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Worried about premature ejaculation

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ASSALAMUALAIKUM Every one. My issue is I am gonna get married within 20 days but I am really tensed regarding my sexual health.

I need an instant resolution to get well till wedding night. I am sure if I am gonna have sexual intercourse with my expected wife I will be discharged within half minute hardly.

I never have gone for zina. Do you think it is only my thinking or am I really sick? Should I go to the doctor or after marriage will every thing will be normal?

If I have this problem should I go for marriage or should I postpone till I'm cured??


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  1. Brother,

    how do you know that you are sick, nothing to worry, its natural in the first night, don't afraid and get marry, eat dry fruits and fresh juices regularly. If you are doing masturbation and asuming it, then stop masturbation because in islam it is not allowed.

  2. Nothing wrong with your sexual health. When you use your hand you are in a hurry to enjoy that moment and you go faster. You control the timing.

  3. Dear brother,

    Its a very common problem.But can be solved .Take deep breath every time ... do not hurry and its your mind which needs to be calm.

    Failure happens

    Eat dry fruits,dates,milk.

    Lower your gaze infront of non maharam women .This would really give you more strength.

    Fear Allah that he punishes who sins and forgives whom he wills .

    More you love your spouse , you will have a wonderful relationship.

    • If you worry like this .. it will scare you even more and you will be embarassed before your new wife.

      Divert your mind in some cartoons ar something else this will control ur mind

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