against homosexually because we will not follow loot a.s nation that was cursed . For west , fahaashah is freedom .
          West should not be followed for everything , it lead to blindness and ignorance.

          • Samiya: Even the lowest of animals doesn't happen to have homosexuality

            List of animals displaying homosexual behavior


          •'re very logical about everything aren't you?
            I mean you have a response for everyone's statement. Its actually very interesting to see you come up with such uncanny responses for every statement made. Very robotic,huh?
            Not saying its a bad thing...but I see you everywhere with a ready link to either oppose or clarify the reference statement, like Samiya's "obnoxious" assumption.

            Samiya, I don't suppose you communicate with animals to know if homosexuality is going on in their world, do you?
            Now that sentence made me laugh.
            Who knows if the monkey I saw in the zoo last year was humping a male or female?
            Nah I don't know. Could be a male humping a male too. So many possibilities, unless we actually have thorough relationship with them to actually pass out some judgement.
            Yuck and disgusting? I suppose its not really nice to criticise homosexuality. Come on honey, not supporting the sin and criticising it ain't the same.
            Have a good day ^^

        • Not all celebrities talk about their sexual lives in public/interviews or any other media. Normally most people keep their secret sexual relationships secret. I think a few books have been written about lesbian relationships of Marilyn Monroe. Bill Clinton and Monica had affair, but there are no pictures.

  15. Samiya: I donot understand why every second person in west turns out to be a homo, their every men and women chants of being a homo

    Not to long ago homosexuality was considered abnormal in Western countries also. No 50% of Westerners are not homosexuals. Human rights means they have a right be treated fairly. Homosexuality happens every where. It is kind of open in Western countries

    Today's news

    Pakistani killer murdered three gay men he met online by breaking their necks after having sex with them ‘to stop them spreading the evil of homosexuality’

    In December 1999, Iqbal sent a letter to police and a Lahore newspapers chief news editor Khawar Naeem Hashmi confessing to the murders of 100 boys, all aged between 6 and 16. In the letter, he claimed to have strangled and dismembered the victims - mostly runaways and orphans living on the streets of Lahore - and disposed of their bodies using vats of hydrochloric acid.

    Sex with boys is very common in Pakistan.

    In Afghan it is acceptable for married/unmarried men to have boy friends.

    • OMG SVS
      How in the existing world do you do all that? Wow. I mean wow.
      I wanna know who is jungkook? What is vkook?
      Hats off to you SVS. You sound like an Islamic robot.
      It's cool, I like how you answer ^-^

    • SVS , what links you have provided in support of homosexuality in a muslim country like pakistan, is only abuse and example of pedophile.

      You're giving me some links that boys were killed after man has sex with them so that proves that homosexuality exist in muslims too as example of that man ? O really you're insane !
      I could not believe that people could give abusers as examples to support homosexuality.

      And no , sex with boys is not common in pakistan neither it's a norm here like in west . Few stories of having sex with boys in pakistan, majority of them are related to abuse . One deviant homosexual rapes young boys in madrassas by retard mullah or streets or at home . ? Ah , if this is all you have then the world would have pass a bill against it if it worked your way .
      You're equally uninformed about afghans too , in afghans there's not such acceptable thing to have boyfriend , but it's might be commonly an abuse that happens to boys, girls , even animals too , there are only pedophile who do such rubbish .
      Wow you're giving me abusers to prove homosexuality as natural . It's not homosexuality it was pedophile that you were trying to get acceptable in soceity .

      Few examples from muslim countries doesn't prove that homosexuality in muslims is as large as in west . There might be some people in muslim countries who are bisexuals and do such things as West but atleast over all, majority cling to be natural and be who they are . They don't get deceived by Satan's whisper like West.

      You and jumana are free to put every nonsense fact in support of homosexuality but for me , it's just a disease that should be cured as soon as possible ., people who perform it are transgressors .

      And I adhere to the law and command of God almighty ,

      >Verily, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins)’”

      [al-A’raaf 7:80-81]

      “And (remember) Loot (Lot), when he said to his people: ‘Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the ‘Aalameen (mankind and jinn)?”

      Instead of reminding our homosexual muslim brothers the severity of this sin , you guys are forcing on to make them believe that it's natural, , that's lovely , they should be accepted blah blah .
      You as muslim , are going against the command of your Lord and is preferring the propoganda of West by rejecting the all wise , the all knowing lord who has termed it as haram act .
      My dear , I'll keep opposing homosexuality and will try to give them remind Ness of this unlawful sin . On other hand , I'm not answerable for your deeds but you surely are disobeying your Lord .

      • Samiya: it's just a disease that should be cured as soon as possible ........Instead of reminding our homosexual muslim brothers the severity of this sin , you guys are forcing on to make them believe that it's natural, .......My dear , I'll keep opposing homosexuality and will try to give them remind Ness of this unlawful sin.

        Any idea of how it can be cured? Do you think a Muslim family will accept a gay man as a husband for their daughter, I am talking about a gay man who wants to "cure" himself.

        I have a feeling many gay man become that way because they were sexually abused by men when they were young/kids. I am sure most Muslim gay men feel guilty about their sexuality. Reminding them about severity of sin is going to make them worse, in my opinion.

        • Oh SVS, your comment made me smile. I love what you just sad because I do agree.
          "Reminding them about severity of sin is going to make them worse, in my opinion"
          I second that.
          Really honey, you're right, I want all those innumerable amount of Muslims like Samiya who oppose this sin to be cognizant about HOW to help them instead of WHAT to say to bash them about their sexuality -_-
          Seriously dude
          Get a life. None of us are promoting this sin,do you see me carrying an advert on this site saying things like "Come on guys,let's all be homosexuals"
          No one is promoting any crap
          Okay so Samiya, what youre saying is to throw them off a cliff to their doom so that they die instead of polluting the world with their dirty work.
          Can't we be nice and help them?
          Isn't the first step to show acceptance and love to them? Sorry honey,but we can't help them if we aren't nice to them...and if we don't help them,we'll be losing our Ummah,because many I repeat many Muslims are either bisexuals or homosexuals.
          I'm assuming you're Pakistani or someone from Asia,right? Well heres the deal, there are over 2 billion Muslims in the world. And like you said,most of the homos are situated in the west,I agree, Media propaganda is more diverse there and people learn a lot more. So if I have many Homo friends here because I dont live in Pakistan, do I start hating my fellow Muslims homos and stop hanging out with them?
          Do you know Indonesia is losing Muslims at a very fast rate? Apostasy is rising. You wanna know why? Because of some people who are less attentive towards the younger generations evolving ideas.
          People who are unaware of the emotional changes teens/youths go through.
          Since you're living in Asia,let me tell you about Indonesia itself. Most of the apostates are young Muslims my age. Ranging from 14 to 19 mainly. Researchers explained that its because of the lack of emotional attention they're receiving. Do you wanna know how other religion are winning them over our religion of peace and tranquillity?
          Christians,for example, are providing social help lines for youngsters to talk their heart out and explain themselves. Can you all please open your eyes and just,just for a second,take a step out of your "narrow minded old generation 2000 B.C. thinking"??
          Please? Just understand.
          No one is promoting this act.
          I'd like to stop it myself too.
          But this is not the way.
          Hating the sin won't help our fellow Muslims who are falling out of the zone. Will it? I'm keeping my personal taste in gays aside. Forget what my desire is. And view it on a General scale.
          I believe if we show love to them,lend a hand,show them they're normal humans like us,they're not hated,they're not an outcast....I really do believe we can slowly talk them out of it.
          It's okay if you guys hate what I'm saying.
          But if I have to help my fellow Muslims to come out of it,I need to show them love and support.
          I don't want to lose these Muslims

        • There's a program in the US that's been very successful in curing Homos and Lesbians. I expect it's rather clandestine these days what with the Aggressively ProGay campaign that's been inundating the western minds with Filth for the past 30-40 years.

  16. Asslamualaikum Everyone!!!
    I'm so elated to see a question that is similar...but not so similar to mine.
    The last long comment writtern by sister Jumana made me so emotional. I'm replying to that.
    I'm a bisexual girl but I don't live in the Asian territory. My surrounding is quite different than Pakistan or India. But I wish I could live in one of those countries. I don't see why you find gay men so intriguing. I'm not questioning your likes and dislikes but that's a first I've heard.

    I don't want to be bisexual.

    I want to desire men and want to feel attracted to them. But why aren't only men attractive? Why are women attractive to me too? Well there is this girl I like,and I know she likes me too.

    But i don't want to do this. I want to be straight. Like you. Like all the Muslims above. Is being straight considered lucky? I don't want to feel attracted to women. Yesterday night I confessed to my mom,and Thats why I'm here. She remained quite,but somewhere inside she understood too. I know she did. She began telling me its okay if I don't want to marry a boy. I have Allah,I have my parents,i dont need a boy,do I?

    I'm well educated to stand on my feet. Im 16 years old now,but a couple of years later,why do I need a man? I have a brother to take me to places. Mainly I have my own self.

    Sister Jumanas reply brought me to tears because yes,I have heard of Indonesia's downfall of Muslims. That video went viral too,right? I do want to change. But I cant. So far,my mom did scold me about my attraction towards girls and I know I'll be heavily ignored if I come out publicly. But it would be Nice if People were more supportive then I could openly talk to my relatives or psychologists. Can they make me normal again?

    I can't.

    Only a couple of friends know. We all know it's wrong. I want to hate the attraction towards girls. Friends okay but not more than that.

    • Anika, women have been created lovely and beautiful. So, if you think a girl is attractive, well, she is! Not only you, many others will think so too. Both boys and girls. Do female movie stars have only male fans? Don’t a lot of girls want to be styled like them, be like them? Have you never admired that stars’ skin, her hair, her eyes?
      But, that does not mean starting a physical relationship with them.
      We have a religion, a holy book, prophets for a reason. They came to tell us how to live, so that we are not left to our own mental faculties to decide in this short life span of what and how to do things. True, we all have a conscience. But, our experiences and knowledge are limited, so we have been granted divine rules, not man-made ones, that we have to follow to fulfil our purpose in this life that will lead to the hereafter.

      No, you don't need a boy. If that is what you think you need to survive, then, you need to reassess your priorities because such thinking leads to abuse. You can see many stories on this website of girls who went looking for that reaffirmation and confidence in boys and got used.

      You need belief in Allah and yourself to survive. Nobody can fill your heart with that peace and strength if your connection with God is affected. No spouse, no children, no parents, no brother.

      As for tears on having monthly cycles, hormonal gushes are normal at this age, things become steady with age. Motherhood is a beautiful phenomenon. It gives a woman three times superiority over a man. Again, religion told us that, there is no need for men to realise that. This superiority was ordained by divine rules that prohibit homosexuality!

  17. Anika Amelia Shareef: Well there is this girl I like,and I know she likes me too

    How do you know she likes you in that way? Is she Muslim too? How do you know her?

    Anika Amelia Shareef:: why do I need a man? I have a brother to take me to places. Mainly I have my own self.

    You need a man to do 2 things for and cleaning. What if your brother gets married, he may not have time for you.

    • SVS strikes again!!!
      Can I just say how much I love you (for the sake of Allah) for slaying the last comment. No offence to men but men should really stop sitting with one leg on the other on the sofa while the wife toils and cooks although she is fasting too this Ramadan. Believe me this goes on.

      "You need a man to do 2 things for and cleaning. What if your brother gets married, he may not have time for you."

      If this website had a voting system for the best commentor, I'd definitely pick you, no lie.

      I'm still smiling like crazy for that comment. Cooking and cleaning!! Bahahahhahaha definitely. At least they don't have to produce kids, today morning when I got my periods I was crying like hell. I constantly cursed myself and i wanted to become a male so bad. Men should realize how important woman are and what they go through just to give them the joy of holding a kid.

      So therefore,men should amd must...Be there for cooking and cleaning. You rock girl!! (I'm assuming SVS is a girl)

      Toodles! ^-^

  18. So Jumana, you started with saying gays are adorable, you find it pleasurable to watch them. Our warnings were mainly to keep away from homosexuality and anything that leads to it including Kpop. You never said until now, that you want to know how to convince your friends to let go of this fallacy. A classic case of confusion when being 16, not able to decide whether to follow logic or what-every-body-else-is-doing!

    So, what you are now saying in your post is something totally opposite. You want the many Muslim homosexuals to not be marginalised from the society. Well, none of us believe in beheading youngsters because of this fitna that they are involved in, mainly out of curiosity. However, we all believe in taking a very firm stand against this sin to the extent of being harsh and aggressive. One always hates the sin, not the sinner. This is a such a BIG SIN, that as a society to develop even some form of tolerance is allowing this sin to increase and breaking the very fabric of society. So, we are patient, strict, giving you arguments from logic, from Quran and Sunnah to make you as well as others like you to understand. However, when one seeks advice or opinion with no desire to correct themselves, others can't do much, can they? If you youngsters decide to follow your whims and be headstrong, we can only sigh and pray that you come back to normalcy before you lose something irreplaceable.

    SVS pointed out that most gay men have a history of abuse. So, society should not consider abuse and then becoming a homosexual normal. Such men need to seek help, not to be further involved in sin.
    Should a girl who is raped be told that she should become a prostitute? Should she never marry? Never try and lead a normal woman’s life? Should a child who is a victim of sodomy be encouraged to become a homosexual? NO!
    Yes, it is not easy and society is judgemental, true, but that does not make two wrongs, a right.

    • Friend: So, society should not consider abuse and then becoming a homosexual normal. Such men need to seek help, not to be further involved in sin.
      Should a girl who is raped be told that she should become a prostitute? Should she never marry? Never try and lead a normal woman’s life? Should a child who is a victim of sodomy be encouraged to become a homosexual? NO!

      What are you trying to say?

      • SVS: I have a feeling many gay man become that way because they were sexually abused by men when they were young/kids.

        Abuse does not legitimize taking the wrong path.

      • These "gay" people should not be hated but Helped to deal with their issues and be guided Back to a Sound sexuality of the Hetero persuasion. It Can be done and Many have been Reverted to Heterosexuals.

    • as salaamu alaykum friend!

      Very good and Powerful reply! I pray that Allaah swt will guide us all to what is best. aamiyn!

  19. Salam Jumana! What's goin on? You have a very nice name btw.
    Lets start with the positives like sodium ions (haha sorry bad joke) MashaAllah I am genuinely proud of the fact that your a hafiza. I tried, got stuck at the end of the 30th. It looks like we have yet another common ground, kpop.... Man I used to love it, Kara, T-Ara, SNSD, ShinEe, B2ST, A-Pink, AOA(could go on forever) whatever you name it, I've probably listened to it. Also, looks like some weird fetishes are common too

    Now here's the thing, you will grow out of it eventually. I stopped listening to it at the end of Year 10. So, its been quite a while. But rather than goin cold turkey i reckon you should slowly wean off of it, I would highly recommend Korean Dramas/Variety Shows there sooo funny and good.(let me know if ur interested I can send you a good list of the best 🙂

    I think with the gays stuff slightly being younger than most here. I think I kinda get it ngl. Everyone's looking at it from one perspective, yes homosexuality is haram. But if I'm right you feel they deserve to be happy with the ones they love because of the struggle etc. And by supporting and shipping them you feel like your cheering them on.
    I'm thinkin this may tie back with your ex sweetheart (don't jump down her throat guys it was just a crush) coz I remember you mentioning how you began to watch dramas and that to keep occupied. And being asexual maybe ur just not interested in anyone at the moment. But being asexual seems like a genuine waste because u seem like such a nice person.
    Now call it whatever fetish etc. From experience I don't really wanna go into it don't want u to hate me (but the crap I was on much worse than yours) and at first it helped me hide my true feelings in some weird way. Then i became addicted and needed something worse to hide from my emotions. And it just escalated and escalated, however I redirected got real into sport and education too. Helped me cut down a lot but its still there. What I'm trying to say is it will escalate and ur gonna want more from the erotic fanfictions and then you'd go up, get bored and go up again. And I'm talking from experience...So nip in the bud sis before you develop an addiction where its nearly impossible to leave.

    About them being really cute appearance wise, before I would've agreed like 1000% but genuinely hate to break it to you but most of them guys and girls(like 98%) have had plastic surgery. Yeah I know,I was in complete denial at first, you can check before and after pics urself.

    Also, please please watch this video you don't even have to watch it, just listening will inspire you, trust. The minute I heard this talk I was so inspired I quit the crap I was watching, straight away. It will be a proper change a lot so please do watch it. Also it may seem long but it is worth it. Absolutely worth it.

    Wrapping up, the music is fine(in my opinion just don't watch the vids). Supporting gays you'll grow out of it - inshallah. But the fanfictions and gay romance you watch I'm begging you as a friend, brother please please stop. Because talking from experience I know it'll get worse.
    Take care my dear sister.
    Like I said I'm not gonna judge cause been there done that. If you ever wanna chat about this the door is always open(no pun intended) idk if I've been of much help but I hope I have.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    May allah guide us all.
    Take care.

    • Frankly Al, I actually do wish we could chat/talk (To all the elders,before jumping off the gun,he's just a brother to me)...anyway haha but we can't because this site and Uncle Wael put a lid on it,no exchanging informations. But I understand and respect their decision since it's for the best.

      I seldom read gay fan fictions these days actually. Let me let the cat out of the bag,well, I'm still obsessed but its usually just seeing their random pictures on instagram,etc. I believe I'm Bette off than I was before. This site and the comments and Ramadan raised the guilt in me so I kind of stopped but I'm still getting there. The fact that I support gays is a hard nut to crack. I just get drowned in emotions when I see hopeless people struggling out there to fit in society.

      About kpop,meh,you know better Al. It's addicting, the beat is catchy. The music gets me zonked. The swag. The uber utmost good looks. Ya feel me? All of this spell out HARD. DIFFICULTY. ADDICTION. But there's also this little spark in me that believes in letting go of this addiction thanks to helpful people like you 🙂

      I did watch Moorim school, Goblin, Moon lovers, Hwarang, School 2015 and Cinderella and the 4 knights. This time I'm kinda focusing on cartoons for entertainment. I know what you must be thinking,a 16 year girl wathcing cartoons....not believeable. But hey really!! I kinda let the childish part of me take over. So when my siblings catch popcorn with Fast and Furious,I'm usually seen munching on chips and wathcing Barbie. Hey dont laugh! I think Barbie is good! Oh and count Tom and Jerry in . Sheesh I probably sound stupid ^^

      Well about my sexuality. With homosexuals around me plus the heart break I received from my ex just makes me utterly hate love or the thought of any least with me. That's a no no. I kinda don't believe in love,if that counts. I told my mum,she says with time I'm gonna get rid of this. I dont know. I think it depends on the right man and right time? Although I doubt any change would occur.Other than that...a big no for now.

      Of course Asia is all about surgery but meh, they're cute at the end of the day. I hope whatever you were suffering from is over by now. The world needs men like you. You're understanding. Yeah i know erotic things can lead to a huge catastrophe. I'll be cautious hm?

      Kay I'll watch it. It's actually really nice to see someone like me at some part of the world who cares. It makes my day to see your replies. Thanks a ton ^-^.

      • About chatting and that, I'm talking to brother (or uncle as u call him) Wael. Because there is a way to email people but I don't wanna like break any policies or anything plus I'd have to get ur permission to email as well.

        Nah u know tbf these lgbt get so much support and that. Man if you saw me at school and mosque for the past like 11-12 years you'd bawl your eyes out haha. Yeah it was tough but wallah im happy for what happened back then. Alhamdulillah i can only thank Allah for what's happened. it really defined me and made me the man I am now.

        Ahh Jumana forget Barbie, who needs that when got like Pretty Cure (aswesomest cartoon) (really contradicting the "man" statement I just made lol) Yeah but entertainment wise its gotta be Running Man is toooo funny, trust. On a level cartoons are calm, as they say whatever floats your boat.

        "I kinda don't believe in love" dude that's cheating!! haha. I think your mom is right, it'll take time but inshallah you'll get over it. Like you said right man, right time. But I get u though, don't rush cause when the time is right everything will happen. Maybe it was for the best, cause now you can focus on school and that. And you would be like less likely a victim of masturbation and the rest of it. So Alhamdulillah 🙂

        Ahh man this comment proper made me smile. "The world needs men like you. You’re understanding. " Wallah after I read and went downstairs , my mom asked why do I look so fair. Subhanallah that's how happy I was. Yeah I'm not a perfect but but still it genuinely made me happy. Thank you for that. 😀 😀

        It is actually proper nice that someone local actually gets me too. And cause you genuinely seem like a decent person tryna fix yourself, i don't want you falling into the same traps as me. Please don't thank me, I should be thanking you for taking my advice.
        My Allah guide us and may Allah protect us.

        • I really really really really wanna know what you went through for the past 11-12 years but obviously, I respect your privacy. As far as communication is concerned, I'd love to beg uncle Wael to at least let us share e-mail's but nah I won't, I know the consequences. Bruh, I'd permit you for e-mail regardless since I belive e-mail isn't as contaminating as other social media sites but oh well.

          Bout family, I tell my family about people I talk to online. And you've been mentioned multiple times since you've been helpful and other people who've been such a support on this site. Frankly, I've been really ill lately. I have a doctor's appointment every other day. Such a pain in the ass. I swear. I hate hospitals except the ones that have free coffee service 'cuz why not? I know it all crashes down to me at the end. I don't eat properly neither do i drink enough water so yeah I need loads of duas.

 am I cheating?!? Asexuals don't like love and sex,right? I thought that's what asexuals are. I'm illiterate lol. It's so nice to know I made you happy. Is it true? Do people look fair when they're happy? Happiness is then literally a source of make up foundation for the skin lmao.
          My humour is terrible I know. But hey bro,keep smiling and if you're smiling now,then kudos to you. 🙂

          Smiling is a charity. Go on smile,my child ^^ MashaAllah

          That video is a gem btw. Nouman Ali Khan is so inspirational. I almost cry in most of his emotional videos. They touch me to the core. Like I said,I'm curious about what trap you are scared of me falling into? I'm kinda confused....and scared. Am I going to fall in something horrible? What do...I do?

          Jazakallahu Khair again 🙂

          • Sorry for the late response, was contemplating how I was gonna respond. Yeah thanks for respecting my privacy, ill save those story's for a later date. Yooo bloody hell, its gonna sound like I'm making this up but I've actually got health problems as well,I'm in and out of physio and the doctors frequently. What's up with ya? I'll defo as per request remember you in my dua. Remember eat hard, beast hard.(it makes sense if you think about it)

            Hahahaha wallah I creased at the foundation joke. When I read it I was like Eh? But then when I got it, legit jus cracked up.

            Yeah bout family and that its nice that you can share that.
            And about the trap, theres no non-vulgar way of me putting it. I'm talkin about pornography and masturbation.(sorry if thats graphic or anything)Basically Imagine like a ten foot drop on your journey, and the bottom there's really available merky water, not good but does the job . And it is extremely difficult to escape, you climb and you think you're nearly out and you just slip back down over and over and over. Yeah as you probably gathered I kinda just fell in. So at least with u, u got a warning sign that if you keep walking in that direction you'll end up in the big hole as well. I actually started out with a bit of erotic literature, didn't know it was really wrong at the time. Then I got bored of it and it just continued escalating. Alhamdulillah I've improved a lot since then. But Its addicting like drugs so please watch out. There's tonnes of articles online about how it starts and escalates . I was tryna avoid mentioning it because its pretty shameful and embarrassing. I'm sure your probably disgusted and if you don't wanna chat any more I would fully understand that. Nevertheless i hope you benefit from this inshallah.
            Stay safe sister.
            I'll remember you in my duas.

          • Hey man, just wondering how ur getting along, hows ur health? I still remember u in my duas mate.
            I come here oftenly to see if you've replied haha
            Take care

          • Oh dude puh-lease, I come here everyday to see if you replied to ANY post. I actually wrote something beneath one of your comments 3 days back, not sure if you saw it.
            Uncle Wael probably reads all of our this sort of "chatting" allowed in here? Or he might one day send us back to the drawing board. That's exactly why I kind of avoided writing much although ,I come back everyday to see if you write more. I'll never forget you brother 🙂 I remember you in my prayers too.

            I'm doing good Alhamdulillah. I'm gonna take a short family trip to Oman for about a week and no, im not excited. I mean Oman is all sun, sea and sand....and now its summer!! My dad really has a ridiculous idea of a vacation. And long journeys make me feel under the weather. Ever had a jet lag? Oh and my health, I missed my appointment yesterday because some unexpected event had to show up.But I suppose I'm healing Alhamdulillah. Exams caused my stupid brain to explode so I'm a regular victim of migraine now

            "Because I'm the best by Hyuna ft. BTOB" now that's what I'm talkin bout. I'm not asking you to listen but have you heard this one?

            Now tell me bout you bruh. You know we all gave exams this year, some were good and some were okay. You gave A levels (I suppose ), I attempted my O levels.
            To make a long story short, mind if I ask how did you do in your GCSE's? Because even though my results will be released on 24th August, I'm sweaty as hell bout my results. I keep seeing nightmares.

            How's your summer going? Oh and also, my little brother is the snobbiest clotpole ever.He keeps scaring me. Like I'm a faint hearted person, I'd simply be walking around the corner of my room and he's gonna pop out of nowhere and scare the crap outta me. I've tried getting back, but the little one's are too smart for me but yes, once I squirted Colgate toothpaste between his Oreo biscuit and haha, I had my laugh.

            OMG, I ranted so much today. Pardon me. But take care too, and I'll try to write back frequently.

          • Umm what just happened?

            I wrote a huge ass reply and it just got deleted!! Uncle Wael is probably furious at us Al. Shall we stop?

            Honestly I'm quite frustrated, that reply was huge alright? Or maybe it got deleted because I wrote about where I am from and a couple of things about my e-mail and where you could e-mail me on.

            Okay I'm busted. Plus where's your recent post? Won't be surprised if that got deleted too.

            Sheesh mate, I'm pissed. I wish I would've copied all I wrote. But anyway, I don't even know what to say.


          • Weeeeelll genuienly not seeing what was wrong with my response lol. I did read ur response though, I reckon it got deleted coz u attached ur email. idk cant really delve too far in about me wanna get deleted again. I'll defo try Quattro satgioni btw 😉
            You keep mentioning how I'm from overseas but I thought u were from England considering u do GCSE's.

            I draft my messages in whatsapp before posting just in case I accidently refresh the page or anything 😛 but if I get permission ill repost that comment again, spent ages writing it....

            And u call me kiddo like ur older or something haha(unless you are *not really shocked face*)

          • Dear Jumana,
            first of all I admire your courage and Allah loves those who are honest to him and to themselves.See Allah created Adam(alai sal) and then eve(hawwa alai). If he had homosexuality in mind he would never have created everything in pairs.He says this in the Holy Quran explicitly "I have created you in pairs" so that you may enjoy one another.
            In the plant kingdom allah swt has created everything as male/female (pollination, disbursement of seeds etc..) then in the animal world from the micro organisms on too you will see males/females. Which animal has a homosexual relationship? This is against nature. Then Allah swt has created nature to reproduce in a manner pertinent to their structure. Single celled beings reproduce by splitting. Here too there is a male/female characterization.
            As you go higher up till the human beings this is not only for reproduction purpose only as Allah swt says in the holy Quran " I have created man and women so that they enjoy each other.(to love, be as companions and become a family etc.. etc.. )
            So Allah swt, he who created us had hetero sexuality chosen for us.
            I am not criticizing homosexuality rather I am trying to explain the logic of our Creator in bringing us out as pairs. Nowhere has he created any being from one sex. even after the great flood Allah swt asked Noah(alai pbuh) to collect all animals/Plants in pairs and to load them onto the ship( "Noah's ark) If you remember Lot (alai pbuh) time period there was homosexuality rampant and he prayed to Allah swt to bring down his wrath and curse on them, but Allah swt, told him to tell this folk to repent as Allah swt is ever forgiving.So Allah swt knows our weakness and he knows that the Shaitan will always take advantage of our weaknesses, that is why he often warns us to be aware and wary of all which Shaitan tries to portray as harmless and a natural feeling or act. Homosexuality is an act which not even Animals like monkeys or apes do. So as Allah swt says in the Quran.Look around at my creation and wonder about them then some of the replies you seek are there if you observe my creations. So much for that , and that is the very reason why Allah swt has placed great importance on acquiring knowledge and he rewards those who seek knowledge. The quran is the best source of it and then observe his creations.
            All praise to allah

          • Dear Jumana,
            even though you are in a tight corner psychologically on one side you are enlightened on the LGBT subject and vis a vis Islam, you know the consequences. Since Adam's(pbuh) creation and Eve/hawwa(alai), there has been all types of sexual adventures by humanity and the Quran proves these with the stories of the period when Lot nabi(pbuh) had to undergo. Ultimately he asked Allah swt to punish his people and Allah gave them innumerable times the opportunity to repent and come back to the normal lives advocated through his Messenger & prophet Lot (alai pbuh).Then what about the relationships the pharaohs had during their time.when brothers married sisters and vice versa.
            I dont believe that Allah swt would like anybody stigmatize the LGBT community. Rather he would prefer that mankind be educated on it. See the dangers it brings by all kinds of malaise and illnesses.
            See our organs are meant for specific purposes. I do not want to be vulgar. But scientifically and logically, our rectums were made for fecal passings(because of this the area around the last part of the big intestine called colon and the rectum are abound with a large number of bacterial , virus and what not on microbes/germs flourishing there. Then our genitals also had a waste disposal function, but also a reproductive function too.Urine in fact was and is being used by many in Asia especially in India to cure certain ailments(The late premier of India Morarji desai drank his own urine)But we Muslims men/women are supposed to wash our genitals after passing urine. Cleanliness is very vital in our religion.Before sex we are advised to be clean and every unnatural act to be avoided.See even our saliva is a transmitting medium for diseases. Aids/hepatitis C type etc.. can be spread by mouth to mouth kisses. But I think in a hetero relationship too, one must be careful not to overdo his/her sexual fantasies.Shaitan has unfortunately seized on our grand weakness which is our desires.Above all our sexual drive/desire.May Allah guide you and me to safety. Oh Ya Hadi-"the best of guides" do not let us go astray and be fooled by Shaitan in believing that Homosexuality is something which is a natural feeling among men and women. Astgfirullah. Allah careem please help us and forgive us. The we as you know well are weak.

          • Alllllllll.... (extreme exaggeration of the 'L' in your username because the poor me has absolutely no idea what your real name is)

            Hahaha no I'm not from England. I did write about my origination in the post which got mercilessly deleted, didn't you read though? I'm a mixed chick. Half of my family resides in the State's and the other half in UAE. USA and UAE,get it? Oh and Dubai has numerous schools which provide GCSE's and IGCSE's likewise. I don't see why you should be surprised, I don't suppose you thought GCSE's were only in UK,eh? Never got to know where are you from but I'm assuming England.....

            I'm definitely younger than you. I'm 16, remember? And you're 17. Do the maths brother. I always thought 'kiddo' was a very cute term. I usually ruffle my friends hair when I call them a kiddo. I don't know, just my thing.

            Damnit. I should've saved it too. But oh well....
            Salaam to you too ^-^

          • Assalamualaikum brother Shiraz,

            SubhanAllah, your reply was so enlightening to read. JazakAllahu Khair for such a benevolent and detailed explanation. I read it a couple of times to get it into my head and yes, I do understand what you're trying to convey.

            Please pray for me and the millions of other Muslims who are fighting against such temptations, it's definitely going to require some endeavour before I can finally successfully glide out of it.

            JazakAllah again, I can't be more than grateful for your eye-opening reply accompanied with scientific reasoning. Science always makes it more better.


  20. Salam,
    i came here beacuse i had the same doubts as you, after reading this i realised that i have the exact same problem. Althought this was published back in 2017 and i doubt i will get a reply but i too am almost 16 and i can relate to this so much although I know that it is wrong but i still sometimes watch shipping videos. i just find this so interesting when 2 males interact and it's the same with me... i see nothing that entertaining about lesbians but it's only korean gay couples. i have watched many videos and replies and i know that it will be easy for me to stop watching shipping videos and see them hug and hold hands as just friends but the main problem is kpop music and fanfictions. I have been a fan of multiple kpop groups and i just seems so hard to stop listening to it- Although i will try my best and i know i'm too young and this obsession will go away if i stay strong and try my best to get closer to allah. Tbh i do not support LGBT+ community as it is because i know it is a sin in our religion and neither do i live in a society which does. But my main question is... is reading about it a sin too???Like just reading gay fanfiction on mostly wattpad. I always loves reading books and because of corona i couldn't go and buy new ones so i started reading wattpad stories... As time passed i got bored with hetro stories and started reading others,, it's not even about the couple, I just find the story line and plot amazing....they are not just the typical nerd and bad boy stories. The other reason why i read them is unlike other stories i actually have a image of the charcters in my mind,, i just don't like reading hetro ones because then i would have to come up with fictional characters and how they look and i just loose interest in the whole thing. I will try to distance my self from kpop and find new hobbies but it is not haram to have a celebrity crush so i will continue watching their videos
    but i will avoid listening to music day and night.

    All i wanted to ask by all this was simply just.
    Is it haram to ship gays even if you are not doing[ it- yourself and you know that you never will??
    is it wrong to read gay fanfictions even if you are not taking any kind of bad influnce from it and don't want to try or experiment anything??
    how can i stop listening to music??

    i'm sorry but i really wanted to share my problem as i hope you'll understand. I asked this here becuase i don't have anyone to talk to about this topic and i can relate to you alot. i will hope for a reply, thank you

    • Asalamualaykum IDK,

      Honestly, from my experience, we are "consuming" everything we eat, watch, and read. We may have the best of intentions, but everything we consume will eventually influence us, even if we are strong-willed. So I would say it's best not to read things that normalize gay culture. Just my two cents.☺


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